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  1. " flipping to boxes at the slightest move of a camera." Maybe because you have too much objects in the screen? It happens in Maya and Blender too. Although it doesn't really flip to boxes, but it heavily slows down the viewport.
  2. Look good. Do Ornatrix have an easier way to create flyaway hairs?
  3. Uhm. Isn't that just a simple motion layer? Basically, create a motion system tag to an object. Add Layer. Modify the object then key it. That will give an offset throughout the whole animation.
  4. You'll be using an IK system. See attached file for reference. It's crude but you'll get the idea. You'll probably need a different rig for the oar rowing and the oar not rowing. Arm_Rowing_Test_bt.c4d
  5. Unlikely. Anyhow, if you are UV unpacking almost every day like in-game assets. RizomUV has good features to accommodate that. Even better than Maya and 3DS Max built-in UV tools. So it will be worthwhile. Otherwise, try Seamilar, if you want to stay within C4D. Haven't used it but heard good things. For myself, I just use Blender and just round trip to C4D.
  6. RE: So, how can I make the textures stick to the instances ? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is not possible. The reason why instances are lightweight is because it only takes in matrix values (PSR). All others are inherited from the reference object, including the materials.
  7. Mike Udin is about to release a training (https://mikeudin.net/product/cinema-4d-python-base/) It's in Russian. So I'll probably wait for the English version. But just a heads-up in case someone's interested. Regards, Ben
  8. Yea, the xpCache is somewhat lacking in some features. It sometimes buggy. Maybe you can send the Insydium Support a request for such feature.
  9. Although if you just need a forum, you can PM the forum mod and might give you access. Dr. Sassi is approachable.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but yes you need a premium subscription to participate in the forum. Normally, I don't really pay for a subscription but since it's bundled with the MSA I have, I just availed it. I don't even watch the premium videos actually. lol
  11. RE: 1. In X-Particles (XP), can I slow down a cached version of a particle simulation? Not sure on this one but how about the Scale parameter of the the Cache tag.?
  12. bentraje

    Real Magazine

    Nice find. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. @jed Interesting Python set-up. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Cool! Keep it up! Forum is getting better and better with each iteration.
  15. RE: "Do I need to put in a new spawning emitter for each duplication level " I think so. You can also choose "Nearest Particle" question for a more dynamic effect.



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