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  1. Well, if you find the silence of MAXON plugins to be bad, take a look at Modo and cry. You probably can count in one hand the amount of good plugins available. :D Not even render engines Modo has besides V-Ray. Such a shame ... For me the problem with Cinema 4D is that they don't provide a proper learning version for hobbyist or learning purposes. I mean ... Modo has Modo Indie. Autodesk has the free education, which I was able to get a 3-year license while I was studying a master degree which was unrelated to design/animation/3d. Houdini has been the best in this with apprentice and Indie. But Cinema 4D you only have 42-days and than you have to buy or you have a version that doesn't save. How can I study without saving? Unless they consider doing only spheres like GSG Nick is more than enough. Because of that, I don't use Cinema 4D anymore. My R14 Student version which I was able to by in 2014 isn't suitable anymore. I wish MAXON could create something like apprentice where the render is for Full HD only, you can save (on a non-commercial format) and it's compatible with the 90% off X-Particle version. Keep in mind ... I just wanted to learn Cinema 4D and build a reel. After I'm working, I wouldn't have a problem purchasing both for freelance work. But apparently they don't care about it. The only middle term I found was subscribing to FXPHD, where I would have access to their VPN and Cinema 4D R17, but at a cost of $79/month. With Modo Indie costing me $7/month, Houdini being free and my account still working with the student version of Autodesk products, it's hard to choose Cinema 4D.
  2. Think of these maintenance as MAXON MSA, but without Cineversity. :) The only actual downside I see is the need to login every 30-days. This is a pain in the ass, literally. But I think the only reason I'm not committed to Modo is because of the lack of render choices. Yeah, VRay is well integrated, but I actually am loving Redshift. And I won't support Otoy, so there's fewer choices. Icecaveman and Rectro pointed nicely what I feel about the removing of choice.
  3. Lepore talk was really good! Thanks for sharing these.
  4. I actually stand correct. I was just seeing simple examples. Lately Glassworks Barcelona has been sharing some fast videos of a commercial they did for Pepsi and it's pretty darn cool!
  5. It's possible from any version! So that's a good thing. :)
  6. Just as a side note ... don't keep your hopes up on selling your Modo license. Now, if you want to sell, the buyer has to automatically purchase maintenance. So he has to pay the $100 license transfer + $399 maintenance. Meaning your license will be worth less when you sell. After this v11 update, I regret buying a used Modo 601 license. It was only $100 in the hope of an upgrade, but I should have spent that money into 3D-Coat.
  7. Well, it depends. I see the updates from Adobe (from CS6 to current CC) and I don't see much improvements at all. Luckily I'm fine with Affinity + Fusion + Resolve. As for Autodesk ... if you haven't follow their behavior, give it a search online for the new 3ds Max 2018. They informed that they want to "help" customers by forcing them to trade their perpetual licenses to subscription. How will they do this? By increasing the price of maintenance for 5% this year, 10% next year and 20% the other year. Also keep in mind that when Solid Angle was purchased and they announced last year, they said that they wouldn't remove the perpetual license. A year later and they will. Basically, you shouldn't trust Autodesk. The pricing doesn't look bad, but after all your renders are Arnold and your materials are done, etc, and Autodesk announces that now they'll increase Arnold licenses by 30%, I wonder if you will feel the same. :)
  8. https://www.solidangle.com/news/arnold-subscription-announcement/ It's a shame. Looked like a very good renderer and the C4D version got a lot of praise from Ashley from GSG. You can still buy a permanent license until April 2018, but I wouldn't trust Autodesk after the they pulled this year with the incremental ups on maintenance values.
  9. Man, this short looks beautiful. Very impressed with the rendering as well as the animation! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I actually got Modo 601 for $150. I'm quite happy with it. If Modo 11 is any good I might update it. Let's wait and see. I little edit from the Maya land. Things don't look so fun there if even Alex Alvarez is mad. :)
  11. 3ds Max trial is full fledged. So you could use it with the plug in to make the transfer. If it works fine, it might be cheaper to rent MAX for 1 month and use it to translate a toon of scenes. :)
  12. Have you heard of the plug in MaxtoC4D? From the videos it works quite well. www.maxtoc4d.com
  13. You have to consider another thing. If you go look at the outcry against Autodesk, I would say that 90% of the people complaining are Max users. Why that? Because generally speaking, Maya users are employees, not employers or freelancers. Like it or not, Max users were always generalists and prone to open their own freelancer careers. So what Autodesk affect them a lot. I have a friend who I've been talking about Cinema 4D as a option and he can't accept because he feels MAXON will follow Autodesk, since Nemetsch or I don't know how you write it, introduced rent even before Adobe. So it would be nice to see MAXON publicly address this kind of concerns because it could lead to more users. As for the current state of C4D, it's a great tool. We just want to it be even greater faster. :) I mean, wouldn't you guys prefer to do most modeling and UV inside of C4D? Lots of people here use Modo and that's valid, but I bet they would prefer to stay the most inside one application and only use one that's way way ahead, like ZB for sculpting or Houdini for FX.
  14. I've decided to redo my reply to make more sense. I for one like Cinema 4D because it's stable, it's UI makes sense and it's easy to understand. As the subject gets more complex, Cinema 4D gets more complex as well. And while it's fine that MAXON focuses on Motion Graphics, I think they are missing out on several other cool markets, where people aren't even considering Cinema 4D. I believe this happens for some reasons. First, Cinema 4D isn't massively available in schools like 3ds Max or Maya. The other reason is the lack of proper training for something aside from Motion Graphics. The result of this is that most of the Cinema 4D artists that I've known know nothing or close to nothing about proper topology, modeling workflows, etc. And for 90% of the Motion Graphics work, they really don't need, but if MAXON was also involved on more complex work, it would require more capable artists, that would assure companies that there's a good user base of Cinema 4D Generalists that are capable of creating high-end work, because all in all, Cinema 4D is very capable. There's a reason like the work below is being done in Blender instead of Cinema 4D and it isn't just price. When you read the reasons for why the guys that did the VFX for Man in the High Castle, they decided to change to Blender because Blender artists are more generalists and they understand more of the limitations and workflows of the work. Now that Autodesk is basically crapping on it's users head, most people I've seen complaining are talking more about Blender than Cinema 4D. So while it's good to have that Motion Graphics target, MAXON could branch out a little because the software is capable. But it lacks specific training with quality results and more school usage. At least that's what I believe. Keep in only one market can be dangerous. Specially now that Autodesk is targeting the Cinema 4D market with specific and very powerful updates to the MASH toolkit. Add to that a super powerful Arnond render, BiFrost (you won't need RealFlow for most of the shots since BiFrost would cover it), the VP 2.0 is capable of rendering motion graphics almost realtime. And a quite important connection with game engines like Unity and Unreal. VR is a growing market and Cinema 4D isn't positioned to tackle that as well. That's all to say that I think Cinema 4D is capable of doing all those stuff, but because it's seem only as a Motion Graphics tools, it's not that much used on these other areas and it's a shame, because there's a lot of potential users and studios, which would bring a lot more feedback and money to MAXON.
  15. If only I had a Win7 I would revert back. My current notebooks came with Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. :(