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  1. rigging problem - joint pulls mesh

    as a side note, when you paint weights, it is almost better to do it manually. Automatic weighting just leaves you several weights to clean-up which usually take more time.
  2. Combining cameras

    I know you already know this but apart from sage object, you can use a morph camera within a morph camera. It saved me from doing several complicated shots.
  3. Combining cameras

    I know you already know this but apart from sage object, you can use a morph camera within a morph camera. It saved me from doing several complicated shots.
  4. Disappearing markers

    Sometimes C4D acts up. You can try creating a new project and importing that file and see if that solves the problem.
  5. [Help] Transform tool partly disabled?

    Probably a bug. I guess there's no way around it.
  6. [Help] Transform tool partly disabled?

    Maybe you are in a component mode (point, edge or face) rather than on an object mode?
  7. Make Object Stay On Surface of Another?

    Have you tried using the clamp constraint?
  8. Export an animated Bend to RF

    It's straightforward. File>Export Alembic. If its not working try baking to PLA then File>Export Alembic. Actually, Alembic is already PLA but just to be sure in case it doesn't work.
  9. Export an animated Bend to RF

    How about exporting an alembic format?
  10. Your dynamics is erratic. Stabilize it down. Turn down Wind and Turbulence and you'll see that it follows perfectly. If you really want to have that kind of behavior, increase the substeps like crazy. And expect a render hit.
  11. Undo not Undoing

    Hi, Correct me if I'm wrong but if you mess with the IK and Dynamics, undoing will not really "undo". That is a given. So hope you save several version of your file.
  12. Hi Vozz, Try this kind of traffic: It would be a feat. Anyway, what plug-in are you using for the traffic?
  13. Copy Pasting Mocap Keyframes

    Hi @acslatenor. Re: I'm just hesitant to have to alter those joints and weights after paying someone and them saying Yea, I get what you are saying but there seems to be a problem with the joint orientation of target skeleton (warped mount). They don't see to coincide with the source skeleton (one with mocap). They might be the same hierarchy but if they don't have the same joint orientation then it will not work. Do you have the default/neutral pose of both source and target skeleton? That way you can compare it properly. RE: doing all the work in Maya but he says he tested the animations and they work. Are the retargeted mocap working for him? Do you have a screencap? RE: Maya is less strict about exact skeleton hierarchies?? I worked in Maya and C4D. And more or less they have the same nuisance with hierarchy. For now, just retrieve the default/neutral pose of the mocap skeleton. And I'll take a look at it.
  14. Copy Pasting Mocap Keyframes

    The copy paste in Maya referred previously is probably an ATOM workflow. You can perhaps search an equivalent in C4D in the web.
  15. Copy Pasting Mocap Keyframes

    Yes, the motion clip should do the trick. But you have to fix your weighting and joint placement. You can see a sample here. RE: And how to apply them?.. I obviously don't know much about motionclip There are resources in the web. Rectro's Mixamo workflow also works (as it deals with motion clip). Please don't come back empty handed. RE: I can only "retarget" and have no success at copy pasting which is what I would like to try Retargeting is in a sense copy-pasting. It's just not a simple two way process. (copy then paste). Also, retargeting is a fundamental process in mocap workflow. Learn to deal with it.