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  1. ostraken

    Team render settings

    Thanks, you've been a great help. I'll seek your guidance in the future. Be well
  2. ostraken

    Team render settings

    My final render took 44 hrs. I'll have to check the settings. here are a few shots of my tests and final renders Shot 3 Still Dish was the desired profile but is simply didn't finish rendering the animation Shot 4 I pulled back on the ambient occlusion but it was kinda splotchy
  3. ostraken

    Team render settings

    You are right about tutorials. I normally go with GSG or Rob Redman. They're both very good. I did bump down the threads to 20 on both machines according to the last youtube clip I posted and unchecking blurriness really did help. I have Vray and considered purchasing a gpu option. Thanks for the help
  4. ostraken

    Team render settings

    You didn't respond with how long that scene takes with just one of your machines. You have given no clue as to what you mean by "scene" I said this in my previous post One frame without team render takes well over 30 mins... going on 52 mins and still counting GI squares. I basically gave up after 60 mins. It's an animation but I rendered out one frame as a PNG file just to see how long it would take without team render. I did find this tutorial and it helped. Unchecking the blurriness under options cut the time. One frame took 6 mins. I set it up the full animation (181 frames) to render before leaving for the day. I'll check it out in the morning to see how long it took to render. My workstations are using CPU for rendering so that's a big problem according to my research today. The optimizing Scenes in C4D looks promising. Thanks for the help and sorry for not being specific.
  5. ostraken

    Team render settings

    hello and thx for replying The windows machine has a speed of 1.18GHz and a maximum speed is 2.50GHz with 2 sockets and 20 cores and 256 GB of memory The Mac has 3 GHz 8-core intel Xeon E5. Memory 64 BG Under "Renderer" I set my prefs on both to 256 for "custom number of threads" Under "Team Render" I set my prefs on both under "Local Settings" > "Custom Number of threads to 256 and Share machine over network is ticked On the Mac side under > "Memory > "Picture viewer" I have unlimited ticked and Hard Drive (MB) set to 100000000 "Memory" (MB) is set to 64000 On the Windows side under prefs > "Memory" > "Picture viewer" > "Memory (MB) set to 250000 and Hard drive (MB) set to 1000000 with unlimited ticked Open GL is set to default...kind scared to mess with this. One frame without team render takes well over 30 mins... going on 52 mins and still counting GI squares. The windows machine is over a network could that be the problem?
  6. Hi all Im having a problem with team render I'm using two machines a Mac with 64 GB memory with a Terabyte of space and Windows machine with 256 GB of memory with a Terabyte of space I maxed out the number of threads on each machine to 256 for the picture viewer and renderer and basically maxed out the amount of memory and HD space on both machines. You'd think that the render would fly but it' took 33 hours to render a scene with GI and Ambient occlusion and it didn't finish. I'm clearly doing something wrong. Can someone point me to a tutorial that discusses the settings for faster rendering? Something that goes into depth about number of threads, memory and HD space allocation for GI and Ambient occlusion?