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  1. Hello, I recently completed Salish Dream. Salish Dream is a 3D live action music video that takes the viewer into a Salish Sea dream sequence that guides the redemption of the hero. The hero is all who aspire to be creative and fully alive, but who at times feel boxed in and defeated. A dream visit to the Salish Sea confronts the hero with 3D animated spirits who move to Afro Cuban beats. By the end of this short eight minute video the hero regains his own vitality. Salish Dream is an attempt to create a modern day story of the power of the Salish Sea and how it can help us all regain our own vitality in a world where we can often feel drained. I’ve attached access to Salish Dream below: I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  2. I’m working on a project where the final output is video. I’m combining live action video and green screened 3D animation from C4D in Final Cut Pro. The live action video is forming the primary storyline. The green screened 3D animation is forming the secondary storyline above each primary video scene. Then, using the Keyer in Final Cut Pro on the C4D 3D green screen, the 3D animation is merged to the live action video. Everything is going well so far. However, the problem is aligning the 3D object animations from C4D with the live action video - to get the alignment from the 3D animation to match the live action video. It would be very helpful if there was a way to import live action stills and/or live video into the C4D viewport to help align the 3D objects with the video elements before rendering the 3D animation in C4D. Is there a way to import live action stills and/or video into C4D so that they can be used to help align the 3D and video elements? if so how can that be done? Thanks!
  3. I have an animation created in Fuse/MIXAMO. I opened the .fbx file successfully in C4D and it plays as it should. When I attempt to move the whole animation in animation mode while highlighting the rig I can successfully move the whole animation using the Move Tool. However, when I attempt to rotate the animation in the same manner using the Rotate Tool in animation mode, the animation does not rotate. I also attempted grouping all the rig elements in a null and rotating the null and got the same result - no rotation. Any suggestions on why this might be happening and how to get the whole animation to rotate? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for clarifying my question. I've updated my profile. I just recently updated from R17 to R 19. Back to my original question, now clarified - How do I pose a MIXAMO Rigged Figure? Please advise. Thanks.
  5. Hello,I created a rigged T model in MIXAMO and imported it into C4D R19 Studio Mac.I'm new to C4D and am not sure how to go about bending limbs of the figure. For example, I want the figure to sit in a chair and lower its arms from the T position.Please advise.Thank you.
  6. I tried again with the FBX file. This time I made sure to check the settings under the "Additional" settings section in the Import Settings. I also made sure to have the PNG and JPG files in the same folder. Now I have color. The only problem is that, as the service person mentioned above in a note, the rigging is gone. Very strange. Is there any reason the rigging should go like that?
  7. If this is any help, it states on the linked page above for this model: Converted Formats - Maya 2014, mental ray 10, 3ds Max 2011, and V-Ray 2.40 Exchange Formats - FBX, OBJ I dowloaded it in FBX. In a situation like this, what is the best approach for a download? It is suggested above "Maybe problems with paths to textures or broken UV´s." I am new to all of this. Any tutorials via Cineversity or otherwise that would help walk me through checking on paths or broken UV's? Please advise. Thanks!
  8. I would be happy to supply the files, but I don't want to violate the terms of agreement with TurboSquid. Any suggestions how to work around this?
  9. I am new to C4D and BodyPaint. I purchased a 3D rigged model of a Woodpecker from TurboSquid. The image on their web page showed a colored bird. The name of the model had the name "black" in it. After downloading the bird and importing it into C4D the bird and bird material all appeared black with no color. I contacted TutrboSquid, informed them of the fact that the picture on their web page showed a colored bird and the bird was in fact all black. They said they would refer it to one of their service people. Next, I received a package of files from TurboSquid to download. One was a C4D file with the Woodpecker in it all black. There was also a separate PNG file showing the colored image of the bird as on the web site. Then there was a separate folder entitled "tex" that contained a JPG file with different, separate colored body parts of the Woodpecker. The response email also said that somehow the Woodpecker included in this C4D file was now not rigged. The response did not advise me what to do with the files to create a colored bird. My sense was that their service person did not specialize in C4D. I'm attempting to figure out whether or not I have the pieces necessary to create a rigged, colored Woodpecker or not. If the original black model was indeed rigged, I still have that. Plus, I have an apparently unrigged black model. And I have the separate colored PNG and JPG files. Please advise if it appears I have what I need to create a colored, rigged Woodpecker or not. If so, would a Cineversity or other tutorial be a good place to look for the steps necessary to do the BodyPaint/creation? Any suggestions or tutorial references would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I agree. Transparency does look nicer. But, how does one achieve it in an animated human figure? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I've created an animated human figure in Adobe Fuse/Mixamo. Then I opened it up in C4D and it animates and looks good. But, what I want to do is reduce the opacity on the figure so that it is semi-transparent as it animates. I've attempted to apply the Display Tag to all of the elements of the figure and set the display at 70%. However, when I observe the animation in playback and after render it still displays at 100%. How can I adjust the opacity of the animated human figure so that it is semi-transparent? Thanks!
  12. I'm creating human figures in Adobe Fuse/Mixamo. I open them in C4D and attempt to make adjustments to them. So far I've been able to successfully make arm and leg position adjustments. However, I've not been able to make facial expression adjustments. Any suggestions how to do this? Thanks.
  13. I found the solution. Another user alerted me to the Animation Tool. Once that is activated, the entire animation can be moved. Thanks for your replies and help.
  14. I attempted these things without any success. I would imagine that creating an animation and wanting to change its location is something that would be fairly common. And yet, so far, I've not been able to locate any process that works to accomplish this. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  15. I'm creating human figure animations in Adobe Fuse/Mixamo and importing them into C4D. What I want to do is create in a single C4D file a couple of independent animated figures to be situated on different locations in global space. Each animation is independent and based on a different human figure; they are not interacting with each other nor are they connected to each other. When I import the animations into C4D, they both import at the same location with one importing on top of the other. How can I move each whole animation all at once to a particular location in global space? Should I be working with Motion Clips or not? If so, how? Please advise. Thanks!

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