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  1. Just to keep banging on the same nail ... do it like Adobe then. £60/month = £720/year but I need to pay up-front. Do a contract like Adobe where I can sign this but choose to pay on a monthly basis. That will enable a lot more people to join now. I have friends in Brazil who are learning Blender and they didn't even bothered with this, because £720 is like R$ 3,500 not counting all the taxes and sh*t we have there. That's a lot of money to pay up-front instead of around R$250+ monthly. If it's 3D for the world, it needs to take into consideration the currency exchange.
  2. From what I'm seeing ... not everybody is happy with these news. I wonder how MAXON will reply. If nothing changes, then they are on an Adobe/Autodesk path and we shouldn't expect that. In any case, interesting times ahead.
  3. I thought like that when I was in Brasil and pirated versions was something to be proud of and everybody was doing. After living in the UK, I never used a cracked software and you know what? I love it. It's great to be able to buy or subscribe for something that you like. So instead of going cracked again, I would just use Blender. ;) Actually, even in Brasil I was being nice as I have purchased the R14 student version of Cinema and when that expired I stopped using Cinema. Than I went for Modo which was cheap back then. Nowadays I would just use Blender ... but Max/Maya at $249/year is VERY tempting. As for the UK prices ... I'm find with the monthly price as long as I don't have to pay up-front. There's a HUGE difference in payment £60/month (which I could start today) than shelling out £720 up-front. If Adobe can do it in a one-year contract, so should MAXON.
  4. The only thing I didn't like about this new deal ... is that I have to fork it up-front. If it was indeed monthly, then yes. The way it stands, it's a lot cheaper to just rent Max and Maya together. That's a bit of a missed opportunity.
  5. The only issue with Blender is the commercial plugins. Like Octane ... if you want to use it, you need to use the Otoy Blender fork. If Chaos Group starts investing in VRay for Blender again and want to have it really fast, they'll need to do their own fork and so on. You may end up with 3/4 blender forks to be able to use some commercial plugins. Kind of tricky.
  6. We don't have the whole picture yet and the website is down. For now the stand-alone is cheaper, you have a sub for freelancers/studios and even me (adding Octane at $20 and I have a amazing combo under $100/month. This is amazing). I'm pretty sure perpetual users will also have good things. I'm definitely happy, that's for sure.
  7. C4D at £50/month? Oh hell yes! I'm back. ;)
  8. You definitely got people excited for your talk. I'm definitely with c4dlive.com opened here and just waiting. =)
  9. I do hope we see more financial options for Cinema. Would love to get back in the Cinema train. :)
  10. Reel from Scanline FX artist. Mostly 3ds Max + plugins (FumeFX included). The world is not only Houdini and that is cool. :)
  11. I guess it depends on your usage. But basically most Fire and Smoke sims done at Scanline VFX up to 2017/8 were FumeFX. But you are right, if you are thinking more on a motion BG, than TFD is better as it's faster, uses the GPU and it's result holds quite well for that. :)
  12. Totally agree bob. It is definitely nice to return to C4D for playing a bit.
  13. Since I'm hoping back into the Cinema train, the only way I could find to start studying it again was to subscribe to FXPHD and get full studio for non-commercial work and save capabilities (come on MAXON!!!). I wish we had a cheaper Indie license that like one I own for Substance.
  14. If ... they can make FumeFX in C4D equal to FumeFX from Max, than for fire and smoke, it is a LOT more powerful than XP for fire and smoke. It really rivals Houdini fire and smoke for high density high quality simulations. That is pretty amazing. Very happy to see C4D gaining more plugins.
  15. Cinema 4D Demo with save features for more than 42 days! Or the option of buying for studying purposes, say, like the price of Houdini Indie. Wanted to get back to C4D, but short on money.

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