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  1. hi! This happens because the random effector doesn't have any points to work with. Try to set your display settings to Hideline (shortcut N~F) so you can see better what's going on. Now to give your random effector some points to work with. You can try to make the subdivision surface with the extrude and star one object. You do this by selecting those three objects and right mouse button and select connect objects + delete. This gives you one editable object. If you apply your random effector on this it will work. Maybe you have to select the object first en right click and press optimize first. That will connect some points to not have any cap issues. One a side note: The extruder always gives very messy polygons. So it works better when you after extruding make it one object en cut the polygons yourself with the knife tool. That way you have much cleaner points and polys and later you can subdiv that. Good luck!
  2. Hi peeps! Currently I'm working on a project where we did some facial capture and put that on a character. That works all well. Now we exported the full character with the facial animation to alembic format. And we want to do some tweaking on that. But to tweak it we have to make it editable, and when we do this the objects that make up the character all get a new position and it creates a new null for each object. Is there a way to make the alembic object editable and they keep there original positions? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Yes you can. But you can't directly mocap in Cinema 4D. You have to export your skeleton data as fbx. And then you can open your fbx. file in Cinema and set it up with a 3D mesh.
  4. Oh and btw I know this can be done with X-particles but if there is a way with Cinema 4D thinking particles that would be great :)
  5. Hey y'all! I'm working on a project were I want to have thinking particles which begin from a given object. But I don't know how. My ideal situation would be were I can model an object for example a cup and all the vertex points need to be thinking particles. Also simulation effectors like turbulence would still be able to move the TP. Is this possible? I would love to hear your answers. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi peeps! I'm a student at HKU (University of arts Utrecht) located in the Netherlands. Me and two other classmates have been given a school assignment to interview a professional in our own field of interest. In my local area there no professionals I can interview and immediately thought of this awesome forum with awesome people. Are you a professional in the 3D modelling/ animation or design world and would you like to tell us something about your career, how you ended up in the work you're doing now etc (Freelance or Business) and you are willing to tell us about that via a video call interview via Skype. Then you are awesome :) We also will prepare some questions to ask you during the interview. Our assignment must be a visual production so we prefer to have permission to screen record the interview :) If you like this and you are willing to help us out, please send me a direct message or react to this topic. Thanks in advance!
  7. hey Cerbera, thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. The triangles are actually because I use Redshift. You can easily add a wire-frame material to the objects. and there is an option to hide invisible lines. Witch is on by default. (Forgot to turn it of) I will look to that bump map thanks, I agree that it could be a lot better. I think it's because I made the bump map myself with pictures I took from my fingers with charcoal on paper. Thanks again CBR.
  8. looks promesing! Tag me when the full movie is out :)
  9. Hey all! I am working on a 3D animated short in my spare time next to my study. It's called "Orrery" and it's about the beauty of our solar system. And how our little fragile planet fits between our neighbour planets. I'm wondering what you think of my wip. Any feedback is welcome! :) Also I want to point out you can visit my website and view the proces there. I'll upload images regulary there. So you can keep track of the proces and when it's going to be released. You can visit it here: https://www.bguchte.com/orerry
  10. thanks for your answer @Fastbee I need to check my ram usage next time on this project. Now I have 16GB so it could be that yes. Time to do some upgrades! I'm installing the Houdini pipeline right now! Hope it makes a difference :)
  11. Thanks @ABMotion! Watching the system resources s a good tip I will do that! I noticed the low res alembic import and did not know what it was for! So I will do some research on that. And yes I'm rendering directly from the imported alembic particles with a Redshift tag on it and set the tag to sphere instances. I have read that that is the way to go. I can imagine that just rendering with particles only is faster. But i don't get my wanted result.
  12. Hi all! Long time no see. I recently started learning Houdini and I realy like it so far. I made some flipfluid animations with water and foam on it. Because I own Redshift for Cinema 4D I want to render it in Cinema 4D. Now I've imported the fluid as an alembic geometry (already meshed) and works great. But the foam concists of 2 milion particles (also imported as an alembic) the alembic file is 32GB and is located on a HDD. But with so many particles c4D just keeps crashing... is this because of C4D can just not handle so many particles. Or can I solve this by butting this file on an SSD? or increasing my RAM? I've a AMD ryzen 4,6mhz processor. I hope someone can provide me some information on where the problem comes from. So I can do something about it. Thanks in advance! :)
  13. Whoops totally looked over the restore shape... It works perfect now! Thanks!!
  14. Yes thank you. I already tried that. But didn't find a way to let the mark stay when he jumps further. But i will look in to it more and I'm sure I'll find a way. thanks!
  15. Hi all! I'm working on this project for an animation where a snowman is jumping to move it self forth. Now when he jumps trough the snow he must leave some kind of hole where he landed. I want to do this from a single object. So the floor is a cube (with enough subdivs) what is the best way to leave him a hole where he landed? Also when he jumps another step the hole must remain where he previously was. and create another hole where he jumps next. I hope you guys have a good tip that will help me out. Thank you :)

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