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  1. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2015_rewind_bret_bays_creating_a_character_rigging_pipeline https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2015_rewind_bret_bays_weighting_workflows_for_cinema_4d_character Among others.
  2. ^I thought that it was under development? But it integrates in C4D much tighter that would be great. I mean non-commercial license is free. Have you used RIS?
  3. Hope it all goes well to you. Too bad I can't be of much used for this topic as I haven't delved with MD yet. Alternatively, you can try Syflex http://www.syflex.biz/c4d.html I have no experience of it but heard it has a reputation back in the days with LW You can see some robust examples here http://www.syflex.biz/gallery_sylene1.html
  4. I don't use Marvelous Designer but have you checked this? It contains script that moves C4D point cache data to MD.
  5. Same question. Does the plug-in allow tearing?
  6. Woah. Thanks for sharing, recently had this kind up freelance tasks but I gave up because I was having trouble weighting and rigging the small feet. Looking at your linking, I guess I was better off having the feet in bendy joints.
  7. I'm very much interested in the "advance rigging" section. That would really be a total killer since almost all advanced rigging tutorials are for Maya/Blender. I mean have you ever encountered advanced facial rigging for Cinema4D? Most of the Maya rigging also implements scripting, as such it is quite hard to translate to C4D. Looking forward!
  8. Of course he is! He answers almost all of my question threads regarding character animation in CGSociety. Really a life saver.
  9. Thank you for the breakdown mate. I always have a bad luck in metaballs. This should do the tricks
  10. @bezo Hi. Sorry late reply. I'm not in my home today so I can't try it out but I did it previously and correct me if I'm wrong, such shortcuts does not work in soft selection mode.
  11. @Cerbera Though it would have been really nice to have an adjustable parameters like the sculpt brushes :( But thanks for the info. I'll have a go at it. I guess the only way to toggle the soft and hard selection is through scripting.
  12. Hi. Is there a way to toggle between soft and hard selection WITHOUT going to the attribute manager? (Or is this a scripting thing?) Also, is there a way to adjust the strength and radius of the soft selection WITHOUT going to the attribute manager much like how you would adjust sculpt brushes (say hold alt then drag up/down or left/right)? Thank you in advance.
  13. Your works are stunning. Just had to say that.
  14. I can't believe I missed this one. Just send a request ticket. I'm soooo excited to learn more about Character Animation. Thank you! (:
  15. Hi @Cerbera and @maliohammad! It is possible! @nightlight is correct. You can edit the weighting even if you are selecting by points, edge or loop. Thank you nightlight! Frankly this was a revelation to me. This will ease my trial and error in rigging.
  16. HI @maliohammad Thanks for the video but I still couldn't get it to work. Maybe it is something in my model that I had to modify. I'll let you know once I remodelled it to a fewer meshes. For the mean time, do you happen to know why it turns back to T pose when I go from "Object" to "Point" mode? Please see attached file Reference. This was actually my query on my unanswered post weeks ago. But seeing it in the video you referred above at about 37:30 it is actually possible to animate and weight at the same time in the Point mode. Hope you can help me out in this. Thanks!
  17. What a sad news. Whenever I search some character rigging problem post in the cafe, I always found his answers helpful. Hope he rest in peace.
  18. Hi. I'm having a problem in mirroring the weight in joints of a Hand of the Character Object. Whenever I select it, the copy button in the Weight Manager is greyed out. Image I tried selecting the joints in the weight manager and copying and pasting (replacing) it to other hand. GIF Image But still it wouldn't work. The weights are distributed randomly. Any thoughts? Please see C4D File for reference.
  19. Hi 3DKiwi. Yes, they were amazing. The controls were easy to deal with and the deformations are pleasing. However, they are too personalized/stylized (too big, too small, spine too bent). . I just need something generic cartoon rig. Again, like the Maya Bony RIg.
  20. Hi! Found a workaround. I previously thought this was undoable but I guess it can work for now. I downloaded the simple rig models from Maya export it as OBJ. Imported in C4D and rig them from there. It's not perfect but I guess it will do for now. I just need to really get a hang of skinning characters every now and then.
  21. Hi @westbam. Thanks for the reply but I have no interest in motion capture. I'm just looking for generic rigged c4d characters with decent controls and deformation. It's just there so many character rigs in Maya and there is little to no in C4D (Although it is not surprising as Maya is the industry standard.) Still hoping for C4D rigs to play around with.
  22. Do you know any simple character like the Ultimate Bony Rig in Maya? There's the C4D Ultimate Beef but it's too bulky. There's the Max and Sofi rig but made in the previous version of character object that when you open it creates some weird weighting issues. There's also the rig from contest browser but they are too stylized. I just really need something generic and skiny. No facial rig or whatsoever.
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