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  1. Hi all Our group (we are a two person group) is toying with the idea of upgrading to the C4D R21 bundle that includes Redshift and Red Giant. Our IT department wants to move us to a cloud based render farm. Can anyone out there with experience with cloud rendering with Redshift provide guidance on cost, efficiency and ease of use? There are several companies out there and it seems like Google Cloud (Zync) and Garage Farm rise to the top in the searches. Thx
  2. spline pen. then I selected all the points and rounded them with the round option
  3. Hi all I'm sure this is simple but I'm stuck. I just created an shape with the pen tool. I'd like to give it depth and make it round on the edges. I can extrude it on the y axis but I can't seem to make bulge on the edges. I tried using the spherify deformer but it didn't look right. Thoughts?
  4. Thx, I was thinking of rendering separate images to achieve the effect. I thought perhaps there was a tag I could place on an object to ignore DOF. There's include and exclude on light objects under the project options. it'd be cool if physical had a similar option.
  5. Hi all Im using Physical Renderer and depth of field to render my image. I have objects I'd like depth of field to ignore in the foreground and background. How to I do this without compositing in Photoshop? Thx
  6. Hi all I have a project where I need to show exponential growth of a virus. I'm using particle emitters in C4D. I'd like one particle from a group of 20 in emitter A to bump into a particle in a group of 10 in emitter B and change it's colour. id like the animation to propagate the changing of colours upon proximity and double every 60 frames. Yes, it's a COVID-19 animation I am able to change the colour of the texture easily but that controls all children. How can I do this without creating 10-20 different animations? Thx
  7. Hi all I'm having a spline issue. I need to wrap DNA around a few objects. I created the DNA easily enough but I can't get it to follow the path. It doesn't need to animate. I just need it to be closed throughout and open in one place. I added an image of what I'm trying to create with the file. Thanks dna-help1.c4d
  8. Ha! I have the variation set to 30%. I set that to 0 then adjusted the lifetime parameter I'm gtg.
  9. hello all I have a particle emitter flowing from point A to point B. I'd like the particles to disappear when they hit point B. I don't have xparticles, just using the builtin particle emitter. Any idea how I can do this in C4D R17? I know how to do this easily in After effects but I like the dynamics of C4D. Thx
  10. Anyone know a good cloud rendering service? My IT group may as well be Moe, Larry and Curly
  11. there seems to be an issue connecting with the vpn. working on a fix
  12. Hi all I have three dell servers use in my render farm and my Mac tower is the main computer I use for development and rendering. My dells worked for a while, now they "fetch" the render then go idle. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? I know it 's a vague question but wondering if anyone has a quick solution based on their own experience thanks and stay healthy
  13. Hi All Does anyone have experience using Deadline for there render farm? It has been suggested that we use it instead of Team render Would love to hear experiences using it. I'm unsure if it's a viable choice. Be well
  14. ok I figured out the issue. C4D does the conversion based on the unit of measurement set in prefs. smdh

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