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  1. Hidden Tags - Tutorial

    Thanks for the list. Help me a lot. I couldn't find the list in the documentation.
  2. look up/down virtual walkthrough?

    What kind of walkthrough are you going for? Interior Visualization?
  3. look up/down virtual walkthrough?

    You can just use the mouse? WASD for moving in space and the mouse for looking around in space.
  4. Weighted character problem

    Just fix this points in the weights manager https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwcfthi5mlf8hto/2017-11-09_9-28-38.jpg?dl=0 In the end, the result should be something like this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ic7xim9p1hfctzm/2017-11-09_9-28-38.rar?dl=0 P.S. Can you rar your file next time before sending?
  5. " but my main problem has been trying to link the controllers with the objects on the bike (or nulls tied to those objects). " Add constraint (such as PSR or Parent) to your controllers link to your object (seat, pedal, etc). Can you share a scene file?
  6. The End of C.O.F.F.E.E.

    Totally offtangent, but when they say "With upcoming internal changes," does this mean that R20 is a holy grail release? I.e. hyperthreading of dynamics among others?
  7. Daz3D To Cinema4d

    @Visionnext RE: importing morphs. Will this help? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtkhSbR7Mn4
  8. Toggle Between Soft and Hard Selection

    Just want to revisit the thread. The script to toggle Hard and Soft Selection is below. I'm still figuring out though how to increase radius and strength like sculpt brushes. Middle Mouse Drag kine of thing. import c4d from c4d import documents, plugins #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): def tool(): return plugins.FindPlugin(doc.GetAction(), c4d.PLUGINTYPE_TOOL) def object(): return doc.GetActiveObject() def tag(): return doc.GetActiveTag() def renderdata(): return doc.GetActiveRenderData() def prefs(id): return plugins.FindPlugin(id, c4d.PLUGINTYPE_PREFS) if tool()[c4d.MDATA_SOFT_ENABLE]==True: tool()[c4d.MDATA_SOFT_ENABLE]=False else: tool()[c4d.MDATA_SOFT_ENABLE]=True if __name__=='__main__': main() c4d.EventAdd()
  9. Congratulations everyone! :) Excited for the next one.
  10. ShowMe

    Thanks again for sharing! :)
  11. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Hi. For reference, this site is dubbed as "Greyscalegorilla" for Houdini. http://www.entagma.com/category/tutorials/
  12. Sorry for the confusion. Here's what I meant illustrated in Maya https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqn07w4d666ujcj/c4d048_mayaShowJoint.mp4?dl=0 I select object then click Show Axis. Then I click away and still the Axis is still present. In other words, restricting only the show axis to the chosen objects regardless if they are selected or not.
  13. How to read this line of code?

    Thanks for the clarification @ABMotion. This clear things up! Thank you.
  14. It now works as expected! :) Thanks for that. Just wondering is there a way to only apply the show me axis to the selected objects. The reason is when I am solving an axis issue with joints I am only focusing a chain of joints rather than all of them. P.S. That point order feature for points is also actually cool! :)
  15. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Got to admit that Houdini presentation was amazing. I thought people only use Houdini for VDB stuff and particles. I guess I was wrong. Houdini is more than that.