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  1. How can I animate a dynamic object?

    hmmm... but how do i know where the dynamics will end up placing the envelope? to line them up properly?
  2. I want to animate an envelope I have created falling to the table, then opening. My problem is, once I apply the rigid body tag to the envelope, it falls to the floor, bounces correctly, but then my keyframed animation of the flap opening does not happen. How should I be attempting to go about this? Thanks for any help. - Mike
  3. Fold my design problem

    Also having this problem (create guides creates guides but doesn't create geometry) in R17. I know this is an old post but hoping someone figured this out.
  4. yes, it needs to animate I wasn’t sure whether I could start the render from frame 18 or not, as when I play back and start at frame 18 it still needs to settle for 17 frames. Does rendering calculate the settling in advance and then start at the settled frame 18?
  5. Hi there, I have a model that is set up with some dynamic hinges. When I press play, the hinges "settle" a bit, due to gravity – it takes about 17 frames. This is fine. However, is there any way to let the hinges settle and then make that the starting point so I don't have to always render out those frames? I tried going 17 frames in, and checking the SET INITIAL STATE tick box on the hinges, but it still did some settling, just starting from that place, and actually sunk lower than I want which sort of ruined the motion. Thanks!
  6. I bought the greyscale gorilla LightKit Pro which came with some studio set ups. I found one I like, and when I paste my model into the scene, it renders nicely. However, I have some dynamic hinges that inexplicably do not work properly once I paste my model into that scene (I have gone back and forth and checked every number, and nothing seems off, no idea what those dynamics are looking for that doesn't carry when a model is pasted). SO my workaround was going to be the opposite - I would copy the scene file from the GreyScale Gorilla preset (lights, camera, sweep), and past that into my original modeling comp. However, the render looks like crap. I saved the render settings as a preset in the GreyScale comp, and applied those settings to my original scene with the pasted greyscale stuff. Still nothing. The render comes out all washed out and gray. So does anyone have any ideas why: a) the renders would look different? b) why my hinges spazz out when pasted into a new scene? A solution to either question would fix my problem I think! thanks! - Mike =========== EDIT: I figured it out i was modeling in mm. the GSG comp was cm. this was apparently just enough to bugger the hinges when pasting into a cm comp. I switched it to mm and THEN pasted. seems to be working. ===============
  7. Linking hinges animation

    OMG I just (think) I figured it out, thanks so much, this (might be) a super easy solution!
  8. Linking hinges animation

    thanks. I just did a brief overview. A quick question though, are these connectors all dynamically driven? I would like to be able to animate at least the position of the red box, back and forth, and then have the other hinges react accordingly, but dO I have to make everything rigid bodies, colliders etc for this to work?
  9. Linking hinges animation

    I'm actually on R16, just updated my profile. How do connectors work?
  10. Ok, I am hoping this is simple, because it seems like something people would have to do somewhat often. As you can see in my diagram, I want to be able to slide the red box to the left, and have the green "arm" unfold. But the red box needs to slide completely straight out, and the black box would remain anchored to the other end of the arm. Imagine a child's arm (green) pushing a toy car (red) back and forth along a racetrack. The car has only horizontal movement, and the arm needs to bend to allow for this movement. I tried bones but it distorted some things, and when I try to simply connect the blocks at the pivot points, the red block keeps flipping up since it is attached to the others. how can I accomplish this without distorting the length of any of the blocks? Thanks for any help. - Mike
  11. Hey guys, I need to model a piece of geometry that flexes, somewhat like an accordion. well, really it just need to be able to start in a bent position, but then flatten out, with one "crease" point. But it will be modeled with a bit of detail so I don't want any of the geometry to become distorted. Maybe a easy way to envision it would be a piece of paper laying on the ground. You put a finger on opposite sides and bring them towards each other, so the paper bends upwards, then you move your fingers back and it flattens again. I'll guess its best done with deformers? I'd love to somehow have a "pin" where each finger would be, and sliding those might cause the deformation in the paper. Thanks in advance for any ideas. - Mike
  12. flicker during render

  13. Hi, I am rendering a slow move on a car, and the headlight is flickering. I tried hiding the glass entirely and it still flickers. It is mainly coming from the metal inside the housing, I think, but I tried rendering with a flat gray, and same thing, so it doesn't seem to be the shiny chrome I was using either. This is global illumination, no lights. Any suggestions are welcome! car1_1sm2.m4v