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  1. Ok, so this is the correction deformer sequence I tried (with no success) 1. add correction deformer under the volume mesher 2. select all polygons 3. save selection 4. move selection tag to volume mesher and add tag to texture... Have I messed anything? Anyone have any other suggestions? Is this the point where I have to start learning Houdini? Please God no....
  2. Thanks for taking a look CBR. I'm seeing a few references to using a correction deformer to generate a selection tag, but I can't figure out how to get that working...
  3. Hi, does anyone know how to make an image map stick to a volume mesh that is breaking apart (via voronoi fracture)? I'm using redshift, but I'd be happy to just get this to work in standard! here's the C4D file and image (r20): volume mesher texture problem.c4d
  4. hi. I'm trying to color the individual veronoi splices in this cube with animated random field noise. whenever I render the colors jump about over the 90 frames... is there any way of nailing down the texture so each slice stays the same color throughout the animation? I started this in redshift but couldn't find a way, so ended up in standard trying it with a variation shader. same result - the colors flicker between the slices when I render. any suggestions would be gratefully received. file attached. r20. veronoi texture flicker problem.c4d
  5. woah you guys are amazing! there is no way i could have done that in such a short time, my modelling skills are very basic. can i get a copy?
  6. Thanks. That looks like my only option... I know they want it rotating so I'll have to guess what it look like round the back. Urgh.
  7. Yeah that's what i suspected... is there any way to tweak an icosahedron to reduce the panels and get those 10 edges?
  8. A client gave me this 2D pic and asked me to create a 3D model from it. I tried starting with icosahedron type sphere, but I can't get the 10 vertices/edges round the outside, it seems to default to 12. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?
  9. thanks but that was the plugin i referenced. unfortunately i can't get it to work with r20. i'm trying to follow hellolux tut on carpaint flakes, but i can't get the noise flakes to be shiny or different colors. anyone got any ideas?
  10. can anyone help me create this sparkle glittery material for r20 physical render?
  11. Hi, I found your post because I was trying to create something like this:

    and saw you were trying to do the same - did you find a way? can you maybe help me?
    Thanks a lot!

    Have a great day (:

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