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  1. Giveaway by RenderStorm Render Farm

    Yea, bummer. Not available also in my region. Good luck to the participants!
  2. I thought this was readily available in R19?
  3. Lightning in C4D.

    Offtopic @ABMotion Where do you get all this stuff? Every day I learn something new from your post.
  4. DiagramGenerator

    Cool! Thanks for sharing!
  5. MAXON Blogs US/UK

    The MAXON UK Youtube Channel is active too. And presents weekly tips.
  6. This is gold. Thank you for this!
  7. Constraints should do just fine. Can't really tell what is wrong with your set-up because you are not providing any illustration file.
  8. Is it worth it?

    You cannot go wrong if you either learn from Unity and Unreal.
  9. Reverse Pose Morph

    Do you mean reverse as -100% or reverse as in Left to Right? If it is the latter, there is a flip morph in option in pose tag.
  10. Edititing a joint after IK set

    Just delete the IK tag. Move the knee joint and add back the IK tag.
  11. UV (Texel) Normalizer

    @zeljans Hi zeljans. It is not aptly name but the Optional Mapping>Reallign button from the UV Layout function as the same thing. Also, what option is that in Maya 2018. I'm using Maya right now at a studio and I can't seem to find it. Are you referring to the Unfold command by any chance?
  12. @natevplas Hi nate. Sorry about that. Yes, I was referring to the soft body in my previous post. However, you can also control the movement of the Cloth using an attractor. You can see my poor execution in this example: https://mega.nz/#!1vgEwKIb!Bbu5j55i6Ry1SBsZfEzuMS9ytQDzbJ6aX8pQPXFxMzM
  13. @kkamin Nice animation mate. My only qualm is that the stiff animation of opening/closing of the doors. Although it is mechanical, there should be a bit of overlap when it is opened/closed. Also for some reason there is an odd fade in the first machine (left) at frame F130 ish. Not sure if that was intended.
  14. @natevplas "Go where you want" Supposing you have this hierarchy Parent (Controller) Child (Cloth) Just animate the parent and have the child in Follow position. It basically let's you dictate where you want the child (Cloth) to be.
  15. Help with Foot Roll?

    I'm not sure with your convention. But the basic set-up is in order of hierarchy Foot >Heel >Toe >Ball. The "add nulls" only works if you want to add a "Ball Rock" other than that you'd have to use joints. My preferred foot roll set-up is a one slider setting. Fortunately, it is already incorporate with the character object. You can check the controllers there.