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  1. Hi, I've attached the scene file and the texture in low res. You may need to relink it but theres only one material in the scene so that won't be a problem i should think. Thanks for checking this out. boyFBX.zip
  2. Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem when i try to subdivide my mesh. My UVs don't follow the subdivision surface no matter what I try in the attributes with the UV smoothing options. I made a screenshot with the the red highlighting the issue. The only thing that worked was putting the subdivision in linear but then the rest of the mesh gets horribly stretched. Is there something i'm missing in the options? Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm currently using R20 and i've come across an oddity, I was wondering if there was something wrong with my Xpresso or this was a bug in the new version or even an existing one that never got fixed. My setup is fairly simple. I'm driving the oscillations of a mospline using 2 effectors sharing 2 fields, one is sound and the other is a formula, but everytime I overlap the fields, my xpresso breaks down and the sample node of the sound effector no longer outputs any value in strength (see attachements). And if that wasn't enough, if I move one of the fields out of a certain range of position, the formula stops working. I have no clue what the problem is. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks
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