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  1. As i say i've never known C4D to allow exporting separate fbx takes in one file, but maybe with the C4D 'Takes' system you can do it ( confusing terminology as you have 'takes' in an fbx file and also the C4D 'Takes' system which are two different things ). Last ditch solution would be export your FBX as a text file and edit it manually :P Otherwise, maybe Blender *shudders* or another tool . I don't think Unity will allow you to export FBX directly - although maybe there's a plugin for it on the Asset Store.
  2. Four weeks is a good timescale i'd say as it can be difficult to fit something like this in in a shorter time than that.
  3. Superb.. my favourite character from the book and the series.
  4. Ahh.. the joy that is good, detailed modelling
  5. Purse model that i've just completed.. It's for a fairly high end piece as far as i know so the aim was to get a good level of detail. Workflow was basically this: Model the base mesh. Generate the patterned leather material in Substance Designer and output height map ( for displacement ) as well as diffuse/bump/gloss. Do a high poly bake of the displacement - basically chuck the base mesh in a Subdiv Surface, crank the iterations, throw in a Displacer using the height map generated in Substance, and CSTO the whole thing.. The UV layouts were pretty important for mapping the textures and the displacement. The final textures aren't tiling because i needed to control the level of displacement towards the edges of the purse ( reducing the strength closer to the seams ), so all this info is baked into 4k textures but because it's not tiling i've had to sacrifice a bit of the resolution of the original substance. Anyway, here's my test renders, an early screengrab of the Substance material and some wires:
  6. You mentioned it works okay for another scene - i've never known C4D to be able to export separate takes to FBX, did they recently implement it? Otherwise - I've always exported character animation from C4D as fbx ( for Unity or other apps ) as a single continuous take, then split them up in the host app ( Unity has a pretty good system for splitting one long animation into takes ) if needed..
  7. I created this example in answer to a similar question somewhere, but i can't find the original thread.. Not sure if it's any use to you. Basically spline shapes, with pose-morph tags on them, quite easy to setup.. Obviously no giant leap to use more detailed spline shapes than i've done :P
  8. Managed to get this done! No-frills render and wires attached.. Good luck all! Link to high res version of the wireframe sheet as upload seems to scale it down - http://www.intothescreen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/FlyHook_Wires.jpg
  9. Cool, yep that sounds pretty clear. Nice to see a few entries and people making a real effort to improve/learn - i can see a few beginners showing me up in quad-only world :)
  10. Having a go at this - although still not convinced that quads for quads sake is a healthy life choice Although it's definitely good practice even for experienced modelers.. Not 100% clear on the rules of engagement however - can the final render show the Subdivided version, and the wireframe show the control cage? It's a little bit unclear whether you're judging on the final subdivided mesh flow or the control cage or both.. There's definitely some grounds for refining the competition criteria. I would interpret it like this: The idea is to show good poly flow, which basically means a nicely built and flowing control cage, that resolves nicely in the subdivided/smoothed version. I would guess the control-cage/base-mesh would be relatively mid-poly in most cases - or at least demonstrate that subdivided mesh flow is well controlled and resolves nicely via the elixir of a quads-only base mesh. Does that sound about right?
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