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  1. @Cerbera @Rectro You are right. It seems to work when rendered. So, in a way, the parameter accepts it. I'll just report it. Anyhow, is there a way to convert vertex map to textures?
  2. Hi, The frizz parameter is being limited through a vertex area under the texture slot. But as you can see in the illustration below, the frizz is still applied on the whole mesh. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmw8e6vk9131n0l/c4d267_hair_frizz_texture_not_working.jpg?dl=0 You can check the sample file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrdzhp5z51snvcf/c4d267_hair_frizz_texture_not_working.c4d?dl=0 Is there a way around this? Regards, Ben
  3. @Rectro Thanks for the clarification. I did a quick test for both hair mat and interpolation clump enabled. And it indeed gave me a more appealing clumping. Basically, have the hair interpolation clump as the low frequency detail then hair mat clump as medium and high frequency detail. P.S. Also, is it possible to be tagged in a post/response? For some reason, I don't receive any notification from the forum unless I am tagged (@),
  4. Material Settings have more control on clumps. May I ask what's the use case of using the clumps on the hair object (Hairs>Interpolation>Clump)? Regards, Ben
  5. Hi, Is there a way I can have "flood" spline smooth? So that all of the splines are "smoothed" equally. Currently, the spline smooth is only available in "brush" mode. This results to uneven smoothness to all the splines. Regards, Ben
  6. Hi, Is there a way I can retrieve the memory footprint/usage of a selected object, say a Cloner? I can check the overall memory usage by pressing Ctrl+I. But I expect heavy troubleshooting in an upcoming project. As such, I need to retrieve the data per selected object Regards, Ben
  7. Hi, Per documentation, Unity can import native C4D Files. Problem is it gives me this error: Cinema 4D converter plugin installation failed. Please run Unity as an Administrator to have the plugin installed. I already run it as Administrator. Still, I get the error message. I keep looking where to download the "converter" plugin so I can just install it manually. But I couldn't find any. Any thoughts on the matter?
  8. RE: just found out that it won't let you use your own hdri's Yea, that's just bummer. I don't get what's the point of this thinking. Anyhow, you can use your own HDRI, you just need to trick the plug-in in doing so. (Obviously, I can't reveal it here. Probably against the rules? ) Although that was in the early version of HDRI link. I'm not sure with the current one. That said, Cycles4D has a built-in HDRI link system. So If you are looking for a 3rd party render engine, its worth looking into.
  9. I like Blender. I also used it casually even before 2.8+ What I don't like it is its rigging implementation. It's too rigid. Hope they get rid of that "Edit Bones" and "Pose Bones" modes. They also don't have a real-time python compiler or something. (C4D equivalent is Python Tag or Python Node). It will be implemented using animation nodes but its not yet for production use. So far, I can take risk on Modelling, Shading and Rendering in Blender but I can't for Rigging.
  10. @C4DS Thanks! Works as expected!
  11. Hi, Is there a way I can set UV for a non-square texture map? For instance, the texture is 512 x 2048. I want to set it 512 x 512 and just slide the UV tile vertically? I understand that a straight forward way would just be to separate the texture to 4 textures, but there are quite a lot of them. So I was thinking of just "sliding UV" tile. You can see a sample of the texture map below. Regards, Ben
  12. Ditto. As vindictive as it sounds, I hope a poster cannot create another thread if he has more than 3 "unresolved" threads. Though, I don't really ask for "Thank you" per se. I just want how the problem is resolved since I might encounter it in the future. It also irritates me when poster doesn't post a screenshot, screencap and file when it clearly requires one based on their question.
  13. 1) How can it leave the hand to hit the sculpture? The old but effective method is have two version of the stone. One where it is parented to the hand. One where it is not. Then just switch visibility when the stone leaves the one. Animation is all illusion 2) How can i make this as realistic as possible in terms of gravity, force, pull and having it hit the sculpture? No offense but the question is like asking how to write an essay. Learn principles of animation. Then asked specific frame by frame scenarios if you are still having problems.
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