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  1. @everfresh
    Thanks for the response. I just created a third visual selector with different ways to create the hotspot (by dragging, creating manually etc). Totally wasted my time. It still creates unusual selections on visual selector tag. 

    RE: your own visual selector with the interaction tag, which will work flawlessly.
    I'm not sure I understand. How do you go about this? I search YT on this and all I can is an interaction tag that has provides controls/selection on top of a mesh. 
    I am aiming for a separate window like the visual selector

  2. By knotted, I meant the zip tie is already in curled position. 
    By unknotted, I meant its in a default/neutral state position. 

    RE:  I cant seem to get the end of the zip tie to navigate its way around an object.

    Yes, because you have a lot of control points. As mentioned, 4-6 should do.

  3. Is the zip tie knotted or unknotted? 
    Because i think you need a separate rig for both. You can do it with one, but I think it will be hard to maintain the form. 

    In addition, you have to many control points on your spline objects. 4-6 should do. 

  4. Hi, 

    As far as I know, the skin deformer is fixed at "Generator -1" Priority.
    I couldn't find any description on the documentation regarding that but that's what my experience and what others wrote in the forum. 

    I just tried it again, on a passing, on a rig I'm currently working. 
    Tag A (Generator -3)
    Tag B (Generator -2)
    Skin Deformer (Generator -1) 

    This works. No lag/computation delay. 

    I changed them as follows. 
    Tag A (Generator 0)
    Tag B (Generator 1)
    Skin Deformer (Generator 2) 

    As you can see the order of operation is still the same as before, but in this case, I get a lag. 
    I tried changing it using a shift priority tag, but I still get the same lag. 

    Has anyone had success changing the Skin Deformer Priority other than Generator -1? 
    Or is it already set in stone? 

  5. Hi, 

    Is there a way I can key an pre-animated sequence? 

    Supposing I have a 12 frame animation. And I need to repeat it 8 times on a timeline. 
    Manually, I have to copy the 12 frame animation 8 times.
    And when I change something in animation, I have to change it 8 times. 

    I was thinking of storing it on a variable or a parameter so its easier to manage.

    For example, a parameter named "Gradient Animation" with a Boolean type.  If Frame 20, off. Frame 21, on. Frame 22, off. 
    The animation will run from Frame 21 to Frame 23 (i.e. 12 frames). 

    Is this possible? 

    P.S. My use case for this is driving a pre0animated sequence by a sound effector so manually doing placing animation is really a no-go. I want the animation to occur on specific beats making it procedural. 

    If you want an illustration of a pre-animated sequence, you can check here. I'm animating the gradient texture for 12 frames. 


  6. DISCLAIMER: Not directly related to Cinema4D but I'm a bit desperate lol. 

    By any chance, do you remember a simple 3D Typography Piece based on "daft punk harder better faster" ?
    Basically, the camera was static and there is a  word wheel and it just spins as it hits the actual words "harder", "better" , faster".

    I saw it in vimeo like 8-10 years ago? But I can't seem to find it no matter how hard I search.
    Can someone remember?

    Its driving me mad hahaha

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