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  1. Xpresso Infinite Looping Problem

    @ABMotion Thanks for the link. RE: Srek, I'm still not sure. I still have to verify the rotation parameters. But the Position setting is what exactly what I want. RE: from above. Here is the file to illustrate the problem with that set-up. The child should rotate within its own axis rather than the parent. So hopefully you can see now why I wanted this equation Existing Object's PSR (A) + Arbitrary Variable Amount (B)= New Object's PSR (C). The equation above does not take bias against the pivot point unlike the normal Parent/Child hierarchy.
  2. Xpresso Infinite Looping Problem

    @ABMotion RE: "Why not move the Cube by 5 in Attributes Manager?" I certainly can, but I am driving that Arbitrary Node with a variable. Not just by 5. That is only for representation for simplicty. What is the action you're wanting to use to move it by 5? I want to move Object B by 5 and have Object A by the same amount. Why not use hierarchy? I cannot. Why not use constraint? I cannot. I need it thru expresso. Now come to think of it, in summary it is like doing Parenting but through Nodes. Is that possible? P.S. Sorry if this confuses. Should have explained it much better but I guess the Parenting but through Nodes should clarify.
  3. Xpresso Infinite Looping Problem

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. Xpresso Infinite Looping Problem

    RE: Trying to achieve. I'm doing a facial rig that have multiple pose morphs and multiple joints within that morphs. With controls that does not reside with its controlled joints. It's somewhat complicated. So the illustration file is really the clearest I can provide. With your solution, when I scrub the timeline, the Cube moves. (That was the problem earlier. When I try to change something, any change, frame or a simple click, the cube moves. It should not). It should only be incremented by an arbitrary amount (in this case 5). Regardless of what frame I am in. So in your question, Do you want A to increment by 5 only one time? Yes, in one time only unless I change the arbitrary amount. Is that possible?
  5. Xpresso Infinite Looping Problem

    @ABMotion For better illustration, here is a video of the problem https://www.dropbox.com/s/g9i29v3vhwv5z34/c4d044_loopingProblem.mp4?dl=0 And the project file https://www.dropbox.com/s/708kq7x9vyoveso/c4d044_loopingProblem.c4d?dl=0
  6. Xpresso Infinite Looping Problem

    Thanks @ABmotion for your response. Yes, I only want to increment of B. But I don't quite understand in using Time node with the Frame Output. If you have time, can you explain a bit further?

    Can you post a scene file?
  8. Disclaimer: I have posted this question to other website but still unable to get an answer. Trying this out here. Thank you I need an operation like this where I take the existing position of an object and add an arbitrary amount. However, as you can see in this illustration, there is an infinite looping problem. As the object is the input and output itself. The basic equation would be like this Existing Object's PSR (A) + Arbitrary Variable Amount (B)= New Object's PSR (C). BUT the existing object PSR should remain constant. For instance, A + B = C 5+2 = 7. When you run the equation again by default it would be this. 7+2=9 and again. 9+2=11 An infinite looping problem. I need A to be constant at 5 (the original Object's PSR) I believe there is store node in the Xpresso editor where it store values. I thought it was memory node but it doesn't seem to work. Let me know if the above is confusing and I'll try to make another illustration. Thank you for your time.

    Increase the drag setting of the simulation.
  10. old coin texture

  11. Looking for a partner

    Sent you an email. Looking forward :)
  12. I meant no offense but wouldn't it be more exciting if the participant is given a creative freedom in these modelling challenge? For instance, just a project brief of Sports/Female/Bottle. Although I understand, this is meant to be an exercise but it would be nice if what would be the output can also be use as a portfolio. Well you can put it into a portfolio but it is discouraging since if you do, other people will most likely have the identical work. Just my cent.
  13. Texturing in Arnold

    Maybe the mesh is not properly modelled? Can you post a wire? BTW, where are you from PH?
  14. Scroll to selected in Object Manager ?

    Maybe you're object is in Hierarchy? For instance, Subdivision>Symmetry>Mesh. When you click the mesh, subdivision will be selected. To mitigate this, you hold Ctrl then Right Click, which brings the object in hierarchy, Then select you mesh then press Scroll to First Active. "IMO crippled display of selected object in Object Manager is one of the greatest pains in ass when using C4D." Try using Maya and you know what crippled display really means.
  15. Only 3 shapes can be used with HyperNurb

    Are you throwing them all at once in Hyper Nurb? Be it noted that it can only take on object at a time. To bypass, use a null object and add all the objects in that null object.