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  1. @kkamin Nice animation mate. My only qualm is that the stiff animation of opening/closing of the doors. Although it is mechanical, there should be a bit of overlap when it is opened/closed. Also for some reason there is an odd fade in the first machine (left) at frame F130 ish. Not sure if that was intended.
  2. @natevplas "Go where you want" Supposing you have this hierarchy Parent (Controller) Child (Cloth) Just animate the parent and have the child in Follow position. It basically let's you dictate where you want the child (Cloth) to be.
  3. I'm not sure with your convention. But the basic set-up is in order of hierarchy Foot >Heel >Toe >Ball. The "add nulls" only works if you want to add a "Ball Rock" other than that you'd have to use joints. My preferred foot roll set-up is a one slider setting. Fortunately, it is already incorporate with the character object. You can check the controllers there.
  4. Hi. Not interested on position but I think it would be fair to drop the Thinking Particles on to your learning list. It hasn't been updated in years and there are few references on it and even so few people uses it. Its better off to use xParticles instead.
  5. Thanks for sharing the free link. Hope Samir is doing fine.
  6. C4D axis center is actually way better than Maya's Center Pivot. The only thing I can think of it not working is using a Null (most likely a group) when running a command rather than a geometry itself.
  7. " but my main problem has been trying to link the controllers with the objects on the bike (or nulls tied to those objects). " Add constraint (such as PSR or Parent) to your controllers link to your object (seat, pedal, etc). Can you share a scene file?
  8. Just want to revisit the thread. The script to toggle Hard and Soft Selection is below. I'm still figuring out though how to increase radius and strength like sculpt brushes. Middle Mouse Drag kine of thing. import c4d from c4d import documents, plugins #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): def tool(): return plugins.FindPlugin(doc.GetAction(), c4d.PLUGINTYPE_TOOL) def object(): return doc.GetActiveObject() def tag(): return doc.GetActiveTag() def renderdata(): return doc.GetActiveRenderData() def prefs(id): re
  9. Hi. For reference, this site is dubbed as "Greyscalegorilla" for Houdini. http://www.entagma.com/category/tutorials/
  10. Got to admit that Houdini presentation was amazing. I thought people only use Houdini for VDB stuff and particles. I guess I was wrong. Houdini is more than that.
  11. There's also a Python Scrip here. For future reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do3R2kWch0c
  12. To be honest, GI is massive rendering over-kill if you are using the default renderer (Standard/Physical) But if you use external renders, it is quite reasonable. This is actually why people use external renders because they are fast. There is an old way of faking GI. Basically, you render your scene without GI. Then Render an Ambient Occlussion Pass. Then composite it in the software. Then you'd get a decent overall illumination. Good luck!
  13. I meant no offense but wouldn't it be more exciting if the participant is given a creative freedom in these modelling challenge? For instance, just a project brief of Sports/Female/Bottle. Although I understand, this is meant to be an exercise but it would be nice if what would be the output can also be use as a portfolio. Well you can put it into a portfolio but it is discouraging since if you do, other people will most likely have the identical work. Just my cent.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but C4D is apathetic with material node system. And I totally feel you. The renderer that I know that has a solid nodal system in C4D is Arnold and Octane (and Maybe Cycles?) I have no experience in the following but you can try https://www.3dquakers.com/forester-for-cinema-4d/ https://www.curiousanimal.tv/shop/populate/ (requires at least broadcast though) Yes, there is no nodal system in Vray4C4D. With the adaption of the Vray V3, Vray4C4D has been a solid renderer. But with updates, there is usually a delay compared to the 3DSMax version. Offtopic: I re
  15. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2015_rewind_bret_bays_creating_a_character_rigging_pipeline https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2015_rewind_bret_bays_weighting_workflows_for_cinema_4d_character Among others.
  16. ^I thought that it was under development? But it integrates in C4D much tighter that would be great. I mean non-commercial license is free. Have you used RIS?
  17. Hope it all goes well to you. Too bad I can't be of much used for this topic as I haven't delved with MD yet. Alternatively, you can try Syflex http://www.syflex.biz/c4d.html I have no experience of it but heard it has a reputation back in the days with LW You can see some robust examples here http://www.syflex.biz/gallery_sylene1.html
  18. I don't use Marvelous Designer but have you checked this? It contains script that moves C4D point cache data to MD.
  19. Same question. Does the plug-in allow tearing?
  20. Woah. Thanks for sharing, recently had this kind up freelance tasks but I gave up because I was having trouble weighting and rigging the small feet. Looking at your linking, I guess I was better off having the feet in bendy joints.
  21. I'm very much interested in the "advance rigging" section. That would really be a total killer since almost all advanced rigging tutorials are for Maya/Blender. I mean have you ever encountered advanced facial rigging for Cinema4D? Most of the Maya rigging also implements scripting, as such it is quite hard to translate to C4D. Looking forward!
  22. Of course he is! He answers almost all of my question threads regarding character animation in CGSociety. Really a life saver.
  23. Thank you for the breakdown mate. I always have a bad luck in metaballs. This should do the tricks
  24. @bezo Hi. Sorry late reply. I'm not in my home today so I can't try it out but I did it previously and correct me if I'm wrong, such shortcuts does not work in soft selection mode.
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