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  1. 2 mil particles render

    thanks for your answer @Fastbee I need to check my ram usage next time on this project. Now I have 16GB so it could be that yes. Time to do some upgrades! I'm installing the Houdini pipeline right now! Hope it makes a difference :)
  2. 2 mil particles render

    Thanks @ABMotion! Watching the system resources s a good tip I will do that! I noticed the low res alembic import and did not know what it was for! So I will do some research on that. And yes I'm rendering directly from the imported alembic particles with a Redshift tag on it and set the tag to sphere instances. I have read that that is the way to go. I can imagine that just rendering with particles only is faster. But i don't get my wanted result.
  3. Hi all! Long time no see. I recently started learning Houdini and I realy like it so far. I made some flipfluid animations with water and foam on it. Because I own Redshift for Cinema 4D I want to render it in Cinema 4D. Now I've imported the fluid as an alembic geometry (already meshed) and works great. But the foam concists of 2 milion particles (also imported as an alembic) the alembic file is 32GB and is located on a HDD. But with so many particles c4D just keeps crashing... is this because of C4D can just not handle so many particles. Or can I solve this by butting this file on an SSD? or increasing my RAM? I've a AMD ryzen 4,6mhz processor. I hope someone can provide me some information on where the problem comes from. So I can do something about it. Thanks in advance! :)
  4. Whoops totally looked over the restore shape... It works perfect now! Thanks!!
  5. Yes thank you. I already tried that. But didn't find a way to let the mark stay when he jumps further. But i will look in to it more and I'm sure I'll find a way. thanks!
  6. Hi all! I'm working on this project for an animation where a snowman is jumping to move it self forth. Now when he jumps trough the snow he must leave some kind of hole where he landed. I want to do this from a single object. So the floor is a cube (with enough subdivs) what is the best way to leave him a hole where he landed? Also when he jumps another step the hole must remain where he previously was. and create another hole where he jumps next. I hope you guys have a good tip that will help me out. Thank you :)
  7. Trophies & Medals Awards are back!

    Cool! can't wait to join one of the contests in the future, I never found the time to actually join one. So I will keep the contest page in sight!
  8. Hair underwater effect

    Ah thank you! I already searched the forum. must have looked over it thanks :)
  9. hi guys! For a project I need the effect of hair underwater and I got pretty close only not till the effect I was hoping for. What I have is a woman model that is in a walk cycle with long hair on her head. When she walks the hair has to float in the air like it does underwater. I applied gravity and a turbulence to the hair and the result is looking good but not what I really want. The tips of the hair need more drag or something (more slow). The hair is pulling to fast. So I actually need it more like in slow motion. It's hard for me to explain but you can look at an example clip here maybe it's more clear what I mean: Any help will be welcome. Thanks in advance!
  10. TurbulenceFD object properties not show

    I solved the problem by updating the drivers for my GPU (GTX 1080ti) Don't ask me why cause TFD can power both via GPU and CPU and should have nothing to do with the properties of the TFD container. But anyway it's all good now! :) Anyway thanks for the help @Decarlo @nerv :) grts
  11. Hi all, I haven't touched Turbulence FD for a while but i really need it now for a new project. Now I added a container object and the properties for the object are just not there. So the Container, simulation, Viewport preview and rendering are not showing. It's so weird because it always have worked excellent for me and now when I need it it does not work. I already tried re-installing Turbulence FD and restarting my computer. I hope someone here can help me. I also posted this problem in the Jawset forums but this forum in faster I think. Thanks in advance! grts
  12. Poster for Short Film

    Looks awesome! I'm curious for the result :) tag me when it's there
  13. Thanks! yes 2 weeks is pretty short but it was lots of fun. I hope next time for more time so that I can focus more on texturing, modelling and animating
  14. Hi peeps! For the last two weeks I have been working on this 3D animation I made in c4d and I thought to share it here. The animation is called Bakkie pleur which is a Dutch dialect word for a cup of coffee. This has been made for a school assignment in which we had to make a 3D animation in less than two weeks. Everything you see has been done in c4d except the grading and editing. Let me know what you think of it and I'm always happy to hear feedback :)
  15. Workflow of making a shoreline

    @PrivatePolygon yes it's ridiculous how they can manage that. I have to learn more about RealFlow to simulate a shore but maybe I give it a try some day. @MJohnny I'm not familiar with Houdini but I will watch some video's of their simulation system thanks. @ABMotion Wow that's really cool! Thanks for the link. I should look up a bit more on Octane, but I just started with Redshift so I want to learn more about that first. I see you use Redshift as well do you think there is a way with Redshift?