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  1. You did use a file renaming tool I assume? How did you generate the file sequence? After effects?
  2. Great solution! But then again that's the 'manual' solution I was trying to avoid. I was curious about the technical solution which I could reuse on future randomise projects.
  3. Hi all, I have a tough problem. The client is asking for a huge wall randomly covered in posters. BUT he doesn't want to see the same picture next to each other (Especially no more than 3 times). My quick setup: Mograph with a plane object Random effector with cell noise shader Multishader with 8 different images. My practical solutions so far: I could generate some more extra / 'fake' images. Maybe some blank ones. Replace the duplicates in Photoshop. My theoretic solution: Basically I should generate my own random shader: I could use xpresso which recognizes the multishader images by their number. Use an if/else loop which compares the 4 positions around one image. If a number = equal to its neighbour --> switch it (how do you force that switch??) Thanks!
  4. Sorry, it's an unreleased project so I can't share the scene files. Font is installed on all machines.
  5. You could try to make your original footage black and white. Use the Levels effect to create more contrast in the leaves. Then try to key again. Maybe a little bit desaturation so the edges reduce the bright green color. Try to place the leaves little bit out of focus. Keying In Keylight is always finding the perfect balance of different parameters. You can try to set the view to 'intermediate result'. Rotobrush: If the leaves or footage is shaking. -> enable motion blur in the rotoscope brush.
  6. Hi all, I'm rendering one frame with Team Render (R19). It's a simple scene with transparant cubes and regular MoText in it. When the Team Render is finished the MoText is offset / glitchy. (see screencaps) I've installed the font on every client. I double checked the connections (ping etc). Versions are ok. The only solution I have for the moment is making every text object editable. But that's a no go in the future because of various adjustments. Thanks in advance
  7. Worst case scenario. You could render a Vector Pass and add motion blur afterwards in After Effects.
  8. With GI on I get more subtle reflections in the edges and between the gaps. I use one area light to lit the backdrop. One infinite light to get a distinct green shadow on the floor in front of the object. One point light to create variation in the reflections / specular and create some 'depth feeling' in the glass object since no background elements may be used.
  9. Hi, I was wondering how to decrease the render time of my scene. Especially the glass. I'm sorry , can't show the entire image. Render time per frame: +- 26 minutes 1920 x 1080 resolution The scene consists of: - 6 lights (3 gsg softboxes, 1 point light, 1 infinite light, 1 area light) - 1 main object with glass materials which animates into several boxes (see screencaps) - MoTexts inside the glass object - Studio backdrop Extruded Object + Motext have a fillet of 2 caps over 0,4 radius I've uploaded my render settings that I've tweaked. I've read about dropping the specular? Are there any other tips? Thanks in advance
  10. I found a work around : Enabling the luminance channel in the material. Enable Material Luminance Pass Object buffer for masking the object where the texture is attached.
  11. Hi all, Is it possible to get an object buffer/matte just for the texture on the object? For example the wifi sign in the picture. Thanks!
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