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  1. "I have seen a couple videos on the topic "
    Can you refer? 


    "have been unsuccessful."
    How unsuccessful.

    Anyhow, this is somewhat irrelevant answer but if you just want a tried and tested way to create normal maps, just use xNormals (free). Been reliable for the past decade for the whole industry. 

  2. Hi Rafael. You can make a script out of it. 

    The script below searches for an object named "cube". and sets the Position and Rotation values to zero. 

    import c4d
    from c4d import gui
    #Welcome to the world of Python
    def main():
        name = "cube"
        if doc.SearchObject(name)==None: return
        obj = doc.SearchObject(name)
    if __name__=='__main__':

    If you are looking for a streamlined plug-in you can check https://nitro4d.com/product/nitropose/



  3. Hi @acslatenor


    Re: I'm just hesitant to have to alter those joints and weights after paying someone and them saying
    Yea, I get what you are saying but there seems to be a problem with the joint orientation of target skeleton (warped mount). They don't see to coincide with the source skeleton (one with mocap). They might be the same hierarchy but if they don't have the same joint orientation then it will not work. 

    Do you have the default/neutral pose of both source and target skeleton? That way you can compare it properly.

    RE:  doing all the work in Maya but he says he tested the animations and they work.
    Are the retargeted mocap working for him? Do you have a screencap? 

    RE: Maya is less strict about exact skeleton hierarchies??
    I worked in Maya and C4D. And more or less they have the same nuisance with hierarchy. 

    For now, just retrieve the default/neutral pose of the mocap skeleton. And I'll take a look at it.

  4. Yes, the motion clip should do the trick. But you have to fix your weighting and joint placement.
    You can see a sample here

    RE: And how to apply them?.. I obviously don't know much about motionclip
    There are resources in the web. Rectro's Mixamo workflow also works (as it deals with motion clip). Please don't come back empty handed. 

    RE: I can only "retarget" and have no success at copy pasting which is what I would like to try
    Retargeting is in a sense copy-pasting. It's just not a simple two way process. (copy then paste). 
    Also, retargeting is a fundamental process in mocap workflow. Learn to deal with it. 

  5. Ditto on HSrdelic.


    Not to break your will but just to keep it in perspective, selling of models is actually a pretty competitive market. The model should be niched, modeled well and UVed better. If you just made it in Cinema4D, I highly doubt that it was UVed well enough. 

    Just my cent. 

    Good luck!

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