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  1. Hope it all goes well to you. Too bad I can't be of much used for this topic as I haven't delved with MD yet. Alternatively, you can try Syflex I have no experience of it but heard it has a reputation back in the days with LW You can see some robust examples here
  2. C4D only utilizes all cores when rendering. Apart from that, most, if not all, uses single core processing.
  3. I don't use Marvelous Designer but have you checked this? It contains script that moves C4D point cache data to MD.
  4. For the stitches, I suggest just doing a texture route (normal/bump). For the fold, I guess sculpting will do the job.
  5. I think this is priority issue. The way I concluded is that whenever I undo, the joints are in place but not the mesh. There is a certain order of things that joints are to be rigged and be placed in hierarchy, as far as C4D is concerned. Just try to watch several Lynda/Digital Tutors rigging videos.
  6. @RLaskey Glad it worked out for you! :) @grain Just checked that plug-in. It is really cool. But it indeed setting up the dynamics does take some time. It certainly took time to get this one right.
  7. @LanceClayton You can adjust the spring settings. Or as you mentioned, use a larger invisible object.
  8. What do you mean by hair? Do you mean cloth body? Anyway, for soft body, I just painted vertex maps and added to the mass map of the soft body tag. Cloth tag is more accurate but it is costly to simulate. So for motion graphics type of stuff, soft body will just do the trick.
  9. Try to increase transmission ray depth and sample (two different settings).
  10. Just had a look at it. I think you are better off using a soft body instead of cloth SoccerGoal-06.c4d
  11. That's cumbersome. Should have UV/Textured it before animation. Anyway, how about doing a frontal projection like this one:
  12. The reason is you have the "Enable Axis" turned out. Just press L to toggle that on and off.
  13. Hi Fractal. To be honest, I'm actually lost of what you are trying to do. My understanding is that you need that black part of the eye attached in the white part of eye but want to follow in a jiggly fashion. Please see file for reference. eye_jiggly.c4d
  14. Have you tried increasing the samples in the light object themselves?
  15. I don't know use takes, so there is probably someone better who will respond later. For the mean time, I'll leave this here.