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  1. Falstaff

    A Wrench

    Thanks for the helpful advice! Unfortunately, I've been slammed with graphic design work this week and haven't been able to get back to Cinema 4D. I'll post a revised version soon based on the great feedback. Thanks again!
  2. Falstaff

    A Wrench

    Thanks! I worked on the floor a bit, a little DOF and reduced the bump. Still a work in progress. I should clarify my original post. The Pixel Lab textures work great. This look just wasn't what I envisioned for the model.
  3. Falstaff

    A Wrench

    Long time lurker, infrequent poster, first WIP submission. I'm not particularly happy with the shader on the wrench. It is from a Redshift pack from Pixel Lab. I'm still working on creating on my own. I've been learning Redshift through the HelloLuxx tutorials, Vol. 1 and Vol 2, which I highly recommend. I've found for me that it has helped get results faster than watching a mix of YouTube videos. I didn't plan on the wrench being that old looking when I was modeling it. The model was created with a mix of traditional polygonal modeling and volumes. This is just quick render. I haven't spent any time tweaking the lighting or addressing any noise.
  4. Falstaff

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    I own a Houdini indie license. When I feel overconfident in my 3D abilities, I'll open it up and try to learn a few things. I'm quickly humbled; however, I've been working towards building up my character animation abilities, and I'm making an actual effort with Houdini this time. It seems like every time they show a demo, a sneak peek, or a release, they emphasize their desire to become a serious player in the character animation space, which gives me a lot of confidence in trying to learn the app. Unfortunately, I don't get the same feeling of dedication from MAXON. The new motion paths in Houdini look extremely beneficial and fun to use, as well as the muscle system they are continuously improving. One issue is tutorials on those subjects for Houdini seem to be scarce, but during the 16.5 video they mentioned that they will be putting out more masterclasses related rigging and animation.
  5. Thanks for this thread! As someone who has tested Octane and is now checking out the demo for Redshift and just bought Cycles due to the X-Particles owner discount, this information has been extremely helpful. I was really looking forward to Redshift; however, as someone that is learning Blender for character animation, the idea of becoming familiar with Cycles in both applications was appealing to me. So far, with very little experience in either render engine, I have found Cycles to be more fun to use. I know that's not very scientific, but for whatever reason it feels more like a part of Cinema rather than a plugin. Probably just my perception. Insydium's video manual documentation is really well done, and I've enjoyed watching their tutorials. I haven't fully reviewed Redshift's documentation, but it also seems very comprehensive. I think I just prefer the video option. Finally, Cycle's IPR has been very fast for me, running a 980 and two 980ti cards, which was a pleasant surprise since I've read elsewhere that some people have found it to be laggy. I primarily wanted to comment on this thread so you know others are paying attention and finding the information helpful. Thanks again!
  6. Falstaff

    Cycles for C4D

    A "few weeks" suddenly feels like a long time from now. I can't wait to hear more!
  7. Falstaff


    Agreed. These types of comments are tiring and becoming repetitious. Defending Cinema 4D in this way, by making snide remarks that are sad attempts at being clever at the expense of other users you don't agree with, especially someone who has moved on to other programs but still takes the time to help existing members, is of no benefit to the community.