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  1. Hey there, So I have a character and I want him to wear a hat and glasses. I tried just putting a PSR constraint tag to the bone of the head, and they ARE linked, but head2.mov when I rotate the head it all sort of slides away. Same with his teeth. What am I missing? How do you link it all so it rotates with the model? thanks for your help. - Mike
  2. yeah. So what is the real way to have him cast a shadow? And by "real", I don't mean the REAL way, I mean the fake way. I don't want to build fake 3D steps and try to match them into the real footage. I just want the infinite floor to be stuck to him, and catch shadows. how do I make the rest of the floor transparent? I assume some setting in the composting tag? I tried to put it in its own Object buffer layer, but for some reason it still renders the whole character and shaow on that new layer, basically I get the same thing twice instead of the character and then the shadow separately. the floor is the only thing I put on buffer layer 2.
  3. ugh. Figured it out. I have the floor shadow catcher layer stuck to him, so if the camera went below him, basically a black floor was cutting him off. so stupid. thanks.
  4. OK, new test, I sort of know what is happening. I added a cube to the scene, and you can see it's like the ground plane is randomly cutting things off above a line. you only see the bottom of the cube. My bird is above the line, and disappears. What is causing that?
  5. if it helps any, I went back to the very first version, before I animated my character, with just him standing there and the camera moving, and he disappears for those 2 frames . so it is the motion-tracked camera, not the model. (I think) However, even If I copy frame 15 onto `6, and frame 18 onto 17, he still disappears. So I don't know what to do about it. I see no settings I can adjust?
  6. @jed or @digitvisions any chance you have a moment to take a look? Sorry to bother you but I'm freaking out. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm using the Physical renderer with Motion blur turned on, 1/60th camera shutter speed, and I love the look. the only problem is when my character blinks, his eyelid moves so fast that it never renders all the way down, solid. Can I put some sort of tag on the eye lid so it ignores the physical renderer's motion blur? thanks for any ideas. - Mike
  8. I should say, he disappears when rendering. and it doesn't matter if I change from physical to software. thanks!
  9. I suppose I should be prepared for the "we need a project file" answer, but are there any things I can check for why my character disappears on frame 16 and 17? It's a character sort of hopping down some stairs. basically just a little squash and stretch (y sacel from 0.9 to 1.3), but the same values are on this stair as the next 3, so no weird values that should make him explode. In fact there's actually no keyframes set on those 2 particular frames at all so I am really baffled. Anything I should be looking at?
  10. ok thanks. It was more that I made the bent FFD before thinking about that it needs to straighten out later, and i don't want to have to reset all the points to make the straight one. But I guess I'll make a new FFD, set a pose morph on the straight one, then rebend it. thanks!
  11. Hey there, is there a way to animate/keyframe the strength of an FFD? Meaning, I have one set up to bend something. I want it to go from bent back to it's original flat shape. I'd love to just have a slider that relaxes it without having to make a pose morph. thanks
  12. thanks. I just ended up building a new ffd and all is well. I'd like to know why it was weird but at the same point it works now so that's all that's important. I probably did something weird.
  13. Hey guys. So my peacock's tail seems to be rendering weird. As you can see, if I render it in the viewport, the tail looks fine. It is being bent via FFD. However if I render to the picture viewer, same settings, the tail is not deformed the same. It comes out of his butt instead of tail area. Any ideas? thanks - Mike



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