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  1. Thanks! Sometimes I just don't understand why such simple things are not part of C4D????
  2. Hi, is there a way to fill (cap) multiple holes in a mesh at once? Other than using the close polygon tool on each single one. Thanks!
  3. Hi, thanks everyone for your suggestions. I also found a way to do it parametrically using the matrix objekt. The only Problem is that the elements are intersecting a certain points which is not good. Could not find a way to manage the intersections for now. Attached is the project file. Curves Paving.c4d
  4. Hi, I have a grid of cloned objects for a concrete paving. But now the underlying paving for the grid is curved. How can I deform my cloner grid to match the shape of the curved surface? Thanks!
  5. Hi there, as my last post seemed to be a bit confusing I'm trying here again. I think now the question is more clear. It's easy to find the reference object of an instance as this is shown in the attribute manager. BUT what about the ohter way round. How can I know if there exists an instance of any object in my scene? Thanks for your help guys.
  6. Hi thanks for your reply. I'm not talking about the instance. I'm talking about the reference object of an instance. There is no way to know if there exists an instance of an object in a scene as far as I know. But that would be helpful.
  7. Hi there, is there a way that I can see something is a reference object. Meaning that there are some instances of this object in the scene. This should actually be visible right in the attribute manager. If for example I have an extrude generator object and I have an instance of the spline (the one used in the extrude object) in my scene . If I now make the extrude object editible I loose the connection to the spline. But how can I know that there is an instance of that spline in the scene. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. C4D Cafe Intro to R18 and Modelling

    Hi, I bought the tutorial but did not get any download link? Edit: All Good - found the link! Thanks.
  9. C4D Cafe Intro to R18 and Modelling

    Hi, very nice to see some c4d modelling tutorial - quite a rare thing. Could you please provide some images about what the content is. That would be really helpful! Thanks.
  10. Asset Management Tool

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Well what I really would like to have are virtual catalogs not only old school folders. Other than that I could live with the content browser - although I don't really like it.
  11. Hi there, is there any more advanced asset management tool for cinema than the content browser around. What I'm mainly missing are some virtual catalogs. There is a good example of what I'm looking for here https://3d-kstudio.com/product/project-manager/ but it is only for may :-( Thanks!