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  1. Definitely. 
    I'm not really a sucker for features that much though since I already got what I need. For UV, I just use Blender as a "plug-in" even before 2.8 came out. 

    I really don't get the qualms. I mean a Blender user can use Blender. A C4D user can use both C4D and Blender. So, its basically a win-win. 

    P.S. Not related but I can no longer "heart" a post. Is this a permanent forum feature?

  2. Oh, I still have MSA extending to R21 :) 

    I guess one of features I like is "one global shop for MAXON". This means I don't have to go through re sellers. I almost did not buy C4D because on top of the SRP I have to pay the Paypal fee for the transaction since the reseller does not have an online shop nor resides in my country. 


    That paypal fee really hurt.

  3. Unlikely.

    Anyhow, if you are UV unpacking almost every day like in-game assets. RizomUV has good features to accommodate that. Even better than Maya and 3DS Max built-in UV tools. So it will be worthwhile. 

    Otherwise, try  Seamilar, if you want to stay within C4D. Haven't used it but heard good things.
    For myself, I just use Blender and just round trip to C4D. 

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