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  1. I'm trying to model something sort of similar to a Nerf Gun, and I need to figure out how best to model the sort of "cutouts" that appear on it. The arrows in my pic show the sort of thing I want to do, although Ideally, imagine the gun having one of those screw-off pieces in the handle where batteries go, so the cut out piece would be on the handle, but need to mimic the handle's curved shape. So I'm guessing there's some way to project a curve along the surface, and then cut out the piece, then somehow bevel the edges slightly on both sides of the hole to give it that look? Thanks for any help.
  2. Boomba

    Fingers Pinching Skin

    yes, understood. Assuming I will buying an anatomical model of a person, would you guess that I would be able to distort THAT mesh, or do I need to zoom in and fake a smaller patch of skin that distorts?
  3. A client of mine would like me to animate fingers pinching skin, think belly, and pulling back slightly. Like the "Can't pinch an inch of me" Kelloggs commercials. I just don't know the best way to go about his. How do you make things like fingers so they do not intersect into the skin of the belly as they pull? Any suggestions or links to tutorials that are even vaguely related to the concept would be much appreciated. Thanks! - Mike
  4. So, I need to know why my shadow is so bad. This is a 3 light setup, 3 area lights, only one set to cast shadows. I want a dark shadow. But as you can see, if I crank up the darkness on the shadow, it makes the object very dark too. Shadow is also quite grainy. I am not using GI or AO. Also this shadow seems to fan out, vs being in more of a straight line. I'd like it to look like the object on the left, but with a good shadow. Thanks for any help - Mike
  5. buffer 3 and 4 are the spinning parts in question I believe
  6. Let me know if this works https://www.dropbox.com/s/l6p1dwoctupr5k1/fixMe.c4d.zip?dl=0 thanks. (apologies if it's messy... but this IS beginners....) :)
  7. Ok, so this is very odd, and I am hoping there is a explanation so I can avoid this in the future, because I can't figure it out. I have been making a robot arm for about a week. Every day, once or twice I will hit INCREMENT and SAVE so I have copies to go back to if need be, but I have left C4D open the entire week. I got my robot arm animating ok (for test purposes at least) and then I moved on to trying to attach a couple cables to it, trying to get them to flex with it. I was fairly pleased today when I looked at my overnight render, and things seemed fine. So I saved and then quit C4D. A couple hours later I reopened the project, and 2 or the robot arms joints (joints 3 and 4, counting from the bottom of the arm, and depicted by the the light gray discs) are now at crazy angles. Where I was simply rotating the Y value to make smooth turns, now all 3 rotational axis are off, and if I try to manually rotate them all to get them back into position, they pop crazy again when playing, even with keyframes set to keep them there. I thought this was weird, but at least I had my back up copies, right? Wrong. I opened them ALL, even ones from 4 days ago where the motion was fine, and they ALL have the same issue. I tried selecting the joint discs and resetting the PSR to 0, but that doesn't solve the problem, they will not rotate around Y, doing so rotates them weird. I have scrubbed and played through and rendered these files dozens of times, the only new thing is I quit C4D and then reopened the files. Anyone ever seen this? Anyone know how I can reset those to rotate properly around the gray cylinder's y Axis? I have attached last night's render combined with the current behavior. You can see they are all TRYING to rotate as before, but joints 3 and 4 are starting at a weird angle. The arm should start in the starting pose on the left. Thanks so much. - Mike arm05.mp4
  8. thanks guys, the grayscale gorilla videos really helped. one of my issues was i did not make the holding rings a moving mesh. And Steps per frame helped immensely
  9. no, the orange parts don't move independently of the white parts (white parts are Cylinder 1,2,3) They only move when he white arms move
  10. not sure I understand... the orange rings currently have hair collider tags on them. They are children of the white arms, which also have the tags. Is that not right?
  11. ok, thanks for the help. So is what I am doing what you guys would do to make a cable that moves dynamically? Because I am having a few issues: To get the cable to not pop through the holders, I have to make it fairly floppy, it doesn't look like a real electrical cord-type material. it moves like a silky string. If I make it stiffer, it pops out of at least 1 of the holders. I don't understand why.... if it is set to have a solider, shouldn't the rings stop it from popping out? thanks
  12. thanks so much westbam, I shall try that. how do you change the hierarchy?
  13. So, I want to make a robot arm with wires on the outside, that are threaded through cable holders. The attached movie is a test/proof of concept. As you can see, only ONE of the holders is behaving oddly, despite them all having the same tags. (although I think if I make the arm move at extreme angles, others may follow suit). But I see no reason why with THIS movement this one holder (3rd from left) should be giving me problems. The set up is a spline with a hair tag, with a sweep applied. All the parts of the arm and cable holders have hair collider tags Any ideas? Is there a different/better way to do this? The cable appears to have enough slack in it that it should be able to handle this move... also attached is my spline dynamics tag settings. I'm new to this so it could be something here, although I have slid everything every way and my current settings seem to work well except for that one holder. Thanks for any help. - Mike why480.mov
  14. Boomba

    How can I animate a dynamic object?

    hmmm... but how do i know where the dynamics will end up placing the envelope? to line them up properly?