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  1. Hi @Rectro Thanks for the confirmation. So I guess there is currently no decent option in C4D, even on plug-in. RE: nobody has come up with a new retopo plugin or software as Topogun Once Maya acquired the Modelling Toolkit (a separate plugin), there was no need to use Topogun. Afterwards, 3DS Max also overhauled its modelling snapping algorithm (i.e. more like shrink wrap but again real time). And Blender got helpful plug-ins to help on topology (although, paid). I've used Topogun before and I agree it was a zen to work with. I particularly like the black and blue ed
  2. @teknow Thanks! Will look it up. I initially thought animation nodes are for mograph stuff only so I didn't try to bother. What I was aiming to do is to create driver and driven relationship using python as the usual driver/driven editor is a bit cumbersome for multiple objects. It's hard to maintain.
  3. Hi Cerbera, I tried the HB Modelling at one point, as I remember, it's also not interactive. It still uses C4D's shrink wrap deformer and just automates the switching on and off. It's hard to position some points since when you turn the deformer back on, it may nudge to other position. Yea, I don't mind buying other plug-in if a solution exist. Currently, I have to go to Maya or Blender for this process.
  4. Hi, Do you know any faster shrink wrap alternative? I'm using it for retopology. Currently, the shrink wrap deformer cannot accommodate realtime processing. Regards, Ben
  5. @teknow Off topic. Do you all have a community section for C4D users learning Blender? There's this thread of course, of which you participated, but it's hard to ask questions on one single thread. I still use C4D on my personal project but I did get to use Blender (when 2.80 was released) because one of my clients is moving/using to Blender. So far, what I don't like about Blender is lack of "official" support. I tried asking if I donate, do I get an official support. And the answer is not really. It's probably on the higher tier donation. Community support is fine b
  6. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I'm planning to buy laptop later this year. I bought my previous laptop on 2012 when I was window-shopping last week I have to say they are still expensive. Haha
  8. Hi @akkanein This kind of set-up is somewhat outdated, as Simon said in passing in a podcast as you can create the same effect using fields. Search "Growth Propagation or Reaction Diffussion in C4D". That said regarding manipulating vertex map, check the Xpresso Presets. There are sample python scripts to manipulate vertex maps. Sorry can't be more help than that.
  9. Have you tried doing an up vector constraint alongside the IK Spline? The thing is you almost always need an up vector constraint to stabilize any kind of twist not only for c4d but for other software as well unless the twist is just a clear direct 1 to 1 set-up, which IK Spline is not by the way.
  10. I'm only using Redshift Demo 2.61 so I can't confirm it myself, but here's a recent thread in FB: Maybe you are using volumetric and automatic sampling Saul Espinosa:
  11. @Sreckom "Why would not you pay upgrade every year like you did so far? Is that option not available now?" Correct me if I'm wrong but MAXON hasn't release any info about this (that's why it is soooooooooo frustrating). Currently, it is not possible since there are no longer maintenance program which was the previous upgrade. There were unconfirmed details in the forum that MAXON will continue with the "upgrade" perpetual license but at 30% more price increase than before. Basically, to force you to use subscription, instead of the perpetual. (Equally frustrating) I'd like
  12. "Not possible in C4D". Natively. Same goes with Maya and Blender. 3ds Max can mirror animation but only through the biped system and not the vanilla joints That said, C4D with the help Python can do the job (Same goes with Maya and Blender. ) The logic is fairly simple. It just requires several codework and debugging so it can't be done in one sitting. If you are in a pinch, just have a trial of Motion Builder. No cost. Get it then get out.
  13. That's one fun experiment
  14. Can we also just see the other suggestions made by the users? So we can upvote them, so they can have more priority.
  15. @Intenditore "Despite there is such page, I'm feeling like nobody is reading and nobody is interested in any thoughts from users anymore. " Same sentiment. I really feel like nobody is reading the submitted suggestions. Even a suggestion for "a better suggestion system" takes time to implement despite the fact that it is independent of the software. One of the feature I like to be implemented is to track the suggestions I submitted. I feel like I have been submitting redundant feature request.
  16. Hi @ProfessorMoriarty Have you tried exporting it to FBX? I tried Maya to C4D (vice versa) with FBX and the layering transfers. P.S. Also, "collapsed into one hairball in C4D" is vague. What do you mean by hairball?
  17. Maybe the objects do not have a frozen transformation. Make sure scale is (1,1,1)
  18. Check the Export Settings of C4D and Import Settings of Maya. There's usually a "unit" parameter/field in them.
  19. Hard to swallow pill. C4D UV workflow is counter productive. Use Blender for the UV mapping. Should cover most of your needs. If you need more features such as tight and clean packing of UV's (very important in games), use RizomUV as @DasFrodo.
  20. @phildoooo RE: cant work out how to paste the whole code her Uhm. Just copy and paste it? There's also a code icon in the post panel UI that allows you to format the code. RE: go through the list naming in hierarchy Luckily for you, there is already an existing resource for down. This should cover majority of what you need. https://www.curiousanimal.tv/blog/c4d-python-snippet-navigating-hierarchy/ Also. "Python. Hi Am New" is not a helpful title. Please rename it. Good luck.
  21. I have no concrete input but I share the sentiment on this: "I feel a bit stupid as the math just does not add up. " "There is no way I would ever give up my perpetual license that's for sure for 2-3 hundred in savings. " Yea, I mean I don't get what MAXON was trying to achieve. But when I did the math, there is no way the offered discount adds up to your perpetual license. It's been awhile now, but it doesn't even amount to 30% of total payment for perpetual license, correct me if I'm wrong. It's offending. It's obscene. Especially when I bought my own personal copy just l
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the MyMaxon site has a "release license" feature.
  23. Nice! Browsed the forums and the results are really great.
  24. Since it is somewhat confirmed that it is an R20+ bug, it might be better off to send it to the technical support team. Hoping for the best.
  25. Hi, Somewhat a rant, but wondering if anyone is having the same problem. I really find it cumbersome when I ask the support of certain feature or a problem and they say it isn't available. Better make a request for it. Why can't they forward the message to the request/support team? Like any other good support system. I have to create another "ticket" just for the request, which takes some time since I have to retype my credentials because it is not saved on the site. See reference here https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/107382-merging-support-and-mymaxon-site/ In
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