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  1. Oh I thought this was deleted. I didn't saw this in the lounge, turn out it was moved. Yes, hopefully, the forum front page loading gets better in time.
  2. As a consumer, I really like Insydium's model. You pay perpetual, but have an option for maintance (i.e. get the latest update). For me, this is best of both worlds. Offer a perpetual price. And if someone wants to update the plug-in to the latest version, then they pay extra to have the latest version.
  3. My workflow is the same with @digitvisions. Have two objects then hide and unhide as needed. If you want technical, there was a new feature in the parent constraint in the previous release. You can see it in action here:
  4. The front page of the forum takes a ludicrous amount of time to load. I mean it loads but the progress bar is still spinning indefinitely. On the other hand, I have no problem opening several tabs of forum posts. By any chance, is the front page, downloading the "latest art uploads" in its full size? (i.e. not as a thumbnail)
  5. Interesting. I'm a proud user of Cycles4D. It's really nice. Let's just hope that it will be integrated with the R21's material system.
  6. Definitely. I'm not really a sucker for features that much though since I already got what I need. For UV, I just use Blender as a "plug-in" even before 2.8 came out. I really don't get the qualms. I mean a Blender user can use Blender. A C4D user can use both C4D and Blender. So, its basically a win-win. P.S. Not related but I can no longer "heart" a post. Is this a permanent forum feature?
  7. Oh, I still have MSA extending to R21 :) I guess one of features I like is "one global shop for MAXON". This means I don't have to go through re sellers. I almost did not buy C4D because on top of the SRP I have to pay the Paypal fee for the transaction since the reseller does not have an online shop nor resides in my country. That paypal fee really hurt.
  8. ^Hopefully that's on the works. I intend to still remain a perpetual user (i.e. not converting to subscription) for probably next 3 years. I need to amortize over the fixed amount I spent with the perpetual.
  9. Same here! Excited for it. By any chance, are they also offering subscription to perpetual users? Its currently bundled. Can it be separated like $20 a month or so?
  10. How about using constraints?
  11. ^Ditto on bezo. If it worked previously then suddenly stopped, probably a broken prefs folder.
  12. Thanks! Probably, going to release also an acting character too (facial and body rig). Still have to wait though. Need to practice my body mechanics animation for the meant time :)
  13. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day ahead!
  14. Personally, no. I'm from Asia, so the mileage may vary. My reseller doesn't also have their own payment system on their website. They just send me a paypal link from their own account.
  15. Hi, I haven't tried this myself but off the top of my head you can use the watchdog module in Python then render it using the commandline version of C4D.
  16. https://youtu.be/Up_Vj2pWmVI Hi, Just finished creating 5 body mechanic rigs. You can check them out at gum.co/bodyrigs. It was initially a personal project for just one rig to practice animation but I got carried away and made an auto rigging system. Anyhow, let me know what you think! Thanks
  17. Look good. Do Ornatrix have an easier way to create flyaway hairs?
  18. Uhm. Isn't that just a simple motion layer? Basically, create a motion system tag to an object. Add Layer. Modify the object then key it. That will give an offset throughout the whole animation.
  19. You'll be using an IK system. See attached file for reference. It's crude but you'll get the idea. You'll probably need a different rig for the oar rowing and the oar not rowing. Arm_Rowing_Test_bt.c4d
  20. Unlikely. Anyhow, if you are UV unpacking almost every day like in-game assets. RizomUV has good features to accommodate that. Even better than Maya and 3DS Max built-in UV tools. So it will be worthwhile. Otherwise, try Seamilar, if you want to stay within C4D. Haven't used it but heard good things. For myself, I just use Blender and just round trip to C4D.
  21. RE: So, how can I make the textures stick to the instances ? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is not possible. The reason why instances are lightweight is because it only takes in matrix values (PSR). All others are inherited from the reference object, including the materials.
  22. Mike Udin is about to release a training (https://mikeudin.net/product/cinema-4d-python-base/) It's in Russian. So I'll probably wait for the English version. But just a heads-up in case someone's interested. Regards, Ben
  23. Yea, the xpCache is somewhat lacking in some features. It sometimes buggy. Maybe you can send the Insydium Support a request for such feature.
  24. Although if you just need a forum, you can PM the forum mod and might give you access. Dr. Sassi is approachable.

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