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Wanna know the difference between Redshift, Cycles 4D, Octane and ProRenderer then click HERE!  Nerv, one of ours Cafe Contributors made this very useful topic, so feel free to visit and comment. :compEnjoy:

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  1. Local IK,Global IK, and FK Arm

    Interesting set-up. As for me, I just used this built-in feature in the IK tag to flip between IK and FK modes. I'm not sure though how to go about it on Local and Global IK. Is Global IK following the root controll and the Local IK following the Torso?
  2. Forum for Maya (as cool as this one?)

    You can also try asking question in the Maya section of the CGTalk
  3. Diffusion 3 vray

    Maybe the texture is not properly linked?
  4. Separating a Height map

    You can do it in any imaging app say Photoshop. Just for clamping image in PS. Although I suggest you do it in your renderer for real time feedback. For instance, in Arnold, there is this clamp node.
  5. Separating a Height map

    Maybe you can clamp the image black/white point so you only get the high frequency details?
  6. Alpha / Transparency

    DId you try increasing the transaparency depth?
  7. Alpha / Transparency

    Is the image based on viewport or rendered in an image? If it is in viewport, you can trying setting a higher material quality in the "Editor" section of the Material.
  8. Jellyfishes

    Is this it?
  9. Coming to C4d - few questions

    Correct me if I'm wrong but C4D is apathetic with material node system. And I totally feel you. The renderer that I know that has a solid nodal system in C4D is Arnold and Octane (and Maybe Cycles?) I have no experience in the following but you can try https://www.3dquakers.com/forester-for-cinema-4d/ https://www.curiousanimal.tv/shop/populate/ (requires at least broadcast though) Yes, there is no nodal system in Vray4C4D. With the adaption of the Vray V3, Vray4C4D has been a solid renderer. But with updates, there is usually a delay compared to the 3DSMax version. Offtopic: I really want to learn Lightwave, just interested. Hoping they will get back on track. They have been "dead" for quite some time now.
  10. CMotion - Problem with a motion

    @Nowaczewski Why not just use a Character Object? There's a template for Insects. And by clicking Walk, you can have a butterfly animation for free.
  11. Magic Wand Animation Help

    @digitalukaCan you share the scene file? (a PM will do) I'll try to rig it for you. Should not take long, provided you have a decent mesh.
  12. Neck/Head does not Follow Chest

    I was able to the fix problem by having the controllers set to the joint's orientation. Rather than setting the joint set to the controller's orientation. However, this gave me a problem as now I cannot set my controllers at World Space.
  13. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    That's a lot of features. Looking forward to the weighting improvements.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to build a biped rig from scratch. I am at dead-end at this problem where the neck and head joints/controllers does not rotate properly together with the Chest Joint/Control (the parent). You can see an illustration of the problem here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdm6wtw3oqdeza6/c4d029_headNeck_NotFollowChest.mp4?dl=0 If you'd like, you can check on the file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ejk2do64ez0ify/c4d029_headNeck_NotFollowChest.c4d?dl=0
  15. You can use Substance and just plug it right in. Here is a free one. https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/744