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  1. Figured it out! I set the Tracer "Limit" to "From End" and the Amount to 10. Thank you so much guys! :)
  2. Thanks for all the Advice everyone! This forum is awesome :) A tracer is indeed the most simple solution. I figured it would have been easier baking the spline, I was wrong! Haha So now that leaves the starts of the trail. Is there anyway I can control that?
  3. Hi there! So I have a scene where an object hits the ground. I want make a trail behind this object with a Sweep Nurbs, but now I've run into problem... What I need is for my Sweep Nurbs - End Growth Parameter to follow my object, not the other way around. Reason for this is, this project was given me to finish and is approved by my art director, I just need to make this trail. Timing needs to stay in tact. Is this achievable without keyframing? Thanks! Sorry I can't show more, but I'm under an NDA :(
  4. Hi there, I have a few mechs I've been rigging. Some of them have a double knee joint. Since I'm not a rigging expert, I'm using the Simple biped character object preset. It's served my purposes well but one of the mechs really needs to have the double knee joint working. Is there any constraint tag set up where my Knee object can rotate perfectly between two different anchor points? Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I have a sort of complex comp where some clones are growing from the surface of a character. This project has been pretty frustrating but I finally got it prepped for render, or so I thought. When I send it to team render, my cloners are randomly reseeding. It's really strange. I tried baking the cloners with Mograph Cache but that made things even weirder... it causes my character to be still while the cloners inherit the correct movement. Has anyone ever dealt with this?
  6. I have a scene with a lot of clones and transparency. Locally, my machine renders the image in under 25 minutes. Last night I set our Team Render (7 Mac Pros) to go all night only to return this morning to find out that each frame took upwards of 90 minutes (180 minutes in extreme cases). Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Procedural Ice Growth

    I considered that before but it looks too fake. Is there a way to just get the displacement of a mesh as a separate object?
  8. I'm trying to achieve a similar Ice growth animation seen at :04 mark on the video below. I've tried but growing an ice shader on through the alpha and displacement channels. It just didn't animate right, it changed my mesh too heavily. Ideally, the ice would grow onto the model and not from the model's mesh itself... Just like in the video provided. I'm not very well versed in these kinds of effects yet and I'm not really sure what to even research to achieve this look. Is there another method of approach for this? Any advice if appreciated.
  9. Rigging a 3D Mech Model.

    Thank you! This helps alot. What I was looking for was, indeed, an FK chain.
  10. Rigging a 3D Mech Model.

    I was just clicking around and I think what I'm looking for is an FK chain. I've been using IK this entire time. Would either of you know how to switching from IK to FK after I make the character object editable?
  11. Rigging a 3D Mech Model.

    Sorry about that. As you can see, it's a Gundam. I really like the controls the character object gives you for the legs, they suit my needs perfectly. However, there's not much to control the arms with, which is a big problem here. Maybe I didn't rig it correctly but I have nothing to control my shoulder and elbow bends, just a simple rotation of the joints.
  12. Hello! I'm doing a project that requires rigging a big 3D mech. I haven't found much help online as to the best approach. I've try to do both Rigging and Xpresso rigs but this is something completely out of my comfort zone as I'm a motion designer, not a character animator. I liked the control I had with Xpresso but it's really tedious and I'll have to rig 4 mechs total, I don't think Xpresso is going to be feasible over the entire course of the project. The character object gave me some decent results but the arms are really difficult to pose. Does anyone know the best approach for rigging 4 mechs? It's a simple biped, NOT in a single mesh like more characters. I'm not sure if that's a disadvantage or not. I appreciate any advice!