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  1. I used to get crashes on the beta release, but not so much on the stable release. The thing is the plug-in (not limited to xParticles) will always crash when there's too much memory. And as you sim crazy scenes, there will be too much memory to handle. That's just a limitation. Same goes for realflow. Although maybe not so much for TFD because it uses GPU? Not quite sure about that. Anyhow, I have the same sentiment with their forum. There's little to no intersection. It's as if an afterthought. The discord is active but it cannot be referenced. What happens if you want to go back to a previous issue? Scroll through the messages? God, that's awful. The technical support works as expected but I still prefer the forum so it can be reference not only for my sake but for others as well.
  2. Thanks. Good to hear the XP maintenance is included
  3. RE: Joints and controllers are done so I wanted to use a pose morph tag to make different face expression poses. You can do that with posemorph tag but its a bit clunky as the poses stacks up. Try using the Nitropose Plugin
  4. Hi, Just had a problem of this today. You can retrieve the any particle data using the "GetParticleData" Expresso Node. You just need an Emitter input with the corresponding ID and output your intended data (i.e. particle position)
  5. RE: I want to set up passes where a specified objects primary rays are ommited from a render, but it still provides secondary rays to what is being rendered. Not sure if I understand. My assumption is that the "primary rays" mean camera rays and "secondary rays" are GI, AO, Reflection etc. In that case, just add a "Compositing Tag" and untick "Seen by Camera". If you are using a third party rendering plug-in, that will require other steps.
  6. I think the demonetization is temporary. Hopefully, it gets better in the coming months.
  7. Have you tried the Preferences>Interface>Insert/Paste New Object At parameters?
  8. bentraje


    @jed RE: "In programming you often need to loop output back to input. This is not allowed in XPresso, but can be done with user data." This was main problem in the previous project. I can't really do a: objA = Variable + objA because it has a weird behavior on a python tag or xpresso node. (i.e. cyclic performance since the python tag/xpresso node gets evaluated every draw) That monoflop node is really an eye opener to me.
  9. bentraje


    @jed Thanks for the file. Works as expected. The "writing to user data and reading it back" was certainly new to me. Thanks for pointing it out with the use of monoflop. Have a great day ahead!
  10. @Rectro Thanks for the suggestion. So, the performance on the 6M poly count on Cube (Sculpting SubD) vs Cube (Generator Subd) with the backface culling is negligible. Actually, the Cube (Generator Subd) is much worse since everytime I hit undo, it caches, which I am not sure why.
  11. Hi, On a Cube with 6 Million poly count, I am running on roughly 20 FPS. I was thinking by enabling backface culling would help be increase the performance. But it has little to no effect. Am I a missing a something?
  12. In R20+, if you go to the sculpt layout, there is a "Volume Mesh" command. This creates a new geometry from the existing object but redistributes the polygons equally. Well, at least more or less. It's not on quads though, but should be good enough for prototyping.
  13. bentraje


    Hi @jed Just played it. That was fun, specially when the object lights up when the ball hits. Just wondering, is there a way to have a counter on it? I was thinking of adding a scoreboard. So for every light up is a one point.
  14. RE: if it is possible to anchor/tether the last joint of the tentacle so I can move the first one around freely, I can't check the video. But based on the description above, yes you can. You just need to have an IK without the dynamics. If you wish to have both (with and without dynamics), you'll need to have three joint chain. One is the base. Two is with dynamics. Three is without. Then have the One parent constrained with the two and three. If you haven't done a set-up like that, try searching for IK and Switch.
  15. @Cairyn Thanks! Works as expected Yea, since the new theme, the code snippets are hard to read.
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