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  1. Thanks. Good to hear the XP maintenance is included
  2. RE: Joints and controllers are done so I wanted to use a pose morph tag to make different face expression poses. You can do that with posemorph tag but its a bit clunky as the poses stacks up. Try using the Nitropose Plugin
  3. Hi, Just had a problem of this today. You can retrieve the any particle data using the "GetParticleData" Expresso Node. You just need an Emitter input with the corresponding ID and output your intended data (i.e. particle position)
  4. RE: I want to set up passes where a specified objects primary rays are ommited from a render, but it still provides secondary rays to what is being rendered. Not sure if I understand. My assumption is that the "primary rays" mean camera rays and "secondary rays" are GI, AO, Reflection etc. In that case, just add a "Compositing Tag" and untick "Seen by Camera". If you are using a third party rendering plug-in, that will require other steps.
  5. I think the demonetization is temporary. Hopefully, it gets better in the coming months.
  6. Have you tried the Preferences>Interface>Insert/Paste New Object At parameters?
  7. bentraje


    @jed RE: "In programming you often need to loop output back to input. This is not allowed in XPresso, but can be done with user data." This was main problem in the previous project. I can't really do a: objA = Variable + objA because it has a weird behavior on a python tag or xpresso node. (i.e. cyclic performance since the python tag/xpresso node gets evaluated every draw) That monoflop node is really an eye opener to me.
  8. bentraje


    @jed Thanks for the file. Works as expected. The "writing to user data and reading it back" was certainly new to me. Thanks for pointing it out with the use of monoflop. Have a great day ahead!
  9. @Rectro Thanks for the suggestion. So, the performance on the 6M poly count on Cube (Sculpting SubD) vs Cube (Generator Subd) with the backface culling is negligible. Actually, the Cube (Generator Subd) is much worse since everytime I hit undo, it caches, which I am not sure why.
  10. Hi, On a Cube with 6 Million poly count, I am running on roughly 20 FPS. I was thinking by enabling backface culling would help be increase the performance. But it has little to no effect. Am I a missing a something?
  11. In R20+, if you go to the sculpt layout, there is a "Volume Mesh" command. This creates a new geometry from the existing object but redistributes the polygons equally. Well, at least more or less. It's not on quads though, but should be good enough for prototyping.
  12. bentraje


    Hi @jed Just played it. That was fun, specially when the object lights up when the ball hits. Just wondering, is there a way to have a counter on it? I was thinking of adding a scoreboard. So for every light up is a one point.
  13. RE: if it is possible to anchor/tether the last joint of the tentacle so I can move the first one around freely, I can't check the video. But based on the description above, yes you can. You just need to have an IK without the dynamics. If you wish to have both (with and without dynamics), you'll need to have three joint chain. One is the base. Two is with dynamics. Three is without. Then have the One parent constrained with the two and three. If you haven't done a set-up like that, try searching for IK and Switch.
  14. @Cairyn Thanks! Works as expected Yea, since the new theme, the code snippets are hard to read.
  15. @everfresh Just finished watching it. Incredible helpful. I really like the plasma cheat to simulate underwater lighting and using boole for the cross section. Hahaha
  16. @jed No worries. Will probably ask the plugincafe on this one. Anyhow, if you want some API stuff for modifying animation/keyframe. You can check this one: https://github.com/kattkieru/tradigitools/blob/master/README.md It jumps frames per API but it only works for frames but not necessarily by playhead.
  17. bentraje


    I didn't know that. Haha. Thanks for the heads up! @jed actually made a mini game also. Remember that character where you can control its movement in real time?
  18. Yes, yes @MikeA. That's what I was looking for I'm really looking forward to have the node editor API exposed so I can add it to a pipeline. RE: I'm just hoping it will be a point update for all R21 users - both perpetual and subscription If this is the case, I'm happy camper!
  19. Interesting. Really looking forward to the Redshift's integration of MAXON's new material system. Just a bummer it was not available on R21. Anyhow, it is what it is.
  20. @jed Just piggy backing on the question, do you know a long-cut method of moving the playhead for the next frame in Python (i.e. utilizing the API) ? Currently, what you have is using the CallCommand which is good but I try to avoid.
  21. @Jops RE: but I don't find it smart, to charge the institutions, that teach your software I agree. But it seems like MAXON still got a clout in the DCC market. So, I guess they have their focus elsewhere. RE: And one of it's main purposes is to exchange opinions. Indeed, I am exchanging my opinion, and it was firm: Sure, you can request MAXON to lower the price but please understand their decision if they don't (due to their business model) . The OP made his statement. I am made mine. RE: I don't think that phrases like "If push comes to shove, you can always go ahead and use Autodesk or Blender " are very helpful To some degree, it doesn't. But its probably the most truthful. That's the same argument I made for users that complain the Cinema4D doesn't have much FX tool, use Houdini. or Cinema4D doesn't have proper UV tools, use Blender or RizomUV. Before I mislead you, those complaints have weight, and also my complaints. I am all for creating Cinema4D a one-stop solution and I have submitted several suggestions. But the current state of the matter, Cinema4D cannot be because Cinema4D has a different focus (i..e Mograph, for instance). So that's why if other tools can fit your need, then use it. P.S. I am all for criticism for the better but berating is totally unnecessary. @RBarrett has already made his statement and the immediate reply whines "Guys, you should read the post before answering."? That's a bit disrespectful.
  22. @hikarubr RE: you totally ignored the context of my post I made the post in the context that either the student, teacher or university (all non-profit) buys the license. Either case, I'd still consider it reasonable in this case. Again comparing with the Autodesk and Blender, they have a different business model. If push comes to shove, you can always go ahead and use Autodesk or Blender. Again, respect MAXON's business model. P.S. I meant no offense but try to avoid the whining tone. It doesn't make the case any stronger that what it is.
  23. RE: What I'd like to accomplish is for that vertex (and all the vertices proportionately) be at y=25 That's relatively simple. 1) Select the points 2) Go to the Set Point Value command 3) Set Coordinate System as desired (object or world) 4) Change the Y from Leave to Set 5) Enter the value (i.e. 25 cm) 6) Hit Apply
  24. How many months is the $75? If its 1 year or even 6 months. That's pretty reasonable to me. While Autodesk is free (and I myself have used a free student version), they have different business model. The entry Maya of free but later on recoups it with high subscription price. And since you already know the software, you might as well pay the subscription to save you some time. I forgot the proper name here's an old explanation from joelonsoftware.com: For the Blender, it would be to get many users as possible. Then recoup the cost from the ecosystem of tutorials/plugins. For instance, BlenderMarket gives a percentage to the BlenderFoundation whenever it makes a purchase. Same business model goes to Wordpress, sort of. I don't discount the good intention of the Blender to provide a free software, but somebody has to pay the bills. ============================================================ I agree to the argument "Do this feature because Software X is doing this" mostly because it makes the software better but there are some boundaries you have to respect and this includes the business model. Sure, you can request MAXON to lower the price but please understand their decision if they don't (due to their business model P.S. I use Cinema4D mostly for personal work, Maya and Blender for mostly outsourced work. Just want to disclaim that I'm not really a total MAXON fanboy and I did find the perpetual to subscription a bit disappointing considering that I bought my personal copy of Cinema4D just recently (i.e. this year R20 version).
  25. As far as I understand, FBX is already on a compressed format. Try to compressed the .C4D file into a .rar file and it should get you closer to the .FBX file.
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