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  1. @Rectro Just tried it yesterday. It does not work. @Abyss Correct me if I'm wrong but there is not smooth option for "Apply All" for vertex map. The smooth option comes as a mode for the brush.
  2. Oh. I forgot to mention that I'm referring to weight paint in the context of vertex map rather than for character skinning. But will try the mentioned workflow above if it works.
  3. I don't have the answer but I'm interested for the solution. Back then, I ended up re-weighting the whole mesh, which was a total bummer.
  4. When you activate weight paint tool, there is no way to have a smooth gradient of weights apart from the tedious work of painting it manually (i.e. Add 100% then deduct a value every now then and of course occasionally using the smooth mode). Is there a way to have a smooth gradient much the same way as putting a gradient in Photoshop (i.e. click and drag)?
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but can you send a sample file and I'll try to render in my side if it shows the same darken image? Anyway, for quick fix, why not use a displacement map?
  6. I have to say that the decision of what FPS to render should be made at the beginning of the project, as it factors the timing of your animation. With regard to switching to 25 FPS, the question whether it be noticeable or not depends on your animation. If you have subtle and slow animation, it will be barely noticeable. However, if you have fast animation where it 1 or 2 frames is crucial to read a movement, well, that's your call.
  7. Is there like an exclusivity in selling items within the forum? For instance, I can sell items here in the forum that I have already sold in other sits like turbo squid?
  8. Just want to chime in. Is there a way to know where this "temporary copy" is located in your system?
  9. "Transfer weight based on proximity". Haven't heard of it but if there is I am interested. Anyway, with regard to your problem, how about using a mesh or surface deformer?
  10. In that case, I am at an impasse. Will report to this thread once I can acquire a GPU.
  11. @Andrzw That's more likely a weighting issue. Can you provide the file? Also, try to use the Advanced Biped Template. The Basic Biped Template or whatever it was called is somewhat buggy.
  12. Okay. Just tried it again. When I reach at level 5 it just slows down. Is there like a secret setting for sculpting I'm missing out?
  13. Is this is like an automatic modelling voodoo?
  14. Really? Thanks for the confirmation. I'd have a look what makes my computer chugs. Hmmmm. I actually ended up trying out Zbrush for the above dilemma. And I have to say, I'm loving Zbrush! but still I don't want to leave the C4D program in sculpting relatively simple models.
  15. Hi, just want to know how many levels can your computer take before the C4D slows down? I am under the impression that C4D handles millions of polys well, but whenever I reach more than Level 5, my computer chugs horribly. There is a delay whenever I sculpt on the surface. I'm using a head mesh from the Content Browser. My PC specs is i7 Skylake and 24GB RAM. Onboard GPU. Any thoughts? Just want to confirm if this is normal.