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  1. Don't we all? @3DKiwi Thanks for the reminder.
  2. Anyone uses 3D COAT with C4D ?

    Got 3D Coat recently, but didn't have time to play with it so far. I got it recommended by a lot of C4D users. Some features even work better than in Zbrush and the price tag is much nicer.
  3. New Female Character

    Seems it was too long for me yesterday. Still don't see details Thanks, I just didn't see that. Nevertheless I think he uses a lot of polygons for the eyes compared to the skin.
  4. New Female Character

    You can avoid the poles on the eyes like this. Nice topology otherwise. Great model.
  5. I sent you a pm with a pdf that addresses a lot of undocumented things. I'm working on this for several month now. Maybe this helps a bit. I have to rework this, as this was really a documentation of my progress and not a tutorial to the point.
  6. So you just smoothed out the weight map. This will help to get hires figures to C4D via FBX. The morphs have to be attached to the joints via Xpresso. You should set the skin object to spherical as well, as this equals to quaternion weighting in Daz Studio. Former Daz figures used tri-ax weighting, which is a separate weight map per axis. C4D cannot easily replicate that. Interposer Pro tried to deal with that with deformers.
  7. I will, but this is complex stuff and not something that can be explained in a few lines. In the parameter settings of the slider Do not mess with the Render SubDiv. That's just for rendering in Daz Studio
  8. You have to set the minimum in the settings of the slider (see yellow number). Here you have to go up to 2, 3 or 4. Of course you have to set the max, default and value accordingly. You only can get them out of Daz Studio in default pose in hires and have to pose them in C4D.
  9. I'm still investigating this in my spare time. Just one of the next things I plan to do. I plan to found a Club that goes into more detail on how to get Genesis 3 and 8 to Cinema 4D. There is much more to do, if you want to add the joint controlled morphs and other things.
  10. I already showed this in this thread here. Just follow the link https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/99946-riptide-pro-issue/?tab=comments#comment-659523 Daz always exports figures with the lowest SubDivision level. If you go to the parameter settings, you will see that the default minimum value is set to zero. This setting is selected by the exporter and not the value you can set with the slider. To get the hires mesh, you have to manually set the minimum value to 1, 2, 3 or even 4 and then the slider cannot go lower than this minimum value. Unfortunately the weighting in Daz works always on the SubDiv level 0 mesh. Even if you raise the SubDivision, Daz Studio will always weight the new vertices dynamically. Thus it will only export weighting information for SubDiv level 0 and put no weight on the subdivided vertices. Although you get a hires mesh with FBX export only the vertices of the SubDiv Level 0 will follow the bones. You have to apply a weighting to the additional vertices and this can be done with VAMP.
  11. Importing Daz figures is tricky. The best option is FBX so far, but... If you export a Daz figure from Daz Studio via FBX, you get only SubDiv 0 level exported. You can raise the min SubDiv level in Daz Studio prior to export and will get a subdivided mesh in FBX, but the weight map that is exported still only supports SubDiv level 0, which ends in weird results, when exporting a posed figure. It works on figures in default pose though and you can use Vamp to expand the weighting to the imported hires mesh. Some explanations can be found here. https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/99946-riptide-pro-issue/ This is what I found out so far, but I'm still working on refining the process. This reordering of vertices in Cinema 4D doesn't make life easier. It would be great, if MAXON could finally fix that, so that it is possible to add and remove vertices without loosing the weighting or getting in troubles with morphs.
  12. Club - G3/G8 conversion to C4D?

    Well I may start a thread first with my findings to see the amount of interest in this place. If there is a certain critical mass on interested user here, I might open up a club later.
  13. Club - G3/G8 conversion to C4D?

    I started with Poser in 2004 and changed to Cinema 4D with R11, because I wanted to use a professional software. I made some assets for Poser in the past and provided some images and animations internally for my company. Still my main job is in the area of intellectual property and so I do not have as much time for CG as I would like to have. Daz figures can be very useful for crowded scenes and background figures, as well as other assets that fill up complex scenes. If you do everything from scratch, you need a lot of time that you might not like to invest. My strategy was to make some main figures from scratch and use customized Daz figures for side characters. That's why I try to automate this process as good as I can.
  14. Hi everybody, There are a lot of Daz characters around and I always loved the idea to use and refine them in Cinema 4D. So I started a while ago to investigate how the Daz figures work and what would be the best way to get them to Cinema 4D. Daz uses quaternion weighting since G3, so these figures will no longer work in Poser and with Interposer Pro. The good thing is, that quaternion weighting equals the spherical skin weighting in Cinema 4D. FBX export from Daz Studio and FBX import in Cinema 4D works fine. Even the basic weighting works, but some important things are still missing. The corrective morphs for joint movements can be transferred to Cinema 4D as well, but they need to be connected to the joint (e.g. via Xpresso or Python Tag) Unfortunately the joint rotation in Daz Studio XYZ and Cinema 4D HPB works differently, but this can be solved with User Data/Python or even a C++ plugin as well. I still have to sort this out :) To get additional information out of Daz Studio, I wrote some scripts, which can be read by Cinema 4D Python scripts. If there are several others interested in this topic in the Cafe, I would eventually like to start a Club where I can share all my findings and discuss further improvements of these concepts. @Rectro really helped a lot in finding some answers how things can be solved in Cinema 4D. At the moment I'm just interested to transfer the characters, as I want to use Cinema 4D hair and clothing (maybe even Marvelous Designer based). Then I even can improve the materials and characters in Cinema 4D. Some of them I plan to use as background figures. New R19 technologies like LOD and morph enhancements will help in future. You can see that this will be a huge task and even end in a plugin (I programmed in C++ in the past) to load Daz assets and improve them automatically. As Vray user, I also have this render engine in mind in the end. So please give me your feedback to this idea and then I will decide, if I start with a specific thread or finally will approach the club direction.
  15. I am not that different. Sometimes too analytic and then I don't get forward and lost in details. I do create Docs/PDFs though. This helps me to understand things. I may start doing videos in future though... I already got a lot of ideas from your videos, so I really want to thank you here and maybe one day I can tell you something new and valuable