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  1. I'm not saying this could/would happen, but do you know how ticked I would be if I purchased MSA for R21, received R21 perpetual with the current features list and that's all the updates I would get for my MSA except for bug fixes, and then a month later a new update was rolled out to subscribers that included a complete BodyPaint overhaul (or something similarly awesome). Again, not saying that would happen, but it did cross my mind.
  2. I don't know if things differ from country to country, but I've never received one of those as long as I've been an MSA user.
  3. What news that we are legally obligated to renew an MSA? As far as I know, I only received information about renewing my MSA because I contacted them. Also, the first line of their response was: "Your Cinema 4D MSA subscription will expire this month, and your last day to renew is Friday August 30, 2019. If you don't renew, you won't receive the new release (Cinema 4D R21) so we hope you'll be able to renew!" That hardly sounds like something I'm required to do (which I wouldn't even if I was required).
  4. I received my email from MAXON concerning purchasing the latest MSA. In it, even they recommend the MSA over subscription: "Because renewing the MSA gives you a lot more, we highly recommend that you renew, and the cutoff date in the U.S. / Canada will be Friday, August 30." Unfortunately, I won't be moving forward with C4D. Here was my response: "Thanks for the additional information; however, I’ve decided not to renew my MSA or to purchase a subscription. Sadly, as a user since R14, I’ve decided not to move forward with Cinema 4D. I’m firmly against subscription software. I’m still using Adobe CS6 and have invested in Affinity’s software and Corel Painter to support their ongoing efforts to provide users with a perpetual license option. Concerning the MSA, the cost for Studio users is so unfair, I can’t in good conscience purchase the MSA for R21. Knowing that a Prime user can purchase an MSA and receive the same R21 version as I will at a quarter of the price is outrageous, especially since their initial license purchase was so much lower than mine. MAXON seems to only be catering to new users without rewarding their existing base, and the MSA pricing differences for the same version is an undeniable example. Additionally, I wanted to purchase the MSA so at least I would have an R21 perpetual license in case a perpetual license is no longer available after this release. I have read that they will be; however, with the ending of the MSA program, the lack of information on the plans for perpetual licenses and the pricing, and the hard push to subscriptions, I can’t in good faith believe that perpetuals will continue to be available, or, if they are, they may not be available at a reasonable price. Finally, with the requirement of the R21 software needing to “call home” every 14 days, MAXON will have the option in the future to possibly discontinue verifying that version. I previously would have thought that such an idea was ridiculous, that a company would never do that; however, Autodesk, a subscription-only software company, is now trying to discontinue the rights of their perpetual license holders and force them to subscriptions, so I no longer think that is an impossible assumption. I appreciate all of the help you’ve provided, and I know losing one MSA customer won’t mean much to management; however, voting with my money is the only remaining option I have. I’ll continue with R20 and am in the process of transitioning to Blender. Thanks again."
  5. I feel like having this version as a perpetual license does future-proof you a bit more than previous versions if you never receive another new release due to the inclusion of support for HiDPI monitors. That may not seem like a big deal to some, but if you ever plan an upgrading monitors in the future and not getting a subscription, this could be important.
  6. On CGTalk, Rick Barrett posted this: There’s no limit on installations anymore, and perpetual licenses can be signed in and out just like subscription licenses - you have the same MyMaxon account, the same portal and the same license management features. In fact, enabling you to release a license and sign in elsewhere is the main reason the perpetual license connects to the server periodically. Personally, I can’t imagine being without internet for 14 days, and if I was truly offline for that length of time I doubt I’d be using Cinema 4D. We have options for folks that have to be offline for security reasons, but I’m really glad I’m not one of them.
  7. Why provide this big announcement, knowing it is going to stress some users out, without providing information on the cost of future perpetual license upgrades or if they will still be available beyond R21, especially if MAXON is now taking over the sales portion rather than distributors so that they already know the cost? Also, according to the FAQ: Perpetual licensing for Cinema 4D Studio R20 and R21 will still be available at pricing roughly equivalent to the current pricing of Studio R20. While a person may assume that they only mentioned R20 and R21 because they are the most current versions and that future releases will have perpetual license options, it doesn't say that specifically.
  8. It wouldn't make any sense, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. :)
  9. That's my question as well. Assuming you are able to purchase a perpetual license after R21, will each perpetual license purchase cost the price of a new license or will there be an upgrade price similar to the MSA price?
  10. Additional information: https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/cinema-4d/new-in-release-21/faq/
  11. When you say a perpetual license dropped by 1000, do you mean that as just the buy in price, or that each year if you want to buy a perpetual license you need to pay the full price rather than what it costs now for an existing user, which is the MSA price? I feel like things are probably obvious, and I'm just not seeing it. :)
  12. I'm going to need to better understand the new pricing structure to understand how this is better for me. I will pay a subscription cost that adds up in a year to what I pay now for an MSA; however, I no longer have a perpetual license. I'm not trying to be negative; I just don't understand how this is an improvement.
  13. Thanks for the helpful advice! Unfortunately, I've been slammed with graphic design work this week and haven't been able to get back to Cinema 4D. I'll post a revised version soon based on the great feedback. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks! I worked on the floor a bit, a little DOF and reduced the bump. Still a work in progress. I should clarify my original post. The Pixel Lab textures work great. This look just wasn't what I envisioned for the model.

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