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  1. Thank you for your explanation in your experience with this. It's very help full and in some way it gives me the motivation to make this actually work. although it will be a lot of work. I will look into the control 4D plugin maybe I can get it to work with that. If anything did the trick I'll post it here in the future.
  2. Hi peeps, So I have this Lexip Mouse. It's a mouse with a joystick attached to the left side of the device, and also has an axis on the mouse body it self (view attached image). Now I thought this would be super cool if I in some way can bind this joystick to the view port navigation. Just like a space mouse would work (https://www.3dconnexion.eu/products/spacemouser.html) I tried going to the customize commands but these navigation controls only seem to work with multiple bound commands like 1 + LMB and then drag the mouse to pan. My hope is that someone tried to do this with a joystick or something and can help me achieve the same result with my mouse. Maybe with a little scripting? Well thanks for reading and I hope someone has some tips! - smicksus
  3. hey CBR, I got it to work (kind of) But I dont have the bending going on that great. For me it seems that the individual spikes are contracting instead of bending as you can see in the image. How did you achieve the bending?
  4. hmm yes, I think I was looking for a more controllable way of deforming the objects. I think with the displacer it's fairly hard to get it in the right position right? anyway. I got it to work Thank you so much for all you afford
  5. Just to be clear what I want as a result at the end, and I'm still finding a way to achieve this the best way possible. The image I attach here is about what I have in mind when the object is out of the tube. So when the spiky cylinder goes in the tube it has to fold in. (like a feather would do when you pull it trough a tube)
  6. Hey Thank you! This kind of works but I don't know how to get the same effect as the bend deformer with a displacer? It's necessary that the spline can fold it self out to a horizontal position with a slight bend were it is attached to the cylinder. (for a more organic look) Do you know how I can achieve this with a displacer? Also I tried the correction deformer, but this doesn't seem to work with splines. Thank you very much for your help so far
  7. Hi peeps, I'm working on a project were I want a feather like effect. When you put a feather in a small tube and the "hairs" fold in because you pull it trough the tube. Now in my project this wont be any hair but it will consist of geometry. Also it's not a feather but I used that as a way to explain the concept. It will be more like a organism shaped object make out of geometry. I tried a test first with a spline and a bend deformer on a cylinder which goes trough a tube. And I wanted the bend deformer only to bend when in goes trough a falloff. But when I change the position of the cylinder the falloff moves with it. (I attached an image of that) I hope I explained it well and someone can help me with what the best way is to approach this? Any tips are welcome Thanks in advance edit: I'm using R19 so I don't have fields. I got it kind of working as you can see in the attached .gif image. But when it goes trough the bend deformer I want the spline to stay on the cylinder, not to float away.
  8. hi! This happens because the random effector doesn't have any points to work with. Try to set your display settings to Hideline (shortcut N~F) so you can see better what's going on. Now to give your random effector some points to work with. You can try to make the subdivision surface with the extrude and star one object. You do this by selecting those three objects and right mouse button and select connect objects + delete. This gives you one editable object. If you apply your random effector on this it will work. Maybe you have to select the object first en right click and press optimize first. That will connect some points to not have any cap issues. One a side note: The extruder always gives very messy polygons. So it works better when you after extruding make it one object en cut the polygons yourself with the knife tool. That way you have much cleaner points and polys and later you can subdiv that. Good luck!
  9. Hi peeps! Currently I'm working on a project where we did some facial capture and put that on a character. That works all well. Now we exported the full character with the facial animation to alembic format. And we want to do some tweaking on that. But to tweak it we have to make it editable, and when we do this the objects that make up the character all get a new position and it creates a new null for each object. Is there a way to make the alembic object editable and they keep there original positions? Thanks in advance :)
  10. Yes you can. But you can't directly mocap in Cinema 4D. You have to export your skeleton data as fbx. And then you can open your fbx. file in Cinema and set it up with a 3D mesh.
  11. Oh and btw I know this can be done with X-particles but if there is a way with Cinema 4D thinking particles that would be great :)
  12. Hey y'all! I'm working on a project were I want to have thinking particles which begin from a given object. But I don't know how. My ideal situation would be were I can model an object for example a cup and all the vertex points need to be thinking particles. Also simulation effectors like turbulence would still be able to move the TP. Is this possible? I would love to hear your answers. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi peeps! I'm a student at HKU (University of arts Utrecht) located in the Netherlands. Me and two other classmates have been given a school assignment to interview a professional in our own field of interest. In my local area there no professionals I can interview and immediately thought of this awesome forum with awesome people. Are you a professional in the 3D modelling/ animation or design world and would you like to tell us something about your career, how you ended up in the work you're doing now etc (Freelance or Business) and you are willing to tell us about that via a video call interview via Skype. Then you are awesome :) We also will prepare some questions to ask you during the interview. Our assignment must be a visual production so we prefer to have permission to screen record the interview :) If you like this and you are willing to help us out, please send me a direct message or react to this topic. Thanks in advance!
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