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  1. holy @Rectro that's exactly what I need! thank you! . Now I just need to learn French... I'm not 100% sure what he's done there... but he sure makes it look simple
  2. @Rectro unfortunately I need it to animate/unzip and open.
  3. Hey guys, any thoughts on how to go about modeling something like below? Basically any zippered item that needs to open in a flexible way, like a backpack pocket or a makeup bag like this? I don't even know where to start as far as the zipper, and then how to attach each side so it hugs the counters and then can sort of unzip and open like a normal item. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. so, jiggle anchors it? is there a way to get Jiggle animation and still be able to move around
  5. yup, thanks. Turned off and they seem to be animating. Is there a way to offset the animation in the vibrate tag per clone? All clones are synchronized and it doesn't look like the cool random array I want to fly through. thanks!
  6. Hey there, So I actually CAN move the object, but when I do, it distorts, as if it is anchored to the origin. See attached image, if I drag my virus molecule to the right, the center stays. The effectors seem to move with the null, so I am not sure what is happening. Project attached, thanks for any help - Mike molecule 2.c4d
  7. Hey guys, I was trying to make a animated, floating virus in space, following this tutorial make a virus So you can see at the beginning the kind of motion it has. It's just a vibrate tag and a jiggle on a moExtruded sphere to get tentacles, with spherical falloff to make just the tentacles jiggle, not the center. It works fine until I want to make a small field of these floating in space is my camera can move through them. Once I put them in a cloner, they do not move. Does using the cloner break the vibrate animation for some reason? How would I keep this effect and be able to clone them? thanks!
  8. Hi there, I made an object with an animated, cycling texture. Basically just a white line that travels across the surface by animating the U position. I then cloned it into a nice background formation. What happens now is all the lines animate up on ALL the clones at the same time, which looks cool, but I'd also like to be able to maybe drag a field across them or something to offset the effect, so the ones closest to the camera start and then they all animate in a wave into the distance. Or maybe a ring effect animating out from the center. I know I can do this with fields for things like animating the Y position, but I don't know how to link it to the offsetting of the animation of the texture. Thanks for any help. - Mike
  9. So an architect gave me a 3D file of a building, and I need to have it "grow" on top of footage I am going to shoot the location of with a drone. The issue is that the site is not completely flat, so the model is not flat either, meaning the bottom of the model does not sit flat on the ground (there's a basement and some side rampds and things that take the geography of the land into account). But for the purposes of my footage composite, however, I DO want to have it be flat. What I want to do is have the main support beams grow from the ground up, then some floors appear, and gradually over 3-4 seconds the whole building sort of "grows" in place. I originally figured I would use a Boole to hide any parts below "ground level" like the basement and such, but the model is rather complex, and the boole just chokes, and I have a pretty good machine I just built. So is there some way to more or less create a "clipping mask" from a plane, so that anything below that plane will not render, and I can just have things more or less animate up on the Y axis to look like they are building the building? Thanks for any help - Mike
  10. My material is a transparent PSD with the color set to use that and the alpha also set to use that
  11. @DasFrodo I can't seem to get that to work. I turned off OBJECT SHADING in the render settings, and my material is a transparent label that renders OK without Sketch and Toon. Is there anything else I should be doing? thanks
  12. Hi there, I want to model a simple cartoon test tube/science beeker, with the gradation hash marks/mL numbers on it. Is there a way to be able to use the sketch and toon material, but still have it be transparent so you will see the marks and the "mL" on the side, but if you fill the tube you can still see the liquid? thanks for any help.
  13. Thanks guys, I ended up just building it myself, which is not my strong suit but it was good practice. thanks!
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