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  1. @bezo Thanks for the response! Slr. For some reason I can't receive notifications in the forum unless I'm tag. Works as expected.
  2. Same here. Ever since Singapore distributor closed down, I have nowhere to turn to. I'm from PH. I really don't get the need for the distributor. We are already on a digital age. We can just buy/upgare directly.
  3. @srek Thanks for the response. Will check MAXON Shop later. BTW, the R23 is the one with Python 3 release right?
  4. Are there pricing info from R21 to R23 perpetual upgrade?
  5. Hi, I would like see the vertex and polygon normals but its not working. You can see the illustration of the problem here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/idj1ds6ae3l4qt0/c4d288_show_vertex_polygon_normals.mp4?dl=0 There should be some lines drawn from the polygons and vertex like in Maya, Blender or Houdni Regards. Ben
  6. @Cairyn @jed Thanks for the response. And indeed the dynamics is much better, but I prefer the stability of the xp set-up as I'll be using this on rigging. Thanks for the illustrations files. Works as expected. Have a great day ahead! P.S. Thanks for pointing out the memory node. This is my first use case of it haha
  7. Hi, I have a "simple" door closing expresso set-up. It works if it goes from the left to right. But it doesn't from right to left. I would expect the door to stay close if the direction is right to left. You can see the problem here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xfkb6e2r9xwzvwl/c4d287_xpresso_closing_door.mp4?dl=0 You can check the illustration file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdmn2zn799p8lre/c4d287_xpresso_closing_door.c4d?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  8. Your post title and post description are not the same. For the post title, just use a displacer deformer and make it editable. Also confusing post description, technically, you can't apply different material to a displacement (channel or map)
  9. @Voytech Thanks for the response. Your solution works as expected but unfortunately, I'm using various fall-offs (i.e. noise, box etc) on a given object and not just sphere. Is there another solution?
  10. @bezo Thanks for the response. However, I plan to use to randomize offset the animation of the field. For instance, the initial field can have an animation range of 0-10, I want the other fields to vary such as 2-12 or 5-15 using the Randomize Effector. If I make them editable, I can no longer use the Randomize Effector, correct me if I'm wrong. That's why I'd like them to be in a cloner so I can manage their time offset randomness rather than just a plain distribution tool.
  11. Hi, Is there a way to clone fields/fall-offs and have them affect an effector? You can see an illustration below, only the original field is working. The cloned fields have no effector? https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5ce7j9c0539tah/c4d286_cloning_fields_fallofs.mp4?dl=0 Is there a way around this? Illustration file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/scaag329xhrnfbo/c4d286_cloning_fields_fallofs.c4d?dl=0 Ben
  12. @thanulee RE: aov of c4d that can give u mattes per clone index? I'm not sure if using "Mograph Color Shader" will result in unique colors per index but I know that does: Cryptomatte. With Cryptomatte, gone are the days of making manual mattes.
  13. Hi, Is it possible to convert Fall-Offs into Texture (assuming proper UVs are in place) ? You can see what I am after here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w75og1lgs4e1krp/c4d285_convert_fall_off_to_a_shader.jpg?dl=0 I'll be using the output as a mask for compositing. So far, what I have is using vertex colors, but the resolution is dependent on the number of vertex. So having a fall-off-texture workflow instead is most welcome. Ben
  14. Hi, Is there a way to flip axis of "weights" on Weight Manager? Currently, vertical axis is the points while the horizontal axis is the joints. I want to exchange them so I can read the joints affected properly. You can see what I am after here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vcfkza5n49k5xkj/c4d282_flip_axis_on_weight_weight_manager.jpg?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  15. Hi, Thanks for the response. RE: Maybe If I understood what it was you were trying to do You understood it correctly. I just want a spline as an additional guide. Spline for me is easier to place and groom than the guides themselves. For the procedural styling, I just use the hair material. RE: you can try storing a groom and restore it My main problem with copy and paste guides from hair object to another is that it has this unnecessary offset. And the store/restore doesn't work on it. You can see an illustration of the problem here: https://www.dropbox.co
  16. Hi, Has anyone tried using UDIM for Cycles4D? With the same textures and object, I tried it in Blender Cycles but I couldn't figure it out in Cycles4D. Maybe I'm missing something. Any thoughts? Regards, Ben
  17. @zeden Thanks for the response. But nope it does not work the same way. That option for Auto Weight is for initial skinning and not throughout the skinning/weighting phase.
  18. There's no right way since this is a static character. But it would be easier to manage a character (both in modelling, rigging, texturing, revisions ) if you do it in its neutral state (T or A Pose).
  19. Hi, I can create a hair from a spline using the Hair Edit>Convert from Spline command. But how about spline as an additional guide (i.e. there is an existing hair object rather than creating a new one) ? Is this possible? Regards, Ben
  20. Hi, Is there an options to limit vertex to 3 joint influence? So at any given point, a vertex can only affected by a maximum of 3 joints. Here is the same option in Maya https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2rmdvhrfi7jmkd/c4d280_joint_max_influence.jpg?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  21. @turbid As far as I know yes, once the IK comes into play, it overrides other previous constraints. Same with other softwares.
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