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  1. Hi! Found a workaround. I previously thought this was undoable but I guess it can work for now. I downloaded the simple rig models from Maya export it as OBJ. Imported in C4D and rig them from there. It's not perfect but I guess it will do for now. I just need to really get a hang of skinning characters every now and then.
  2. Hi @westbam. Thanks for the reply but I have no interest in motion capture. I'm just looking for generic rigged c4d characters with decent controls and deformation. It's just there so many character rigs in Maya and there is little to no in C4D (Although it is not surprising as Maya is the industry standard.) Still hoping for C4D rigs to play around with.
  3. Do you know any simple character like the Ultimate Bony Rig in Maya? There's the C4D Ultimate Beef but it's too bulky. There's the Max and Sofi rig but made in the previous version of character object that when you open it creates some weird weighting issues. There's also the rig from contest browser but they are too stylized. I just really need something generic and skiny. No facial rig or whatsoever.

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