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  1. Four weeks is a good timescale i'd say as it can be difficult to fit something like this in in a shorter time than that.
  2. Managed to get this done! No-frills render and wires attached.. Good luck all! Link to high res version of the wireframe sheet as upload seems to scale it down - http://www.intothescreen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/FlyHook_Wires.jpg
  3. Cool, yep that sounds pretty clear. Nice to see a few entries and people making a real effort to improve/learn - i can see a few beginners showing me up in quad-only world :)
  4. Having a go at this - although still not convinced that quads for quads sake is a healthy life choice Although it's definitely good practice even for experienced modelers.. Not 100% clear on the rules of engagement however - can the final render show the Subdivided version, and the wireframe show the control cage? It's a little bit unclear whether you're judging on the final subdivided mesh flow or the control cage or both.. There's definitely some grounds for refining the competition criteria. I would interpret it like this: The idea is to show good poly flow, which basically means a nicely built and flowing control cage, that resolves nicely in the subdivided/smoothed version. I would guess the control-cage/base-mesh would be relatively mid-poly in most cases - or at least demonstrate that subdivided mesh flow is well controlled and resolves nicely via the elixir of a quads-only base mesh. Does that sound about right?

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