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  1. Thanks for the heads up @Fritz and @Cerbera. I guess I am at a dead-end of this. I do not have access to R19 at the moment. But you can take a stab of the project here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9wqjw8dam6rrwv/c4d058_align_normals_not_working.c4d?dl=0 BTW, I do not get any email notification from your replies in the thread I have created. Is this normal?
  2. HI, just wondering is there a better way to "align the normals"? The default command is not really working for me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/twii06th0jtnh7i/c4d058_align_normals_not_working.mp4?dl=0 I also tried running the optimize command but its not really working for me. The links suggested in this thread are also dead :(
  3. You are finally getting some exposure! Happy for you mate.
  4. Cool! Well deserve invitation nerv! Loking forward to it. I wouldn't be surprised if @Rectro and @everfresh get invited to speak one of these days. They also has a specific niche in C4D. :)
  5. @Anthony Owen I think Rectro provided grooming tools included in the video.
  6. Try export is as FBX perhaps?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no rig template for a car in C4D. So you also have to do it manually.
  8. I'm not sure that your object has vertex color. I tried openning it in Maya and it doesn't contain any.
  9. You can also check this one out. https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/arnold-for-c4d-quick-label-techniques/
  10. You have to save a c4d file and name it "new.c4d" then add it to the C4D Directory rather than having saving a layout See this video for more information https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/cinema-4d-quick-tip-2-make-a-custom-new-scenefile-new-c4d/
  11. If you are okay with late response, you can message me (it notifies me immediately) and I'll help you out if you have rigging problems to the best of my ability.
  12. Thanks! It worked @BIgor Yea, it should. Just convert the standard material to an arnold material
  13. You can also use a dedicated tree generator software such SpeedTree (paid) or http://ngplant.sourceforge.net/ (free).
  14. @Rectro Did the "Replace With" command work for you (referring to my previous post)?
  15. @everfresh I think I misled you for a moment there. I don't necessarily "prefer" c4d rigging at this point just because I haven't done an extensive rigging to it but I did have my fair share of body rigging and facial rigging in C4D. The reason why I want to do rigging in C4D is (1) I learned so much in Maya and just want to apply in C4D (2) I kinda have loyal mentality to C4D since it is my first DCC software :) There is just a huge bottle neck in C4D as far as I can recall: It is the PRIORITY system. In Maya, it calculates in Parallel so you don't have to worry about it and just work your way through. In C4D, you really need to take note what happens first and the next to have a stable rig. Adding a feature control could just break it (for instance adding a twist system, adding some props). In Maya, it is all a breeze. Oh and another saving grace for C4D. C4D is a reliable software. In Maya, I get crashes every two hours or so. And I am not alone with that. It is a well known fact. Hahahaha
  16. RE: I wish to change the size, and rotation of the controllers without effecting the rig in which the constraints has been assigned too, is there a easy way? Assigned from what Bezo suggested, what I also do is use the "Replace With" command. So for instance, you used the Character Object and you don't like the default controls. You just run the command to save you the trouble. Here is an illustration. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vtr12cafpdf1cl5/2018-03-11_23-03-21.mp4?dl=0 If you are using Maya, it is like similar to parenting the shape node. Offtopic: Really want to do rigging in C4D. I kinda miss it. Just so happens that all my rigging jobs are Maya :(
  17. Haven't used this, but this is standard for getting real world displacements https://cinemaplugins.com/c4d-plugins/dem-earth/ Anyhow, you can always remap color values to black and white values in Photoshop then plug it in C4D.
  18. Have you checked this one out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsYajSvs2Oc
  19. "Is there any way to make the surfaces of the spline wrapped object not intersect one another without the trial and error of moving the vertices of the spline around to correct it?" You can use dynamics. Have the spline as dynamic and have the pole as the collider. But by the time you messed with, you wish you just did manuall/trial and error.
  20. @jbatista Not sure if the C4D's auto rigger is compatible with Unity as the C4D Character Object contains several foreign objects. Although there is a possibility to bake them to joints, but that would actually take more clean-up time and probably beyond TP's ability.
  21. Kinda confused what you are after. So basically, you want us to work with this project you are assigned to? State a specific problem and we'll try to help.
  22. I'm so interested. Thanks for sharing @ABMotion As always!
  23. Can you share a working file? Just strip the file so that it is not recognizable as NDA stuff. I use Maya and C4D too. We have the same workflow in Maya (i.e. Having a blendshape as a separate local rig). However, things are a bit tricky in C4D as there is an order of priority (i.e. the order of your hierarchy matters and the priority setting of each object matters). In Maya, we don't really mind this as things are computed in parallel. Again, can't help you much further unless you give a working file.
  24. Yea, bummer. Not available also in my region. Good luck to the participants!
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