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  1. If you have the patience, it would be cool if you could do a review of Blender 2.8. I guess many like myself are thinking of switching (me possibly from Modo).
  2. I would love for better pricing as well. Being a Modo user, the sidegrade discount is almost non-existent. I do like the rent option to own, but why should I pay for 500+ at a time? Can't they do it like Adobe and you commit for 3 months or 6 months, but paying on a monthly basis? That makes it a lot cheaper for us out there.
  3. MauricioPC

    R20 demo

    Downloading right now. :)
  4. Very interesting and I'm following your reports on the Blender thread. If R20 is all that, I might get it as well. Let's see ... I'm a bit disappointed with Modo lately. Yeah, but Max is a powerhouse. Why did you change? You work is very good and you could probably live as a freelancer. So why change Max to C4D? Maya is good for characters if you are animating. If it's modeling, you could use Max to more effect even, but C4D and Modo are suitable alternatives.
  5. Looking forward to see this new R20. The 3D market needs C4D to step up even more. And I hope maybe MAXON would consider some sort of Indie license (similar to what SideFx did) so that potential users that aren’t students anymore could still learn the software in an affordable way. They need to consider this as the Blender market is growing rapidly. Most of the concept artists that I follow are now on the switch to Blender. More will came after 2.8.
  6. Took a while to find it, but I thought that this was a cool little animation done in C4D.
  7. This guy is a beast of 3D HS Design. He uses 3ds Max, but you'll get the idea. If you input your info, Ryan will send you a link with 3-classes from him for free. https://www.gameartinstitute.com/p/hard-surface-design-with-alex-senechal
  8. Well, maybe it's my computer. But generally when I'm doing sub-d modeling fun, in Blender, after 3-4 million I start getting into problems with Edit Poly. Generally takes forever to return and all. It basically hangs and eats my memory. I find it on par with Modo, but worse than Max/C4D. But from what I'm reading, this will be fixed in 2.8, so I'm hopeful. :)
  9. This is a great free training to start learning Blender. I recommend it. https://gumroad.com/l/Intro_To_Blender The only thing I wish Blender was better is in high poly objects. If you go to Edit Poly the chance of Blender crashing is very common.
  10. Well, all in all it's a packed update. More so than Modo/Maya this year. I really liked the changing on the demo to have a watermark, but the possibility of rendering a larger size image. Edit: MAXON decided to beat me up with my own words. If you buy Cinema 4D today, you get the MSA for free. If only I had the money. :) https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-news/article/buy-cinema-4d-r18-now-and-save-triple/
  11. I'm past fighting this really. Most studios and most companies I know use Maya, so I have to use it despite it's rental scheme. It's the same with Adobe ... I started using Fusion, I bought Affinity, etc. It's cool and all and it's a option for maybe when I'm full freelance with complete projects as deliverables ... but if I want to collaborate, work in-site, etc, I need to use Adobe as long as the companies are using. I tried Blender several times. It's a great software, but I don't have fun using, so I actually am more prone to pay for a software that I find fun to work with. So with that in mind, Cinema 4D will only become cheaper than Maya after 3-years. That's why I say it's the most expensive right now. Now ... in 10-years I'll have spent more in Maya for sure, but who knows if I'll be alive or even doing 3D in 10-years. Renting Maya for 3-years: Renting C4D for 3-years on the 6-month contract: Buying C4D and paying for 2-years of MSA:
  12. I don't think anybody is giving a pass at Maya. Maya 2017 was terrible and got lots of complains. But if you see the last Maya 2017 update, there was a ton of new features and it's said that stability is improved. I'm only using Maya for particles and fluids (no BiFrost). I was able to push 40 million particles on an exercise and Maya 2017 didn't crash, even on my modest notebook. As for Modo ... go to the Foundry community. I would say they are more aggressive of lately than the C4D artists on this thread. Also keep in mind that today, apart from Houdini (and not really if you count Indie), Cinema 4D is the most expensive DCC out there.
  13. The same can be said the other way around if you do other things except Motion Graphics. If we read what it says on MAXON site, your assessment is right for the Broadcast version. Now, since the Studio version says "high-end 3D", I would say it's lacking in some areas. Wouldn't you?
  14. Well, you could always use Autodesk software. :) https://www.cadnauseam.com/2017/07/26/autodesk-confirms-its-own-unconscionable-conduct/
  15. Don't forget Maya. :P https://gumroad.com/l/MeshBlend#
  16. You guys do a great job with the forum. I'm not using C4D lately, but I keep coming back. :D
  17. Really nice prize! Thanks Igor! :)
  18. While we wait, I just discovered this patreon user. Some pretty cool stuff with C4D. https://www.patreon.com/merkvilson
  19. Those who complain more generally are generalists. Is like Autodesk and 3ds Max users. Most are generalist or small shops and that's why the move from perpetual to rental pisses them off. You don't see Maya artists complaining that much? Mostly because Maya users are generally employees, so they really don't care about that since it's the company who buys the software, not them.
  20. Who said it was a stupid rule? I just asked who updates this thing? If I were to ask for help, I would start specifying all the important info, like C4D version, to begin with. Just checked and I can't add since the R14 Student/Education version is removed, which is the last I own. I'll add the R18 demo as I'm downloading it right now. Peace! :)
  21. Dave, in this case, come on. Who updates this damn thing with every version of new Cinema 4D? And why would I need to? Cheers.
  22. I would go with CS6. But I haven't found a CS6 version to buy in a long time. But ... it it's only for making shorts, you could use Fusion. Compositing wise, I would say it's on par or even better. The advantage of After Effects is specifically (in my opinion) with motion graphics.
  23. Nice post luchifer. Just a quick mention ... you can't really compare Arnold with ProRender. While the renders we've seen are good, they are mostly for viz. Arnold is hardcore VFX movies rendering (volumes, blur, animation, you name it), but with an easy interface. And it can chew tons of polygons while keeping ram usage very VERY low. Add that to Cinema 4D, which generally uses less ram than Max/Maya/Modo and you got a very good combo. If you follow GSG, you'll see that Chad Ashley praises Arnold even above Octane. And I'm sure it's not just because of pretty pictures, but workflow, reliability, etc. :) Edit: And I agree with with what you say about Autodesk, but Maya and Max are still very capable software, just as much as C4D.
  24. The only problem I see here is people getting too personal. It's easy to just ignore Cutman (for example) if you don't agree with him instead of calling him a troll or his attitudes shi*. In less than 1 month we'll see what MAXON has to show us. In any case, Cinema 4D will still be capable of lots of things (except UVs). :D



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