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  1. Not necessarily. Do you have an idea how to approach it?
  2. The dotted lines in the picture.
  3. Hi, I'm stuck with a project. It's a plane that takes off. I need 2 things: - a ribbon that follows the plane / path (check ) - altitude lines below the plane (not check) My setup (see image): - I made 2 instances of the original spline - Extruded the spline via a Loft. But this can't be animated progressive. I have one solution: - Reveal the Loft via a boolean. But I'm not a huge fan of it. Question: Is there a way of animating a Loft? Or is it possible to extrude a spline in a single direction? Optional: It has to be dynamic. So I have to change the path of the plane.
  4. I've done some testrenders. It seems c4d is indeed renaming as a sort of protection against duplicate files.
  5. Hi everyone, What is _i1_ in the filename of my renders? (See attachment) I have imported my renders via the .aec importer. Now AE is looking for image sequences with regular names. (without the _i1_) It's not that of big problem since I can re-link the image sequences or use immigration, but it's just a curious newbie question. Thanks!
  6. Never knew that button was there! Thank you @aturtur
  7. Thats a good solution @maliohammad! Thanks. Other solution I figured out: linking the sound via a layer. So I can toggle the animation property in the layer ('LayerAudioToggle') .
  8. I made an audio file by right clicking the null in the timeline. 'Add Special Track' -> 'Sound' When I click the audio in the timeline. The attributes manager pops open.
  9. hi, I would like to create an xpresso on/off switch for audio in my c4d scene. Useful to toggle it on off when I need it while previewing. My workflow so far: Part 1 - audio Created a null Dragged it into the the timeline Made it an audio track (sound) Imported an .mp3 in the sound properties. --> Works! Part 2 - switch Made a user data boolean on to the null ('SwitchAudio') Made an xpresso setup Dragged the null into the xpresso and set the user data boolean Now I'm stuck. How do I link the audio switch ('use audio') with the null? Dragging wont do the job.
  10. I use R17 Studio at work. But I'm not the only at the office who has this issue . Others use R18 Studio.
  11. Hi, I have a problem with the Mograph tracer. Setup: 9 null targets divided in to 3 tracers who follow an aline to spline tag. (c4d file) In the viewport it renders perfectly smooth when I play. But when I render an animation, it becomes angular. I did 2 tests. Animation render to the picture viewer with Standard render engine. --> Smooth Animation render to the picture viewer with the Physical render engine. --> angular Has it something to do with speed? The physical camera? The tracer settings? ... spline_tracer.c4d
  12. Still no answer, anyone? I have the same problem...
  13. Cinebench does not speed up your render times. It is merely a tool for evaluating your current setup.
  14. Nice work! Did you use any external render engines or just the C4D native ones?