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  1. @Muybridge

    RE: Checking every object in the scene for a specific tag seems like the complicated way to do it but maybe you're right 😉

    Yes, that logic is right. Here's a sample code that stores all phong tags of a scene in a list. Not necessarily select. Selecting is not necessary to modify the objects and it is just unnecessary overhead


    import c4d
    from c4d import gui
    # Get all tag phong tags and store it in a list
    def recurse_hierarchy(op):
        filter_tags = []
        while op:
            print op.GetName()
            tag_list = op.GetTags()
            for tag in tag_list:
                if tag.GetType() == 5612: # Change this to your tag type
            op = op.GetNext()
        return filter_tags
    # Execute main()
    if __name__=='__main__':
        phong_tags = recurse_hierarchy(doc.GetFirstObject())


  2. RE: Is anyone aware of a way to animate the frame rate in Cinema 4D?
    Its not possible. Even if it is, you do not EVER animate the frame rate. It's one of those project wide settings that should be set in stone through-out the animation. 

    RE: I'd like to fluctuate between animating on 1s, 2s, and 3s without having to render all 24 fps. 
    Yea, that's easy. You use a step keys. I use a mix of 1s, 2s and 4s whenever I am blocking my shot.

  3. 51 minutes ago, shadd said:

    , I just wish I hadn't purchased studio for the first time earlier this year because I am getting screwed hardcore for not waiting 6 months, and as a small time freelancer that is devastating


    Same sentiment. Had I known about the subscription before hand I wouldn't have bought my own copy. I would have wait for 6 months. In retrospect, the $3500 in subscription is a lot more than the $3500 of perpetual. The 20% subscription discount for 1 to 2 years is really pitiful.Its not really an "exclusive resources".
    If you think about it, exchanging the perpetual license with the costs being amortized for the subscription doesn't cost them anything. 

    At face value, that was just bad faith, which I don't get.



  4. I'm not sure I have the same context with @Jops but I have the same sentiment. 

    It's not even the feature for now. It's just the way it is handled.
    My main argument is "Sure, add a subscription model. We welcome new users but don't punish those who already have perpetual license" 

    Cases of being punished:
    1) No clear details if perpetual R21 can upgrade to R22. By the looks of it, R22 is like subscription only .
    2) No more cineversity for perpetual users once MSA expires. Available only for subscription.
    3) Redshift subscription is only available to R21 subscription and not to R21 perpetual.
    4) Broken cineversity toolbox. Probably to be fix for an incremental upgrade available only to subscription users. 
    5) The R21 lackluster features will be probably supplemented by incremental upgrades, which is again available only to subscription users. 

    Again, I'm all for subscription as a complementary pricing model but not as a replacement. 

    They did offer a conversion from perpetual to subscription. I would have considerations in switching but its not enticing really. 
    Supposing you bought a R20 $3500 license . If it is converted to a subscription, you'd expect at least 3 years of subscription or 3.5 for a stretch. 
    If someone argues, well not really since there are more features a long the way. Indeed it will, but since  $3500 now will be more of worth later in 3 years ( through time value of money). So it will just even it out. 

    Currently, I think the best they can offer is 20% discount for around 2 years which does not even total to $500. Compared to the $3500 R20 license you exchange with. 
    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Anyway, I still use C4D and I have no plan on leaving. 

    Thanks @srek for sharing your side. Have a great day head! 

  5. RE: So I just have to make sure none of the clones from either plane intersect at frame 1?

    That's only half the truth. The other half is that "actual dynamic presentation" of the object should not intersect. 
    More often than not they are not the same, by default. You need to set them. Checkout Dynamics Tag> Collision>Shape

    For instance, if you have a sphere, the default dynamic representation would be a cube. Actually, everything is cube by default. Hahaha

  6. The front page of the forum takes a ludicrous amount of time to load. I mean it loads but the progress bar is still spinning indefinitely. On the other hand, I have no problem opening several tabs of forum posts. 

    By any chance, is the front page, downloading the "latest art uploads" in its full size? (i.e. not as a thumbnail)

  7. Definitely. 
    I'm not really a sucker for features that much though since I already got what I need. For UV, I just use Blender as a "plug-in" even before 2.8 came out. 

    I really don't get the qualms. I mean a Blender user can use Blender. A C4D user can use both C4D and Blender. So, its basically a win-win. 

    P.S. Not related but I can no longer "heart" a post. Is this a permanent forum feature?

  8. Oh, I still have MSA extending to R21 :) 

    I guess one of features I like is "one global shop for MAXON". This means I don't have to go through re sellers. I almost did not buy C4D because on top of the SRP I have to pay the Paypal fee for the transaction since the reseller does not have an online shop nor resides in my country. 


    That paypal fee really hurt.

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