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  1. Cool! Keep it up! Forum is getting better and better with each iteration.
  2. RE: "Do I need to put in a new spawning emitter for each duplication level " I think so. You can also choose "Nearest Particle" question for a more dynamic effect.
  3. I'll second this one!
  4. How about using a pose morph? Then sculpt on that pose.
  5. RE: move my controller straight up to make the character smile ON BOTH SIDES Yes you can. Don't use Driver T ag. Use xPresso. RE: Is there a way to merge two poses (i.e. smile left & smile right)? Don't do it. That's relatively bad workflow. Just use the xPresso
  6. Well, the forum does contain useful information :)
  7. Just to be upfront though, learning a python language and learning C4D Python API is somewhat a different skillset. For instance, if a TD spent 5 years in Maya Python doesn't necessarily mean he can immediately pick up C4D Python in a week. Anyhow, thanks for sharing!
  8. All credits go to the Scott Ayers. Attached is a plug-in. After installing, you'll be able to select a folder and all OBJs in the folder will all be imported. batch_importer.pyp
  9. Hi All! Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm going after a stylized look. Looking at it now, I guess I need to make the legs a bit shorter (but not necessarily stubbier), as pointed above. The character just doesn't look like muscular with the smaller shoulders anymore compared to previous iteration. Wdythink? I'm happy with how the accentuated hard edge accents look in the chest but I'm not sure with the shoulder. Also not sure with the other flow (red lines) of the silhouette. If you have time, can you look over the revised character below?
  10. I have no direct solution but have you tried checking this comprehensive tutorial?
  11. To be honest, for licensing queries, you should contact MAXON directly.
  12. Gotcha. Thanks for the response specially number 1.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to create a character with a muscular built. Thank you for your feedback.
  14. Thanks for the confirmation @Cerbera and @Hrvoje. I'll put this thread to rest at the moment.
  15. Hi, Is there a way to store an axis orientation of an edge, then restore that specific orientation when selecting another edge/points/face? Currently, when you select another component, it changes orientation. Is there a way around this? Thank you for looking at my problem.



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