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  1. I just joined a band called 999 Megabytes. We haven't done a gig yet.

    1. Neil V

      Neil V

      LOL! At least you have the brains to get the joke. It seems to pass most people by....

  2. Relieved to have finished my VRay tutorial!

  3. How on earth did I manage to delete my gallery?

  4. Getting back into VRay....

  5. Without a machine for 10 days! It nearly killed me.

  6. Next release is finished! Ready to go this week.

    1. dangomes


      Hi, have you released your c4d pack vol2 already? I'm asking because i were on the envy website, and only appears the 1st volume.


  7. Working hard on his next release

    1. nicks


      Hey Neil, how's it all going?

  8. Maxwell is bloody infuriating!!!

  9. is wondering what his next C4D collection should entail.....

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