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  1. Buffer for textures on object

    I found a work around : Enabling the luminance channel in the material. Enable Material Luminance Pass Object buffer for masking the object where the texture is attached.
  2. Hi all, Is it possible to get an object buffer/matte just for the texture on the object? For example the wifi sign in the picture. Thanks!
  3. Double render files

    Ok, I did some testing. Apparently It occurs when using teamrender. But then again it's something new for me.
  4. Double render files

    Hi, I'm getting double renders: A. rendered files that are the location that I choose in the render settings (multipass file path). OK B. rendered files in the same folder (in my case the desktop) as the project file. NOT OK My Render Settings: The first save option is unchecked. I've tried the same render with the checkbox checked. I left the save path empty. I'm using the .exr file format with the RGBA multipass. Am I overlooking something? It worked in the past. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Is there a easy way of finding the xpresso node which is used via the attributes manager? for example: I have a plugin that changes the size of a cube via xpresso. I want to jump directly to these size values in the xpresso nodes. I presume that two arrows mean that it's linked multiple times? Thanks
  6. Altitude lines with splines

    Not necessarily. Do you have an idea how to approach it?
  7. Altitude lines with splines

    The dotted lines in the picture.
  8. Hi, I'm stuck with a project. It's a plane that takes off. I need 2 things: - a ribbon that follows the plane / path (check ) - altitude lines below the plane (not check) My setup (see image): - I made 2 instances of the original spline - Extruded the spline via a Loft. But this can't be animated progressive. I have one solution: - Reveal the Loft via a boolean. But I'm not a huge fan of it. Question: Is there a way of animating a Loft? Or is it possible to extrude a spline in a single direction? Optional: It has to be dynamic. So I have to change the path of the plane.
  9. What is _i1_ in the filename?

    I've done some testrenders. It seems c4d is indeed renaming as a sort of protection against duplicate files.
  10. Hi everyone, What is _i1_ in the filename of my renders? (See attachment) I have imported my renders via the .aec importer. Now AE is looking for image sequences with regular names. (without the _i1_) It's not that of big problem since I can re-link the image sequences or use immigration, but it's just a curious newbie question. Thanks!
  11. Audio on / off switch

    Never knew that button was there! Thank you @aturtur
  12. Audio on / off switch

    Thats a good solution @maliohammad! Thanks. Other solution I figured out: linking the sound via a layer. So I can toggle the animation property in the layer ('LayerAudioToggle') .
  13. Audio on / off switch

    I made an audio file by right clicking the null in the timeline. 'Add Special Track' -> 'Sound' When I click the audio in the timeline. The attributes manager pops open.
  14. hi, I would like to create an xpresso on/off switch for audio in my c4d scene. Useful to toggle it on off when I need it while previewing. My workflow so far: Part 1 - audio Created a null Dragged it into the the timeline Made it an audio track (sound) Imported an .mp3 in the sound properties. --> Works! Part 2 - switch Made a user data boolean on to the null ('SwitchAudio') Made an xpresso setup Dragged the null into the xpresso and set the user data boolean Now I'm stuck. How do I link the audio switch ('use audio') with the null? Dragging wont do the job.
  15. I use R17 Studio at work. But I'm not the only at the office who has this issue . Others use R18 Studio.