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  1. hi. I'm trying to color the individual veronoi splices in this cube with animated random field noise. whenever I render the colors jump about over the 90 frames... is there any way of nailing down the texture so each slice stays the same color throughout the animation? I started this in redshift but couldn't find a way, so ended up in standard trying it with a variation shader. same result - the colors flicker between the slices when I render. any suggestions would be gratefully received. file attached. r20. veronoi texture flicker problem.c4d
  2. woah you guys are amazing! there is no way i could have done that in such a short time, my modelling skills are very basic. can i get a copy?
  3. Thanks. That looks like my only option... I know they want it rotating so I'll have to guess what it look like round the back. Urgh.
  4. Yeah that's what i suspected... is there any way to tweak an icosahedron to reduce the panels and get those 10 edges?
  5. A client gave me this 2D pic and asked me to create a 3D model from it. I tried starting with icosahedron type sphere, but I can't get the 10 vertices/edges round the outside, it seems to default to 12. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?
  6. thanks but that was the plugin i referenced. unfortunately i can't get it to work with r20. i'm trying to follow hellolux tut on carpaint flakes, but i can't get the noise flakes to be shiny or different colors. anyone got any ideas?
  7. can anyone help me create this sparkle glittery material for r20 physical render?
  8. Hi, I found your post because I was trying to create something like this:

    and saw you were trying to do the same - did you find a way? can you maybe help me?
    Thanks a lot!

    Have a great day (:

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