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  1. Thanks! Just had a look at the site. Yea, I guess the more reliable route is to set-up another render for light 1) The beauty render 2) The affected object mask render 3) Another render with only the affected light enabled 4) In the compositing page, deduct #3 with the #1 with #2 mask. 5) Downside is you can't see it in real time which is a bummer. The problem with the light path node, correct me if I'm wrong, it accept any path rather than have a specific object or object list. For instance, the "Is Diffuse Ray" would actually do the job if it has a next condition such as "Is Diffuse Ray from a Specific camera" or some sort. I'm just thinking off the top of my head hahaha RE: Do you have any interest in downloading these? I would but I won't be able to check them immediately since I'm in a middle of the project So it will be for safekeeping or future study. BTW, here are also other Blender Resources: https://blendersushi.blogspot.com/ It's a bit unorganized but it has a lot of useful infos. The Blender Node groups in the Facebook group are informative. They create shader networks that resembles what Unreal or Substance Designer can accomplish.
  2. @teknow BTW, have you tried rendering in Cycles? Is there a way not to light an object from a specific lamp? Or does this go against the unbiased nature of Cycles?
  3. That's really exciting! Makes me droll.
  4. Apologies for bumping the thread. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Fix the support system already. I have to retype again and again my myMaxon ID, OS, CPU, GPU. All these redundant credentials. If it's not possible to merge the support and myMaxon site in the near future, at least have some profile saving function so we don't have to retype these trivial data.
  5. @teknow Thanks for the info! Adding it to the watch list.
  6. RE: Unfortunately the loop feature is not available for layers. Yea, unfortunately this is the case. Anyhow, the usual workflow for adding breath controls is to create an oscillating user data control whero 0 is off and 1 is on. That way with 1 it loops indefinitely. There is no need to modify each controls unless the animation requires a distinct breath such as catching his breath after a fast run.
  7. Yea, the motion system tag is what you are after but you don't need to convert it to a motion clip or meddle with its NLA feature. You can just add the tag, add layer. animate. add layer. animate. etc. Also, animation layer is somewhat a polishing tool. The animation/motion layer and not the motion clip/NLA part. Basically, create your base animation in the first layer for about 80-90% completion. And use animation layer to adjust tweaks that is harder to implement on the base animation because of the existing complexity.
  8. Just some additional thoughts. If you want to do it on a per vertex velocity (currently you have it at per object velocity), you can use xpVertexMap Maker, where it generates a weight map with specified vertex velocity. You can then use map to isolate the emission.
  9. 1) All of the problems you mentioned is solved by Motion Builder's Human IK and also ported over to Maya's toolset. So, if you can include "Human IK" in your search, that would result to some math-specific problems. Just for starters, just search "Human IK retargeting" and you'll see what I mean 2) Here is also another retargeting theories by a working professional: 3) If you also want more retargeting theories, you can check presentations in the Game Industry. As you might know, semi realistic games have a lot of mocap and so have a lot of retargeting tasks. You can check this one although it is not solely related to retargeting: 4) Search "retargeting" in tech-artist.org and you'll probably get more useful results than in google.
  10. @teknow Interesting! Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to fiddle with it once I get time.
  11. Thanks for suggestion. If my other options doesn't work, I might bit the bullet for the 3D Coat, Anyhow, Topogun seems to be releasing Version 3:
  12. Hi @Rectro Thanks for the confirmation. So I guess there is currently no decent option in C4D, even on plug-in. RE: nobody has come up with a new retopo plugin or software as Topogun Once Maya acquired the Modelling Toolkit (a separate plugin), there was no need to use Topogun. Afterwards, 3DS Max also overhauled its modelling snapping algorithm (i.e. more like shrink wrap but again real time). And Blender got helpful plug-ins to help on topology (although, paid). I've used Topogun before and I agree it was a zen to work with. I particularly like the black and blue edge and polygon shading.
  13. @teknow Thanks! Will look it up. I initially thought animation nodes are for mograph stuff only so I didn't try to bother. What I was aiming to do is to create driver and driven relationship using python as the usual driver/driven editor is a bit cumbersome for multiple objects. It's hard to maintain.
  14. Hi Cerbera, I tried the HB Modelling at one point, as I remember, it's also not interactive. It still uses C4D's shrink wrap deformer and just automates the switching on and off. It's hard to position some points since when you turn the deformer back on, it may nudge to other position. Yea, I don't mind buying other plug-in if a solution exist. Currently, I have to go to Maya or Blender for this process.
  15. Hi, Do you know any faster shrink wrap alternative? I'm using it for retopology. Currently, the shrink wrap deformer cannot accommodate realtime processing. Regards, Ben

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