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  1. Hi, 

    Thanks for the response. 

    RE: Maybe If I understood what it was you were trying to do
    You understood it correctly. I just want a spline as an additional guide. Spline for me is easier to place and groom than the guides themselves. 
    For the procedural styling, I just use the hair material. 

    RE:  you can try storing a groom and restore it
    My main problem with copy and paste guides from hair object to another is that it has this unnecessary offset. 
    And the store/restore doesn't work on it. 

    You can see an illustration of the problem here:

    You can check the illustration file here:


  2. Hi, 

    I can create a hair from a spline using the Hair Edit>Convert from Spline command. 
    But how about spline as an additional guide (i.e. there is an existing hair object rather than creating a new one) ? 

    Is this possible?


  3. Daesu, a Korean historical headress reserved for queens and crown princesses and worn at wedding ceremony. Inspired from @netflixph Kingdom series


    Rendered in Cycles4D. Interestingly, I have grown fond with the renderer


  4. It would have been possible (to some degree), if the Material Editor was exposed to python scripting.
    You can just remap and recreate some connections. 

    Unfortunately, After 3 versions of its release, Material Python API is still nowhere to be seen. 
    No plans. No updates.

  5. @srek
    Thanks for the response. 

    RE: Dave that the price will be in the same ballpark as in previous years, 
    At face value, probably yes. But in substance, its not.
    Why? Because there is no longer MSA. So we are forced to actually pay 20% more. 
    In addition, even if you do upgrade perpetual, you no longer qualify for the Cineversity because there is no longer MSA.

    This is what we, at least I, mean by being PENALIZED. 

    Again, my argument stays the same throughout this transition. 
    You can have your subscription. BUT PLEASE PLEASE maintain the perpetual (MSA and all) as is. 

  6. @Adrien

    RE: perpetual license upgrade
    It's 20% more of the current annual subscription price. 

    RE: How come the price of the upgrade has not been made public yet? 
    We are all shocked! 
    This info is relayed through the forums (officially by @DMcGavran and others) and/or the distributor. 
    But never in their actual site. 

    As to why, we will never know. 
    I don't even get why it is 20% more than the subscription price (i.e. we are penalized)
    Should we have at least equal or even lesser than the annual subscription price since we were a user before the subscription thing? 

  7. @stoecklem
    Before I mislead you, they didn't say it was "low priority". 
    It just my impression. 

    I mean the new nodal material was introduced in R20. No API in R21. No API in R22. 
    What else could it be? 

    If they were release interested in providing an API, they could have introduced it in R21 and R22 even in small increments. 
    I mean just little codes to create node, connect parameters and change parameters. 

  8. 15 minutes ago, stoecklem said:

    I am curious about the total lack of python control and node api for material nodes that hasn’t seen the light of day. 

    Tell me about it. I asked about it plugin-cafe but it seems to be a low priority task. 
    That's why its tricky to build a material pipeline with the recent builds (R20, R21, R22)

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