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  1. EDIT: Ah! Your use of the formula + Decay + delay makes sense! I think I'm now able to get the effect I want. Thank you!! Thanks! That's a pretty cool approach. I especially like using the formula field to drive it, but: I'd like to give it sort of a rotation as it moves towards the center as well, so that it does a little flip. Basically, I want to use an effector to alter each instance chronologically. Inheritance is good, but it seems a little limited. Any other thoughtS?
  2. Hi all, This feels like something that should be simple, but I just can't figure it out. Attached is my scene. I have a cloner. I'm animating the clones inward from being pushed away by a target effector. - I'd like to have all clones start out fully affected by the effector, and then one by one they lose the effect of the effector and move into their original position. My plan is to then use a delay effector to blend it a bit, but I'd like that control over it. So, I'd consecutively have each clone animate in from being far away. Thanks! HexTest.c4d
  3. Thanks! I have watched a number of videos on fields. I still can't figure out how to get the exact outcome I need. I basically want to trigger a random effector in the location where a cloner passes through the object. But I can't get it to recognize a cloner.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to do what Sean is doing in the following tutorial, but I have R20. Basically: I want a cloner to drive a a random effector. So when the clones pass through my object, they trigger the random effector in that area. I guess that's basically using the cloner as a field, right? In Sean's tutorial, he uses the random effector to offset fragments of a voronoi fractured object. He puts a cloner into the "source link" field of the random effector, then animates the cloner so the clones are jumping around. It looks like "source link" was removed in R20 (or earlier), though. In general, I don't full understand how to use a cloner with fields. TUTORIAL: thanks! Justin
  5. Wow, just watched it. That was really cool! It doesn't 100% solve my problem, but it DID lead me try something: I switched the dynamics tag on the higher level fracture to Inherit tag: none, and that fixed it!
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to pick a couple of locations on an object that will have a higher density of fractures. So, I put the whole object in a voronoi fracture, then use a mograph weight tag to select a few of those fracture. Then i nest that whole thing in a voronoi fracture, using the mograph weight tag to drive where it'll be fractured again. Dyanmics work fine with the initial fracture, but as soon as I turn on the upper level fracture, it freaks out (fractures fly apart). This happens whether or not I restrict it to the mograph weight tag. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, This has been driving me up the wall. I'm trying to use the character object (on a bird). I modeled my bird, built the rig with the object, and now on the adjust phase. I find it so difficult to select the components to move around. Half the time I end up selecting the mesh behind, half the time I end up selected multiple components, and another half (yeah, we're talking 3 halves) C4D refuses to select anything. I've had this problem before, and never figured out an answer. Is the character object just a pain? Or am I missing something? Thanks! Justin (R20)
  8. Sorry for the slow reply. I managed to get it to work by baking the character as PLA, and then caching somewhat simplified splines. Not ideal, but it seems to work.
  9. So, turns out I need two questions: one to activate the modifier, one to deactivate it. I love Xparticles, but sometimes I feel like the documentation (though good) is kind of limited.
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to use a question on an emitter. I'd like to deactivate a spawning modifier after the particle has reached 60 frames. I'm able to get it to START spawning after 90 frames, but as soon as I drag the XPSpawn modifier into the "modifiers to deactivate" box, that modifier stops working entirely. Picture of my setup below.
  11. Hi all, I've seen a few posts about this, but haven't found a good approach. I have a rigged animated character. I'd like to attach a dynamic spline (which I'll sweep) as a cable/tubing. I'm using the Spline Dynamics tag with hair constraints on the end-points of the spline. It doesn't seem to line up exactly, though. And even if it does, it's way behind the animation. Any thoughts?
  12. OH MY GOD, it's just that the damn rotation record button wasn't on! What tiny thing that I missed! Thank you!
  13. The problem is that I want SOME elements to have that low framerate look, while others are smooth, all in one scene.
  14. C4D Studio R16 EDIT: project attached - I'm trying to rotate the CON_HIPS item. When I rotate it with autokeyframing on, it immediately snaps back to its original position. - When I delete the keyframes that are already on my timeline, I'm able to rotate it and create new keyframes. Not sure what's going on here. Hi All, I have noticed that for some rigged characters of mine (either rigged with the character object or via MIXAMO and then the RH Character Tools to create a controllable rig), the autokeying gets messed up after a while. 1) I "Record Active Objects" to create a starting keyframe. 2) I then use autokeying to alter things on individual frames. 3) Usually, I'm able to just rotate and move things with the axis bands, but sometimes when I do it just snaps back--autokeying stops working. I can't really figure out what's going on. Could it be that I don't 100% understand what's happening with the autokeying/record active objects stuff? Thanks! T-Pose16_BodyOnly.c4d
  15. So, I ended up using the displacer with an xpresso node that alters the seed every 12th frame. I'd prefer to use the jiggle deformer, so still would like to know if anyone has thoughts on that. I was using the jiggle deformer in conjunction with turbulence. Maybe enabling and disabliing the turbulence every 12 frames?
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