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  1. Thank u very much!!!
  2. Hi Guys. I've tried to fix this object without sucess. Axis Center, resetting world e rel values... Is there a way to get it aligned ? tks in advance
  3. Looking for Archviz Scene - Arnold renderer I'd like to buy it. Textures/lightning Tks a lot!
  4. Wow man!! Tks a lot for your time!! I will try the C1 C2 tecnique. Tried tweaking with cubic with nice results. Will try to find a good tutorial to UV this letters, i guess i can do it :-) Thanks a lot! Regards
  5. Hi Guys. Please help. Why the texture doesnt flow in the letter? On the square it looks ok. need to edit UV? Tried Connect also, but doesnt work GN Letters is what im trying to achieve Tks!



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