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  1. Yep shift click doesn't work either. Anyhow, I guess there is no way around this. Thanks for the response.
  2. Ah I see what you mean now here: https://help.MAXON.net/r21/us/index.html#TINTERACTION It works but the limitation is I can't drag select. So I can't select multiple controllers/object at once. Only one control at a given time. Correct me if I' m wrong.
  3. @everfresh Thanks for the response. I just created a third visual selector with different ways to create the hotspot (by dragging, creating manually etc). Totally wasted my time. It still creates unusual selections on visual selector tag. RE: your own visual selector with the interaction tag, which will work flawlessly. I'm not sure I understand. How do you go about this? I search YT on this and all I can is an interaction tag that has provides controls/selection on top of a mesh. I am aiming for a separate window like the visual selector
  4. Hi, For some reason, I'm getting unusual selections for visual selector tag. As you can see in the view below, I select hotspots on the lower left but the upper left hotspots are also being selected. When I double check the links, they are set-up properly. Am I missing something or is this a bug? https://www.dropbox.com/s/i02cz07dzw2f56s/c4d309_visual_selector_unusual_selections.mp4?dl=0 Ben
  5. I'm also a Maya Rigger. And I can say it with certainty, its not possible. At least not as stable in Maya. C4D doesn't allow smooth stacking of skin deformer, unlike Maya and perhaps Blender. https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/112274-is-skin-deformer-still-stuck-at-generator-1-priority/?tab=comments#comment-722723 Its a dead-end unless they rewrite the deformers or someone comes with a custom skin deformer.
  6. Ah yep. Unfortunately, in conclusion, it is still stuck at Generator -1. Same goes with other deformers. It's sad really. This is why Maya/Blender is still way over league beyond Cinema4D, in terms of rigging. You can check more details on the discussion here: https://plugincafe.MAXON.net/topic/12942/priority-delay-on-stacking-skin-deformers
  7. By knotted, I meant the zip tie is already in curled position. By unknotted, I meant its in a default/neutral state position. RE: I cant seem to get the end of the zip tie to navigate its way around an object. Yes, because you have a lot of control points. As mentioned, 4-6 should do.
  8. Is the zip tie knotted or unknotted? Because i think you need a separate rig for both. You can do it with one, but I think it will be hard to maintain the form. In addition, you have to many control points on your spline objects. 4-6 should do.
  9. Hi, As far as I know, the skin deformer is fixed at "Generator -1" Priority. I couldn't find any description on the documentation regarding that but that's what my experience and what others wrote in the forum. I just tried it again, on a passing, on a rig I'm currently working. Tag A (Generator -3) Tag B (Generator -2) Skin Deformer (Generator -1) This works. No lag/computation delay. I changed them as follows. Tag A (Generator 0) Tag B (Generator 1) Skin Deformer (Generator 2) As you can see the order of operation is still the same as before, but
  10. By any chance, is this what you are after? Although, I made in C4D and Xparticles hou
  11. If there is a demand, there is a supply haha
  12. Here is a sample file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ope1hes757vz1j/c4d305_time_offset_mograph_fields.c4d?dl=0 The cloned spheres should be moving as the original sphere is animated/keyed.
  13. @deck Thanks for the response. But I can't seem to recreate it I'm using the fields instead of the fall-off.
  14. Hi, I'm watching this tutorial about Offset and Randomize Keyframed Animation on MoGraph Clones in C4D. The problem is its a pre-fields era. I can't recreate it. Is there a change setting for the fields to take effect?
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