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  1. without a project file it can be hard to determine what the exact problem is. I will speculate and say that your ray depth is too low, both for shadows and transparencies (Alphas are transparencies) Go to the render Settings - Options, and on the top right you will see a bunch of Ray parameters. Try to increase Ray Depth and Shadow Depth and see if that makes a difference. Set them to 50 and 50 for starters and if that makes a huge difference, start lowering until you get the expected result.
  2. Another thing I just realized looking at your video, is that the Springs are the only elements that define how the Trunk bends. Since the spring doesn't have a defined connector point, and is compressible, this allows for a lot of chaos in the movement. I feel you will never be able to create a mathematically correct correlation between the 2 rigs. This reinforces my previous proposal, to create a table of correlations.
  3. The problem here is that you are using two completely different "mechanisms" to drive the two rigs. IK and FK, just calculate Rotations of Joints... NOTHING Else. In FK the rotation IS the driver, but in IK the Goal position defines the rotations. Your Robot, uses NO rotational information whatsoever. The only way I see you have parity between the two systems, is either try and replicate the Model inside Cinema 4D using some sort of Dynamics, Connectors e.t.c., OR find a correlation between parts of the Cinema 4D Rig (Joint rotations) and your controller motors. So for example: Make a pose inside C4D. Then try to manually replicate that pose using your controllers. When you're satisfied with the result, compare all the rotations on the Joints, and the Parameters of your Motors (how much did they rotate, and which ones). By doing this, you may be able to find a correlation between the two systems that's close enough for your Project. I would start by posing the tip of the nose, as it involves fewer moving parts. Nice Project. Good luck!
  4. Cineversity Live stream September 11th 2018 Tuesday September 11th, 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific), I'll be live online for an hour or two, to show off some Cinema 4D R20 tips and tricks, and answer user questions. Tune in on Cineversity YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr1hVkjuTJ0 Feel free to ask questions here and maybe I'll cover some of them…

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