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  1. Action

    Great. Thank you so much for all the criticism. Only in this way can it be improved. Best regards to everyone!
  2. Action

    Thank you for comment. Please, you could give me an example of animation that you like.
  3. Action

    I did not use GI. These are render settings that I used. High Mip scale value prevents flickering.
  4. Action

    First, I apologize if I have offended anyone. Secondly, I do not accept the unfounded accusations, that I do not know 12 basic principles of animation. All of them have been used in places where I wanted, but not in other places. One thing is to say, I do not like animation, and one thing is to say you do not know the basics of animation. So many animations, made by the best animators in the world, I do not like them, often technically they are performed incorrectly. This does not mean that they do not know the basics of animation. I'm obviously not as good as they are, and I do not have the skills to do everything myself. I am a former circus artist, actor and director. I worked in the biggest circuses in the world as an acrobat and juggler. I worked as an actor in Polish and Italian films. I will be grateful, infinitely for any constructive criticism, that teaches me something. Best regards !
  5. Action

    Thanks for the criticism. Best regards.
  6. Action

    The 12 basic animation principles to which you refer is an old piece from 1981. You can break all these rules once you've learned them. I could cite many films that have violated the basic rules but that is not my purpose. Today we have 2018 and have changed a lot of things in cinematic language. Way to "animate" immediately radical and revolutionary changes. You should update yourself. Best regards
  7. Action

    Hello everyone ! I would like to introduce you to my latest work with Cinema 4D. Here is the link All animation of the characters was done manually. No motion capture. Do not hesitate to ask me questions, criticisms and suggestions! Thanks so much.
  8. I modeled a t-shirt in the sculpture and after the fixed object I have problems with the stains on the shirt. Lights with aerial shadows or raytracing produce this annoying effect, but soft shadows do not. What is the cause ? Scene files: Problem.zip
  9. Lotus

    It can be done !
  10. Lotus

    My last job: Thank you in advance for suggestions, criticisms and advice.
  11. Lotus

    Thanks.thanks,thanks !!!
  12. Lotus

    Best regards ! My last job: