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  1. Dear Dan, Remove Invalid did the trick. You're really a master in this. At the moment my workflow is to bring a posed character from Daz to Cinema 4D and apply the shaders. As C4D is reordering the vertices on every import I have to see, if the selection thing can be applied simply by copying it from another file. Thanks a lot, you saved the day Walter
  2. The polygon selection is the face of this Genesis 8 character. I applied a black and white map only for the eyebrow area. Nevertheless I get guides all over the face, but almost no hairs. But I expected no hairs at all in the black areas. I made the hair a bit thicker to see it better.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nbqopnwq0sracsw/G3F8F.zip?dl=0
  4. Here is the file https://www.dropbox.com/pri/get/G3F8F.zip?_subject_uid=426831271&w=AABxLaqlgarM5oVDl-nAPoCgKbQFf4deHB7X_Evd1SG1kw Hopefully it works
  5. Thanks I used R18 and Vray 3.6. I'll have to extract the file without the maps. I'll send it.
  6. Hi all, I have a selection for the face and try to restrict the hair to the eyebrows with a density map in the guides and the hair. Unfortunately some hairs appear in the rest of the face although the map is black in these regions. What do I do wrong?
  7. I want to learn Blender as well. I have a license for R21, but cannot use it, as I only have a Vray license for R20. I mostly work with R18 today, as I have some other plugins that would need a new license key for R19+. R18 is still working fine. I do not miss the new features since R18 a lot. On the other hand, there is a Vray plugin available for Blender, which means that Blender may be a competitor for all kinds of CG software in future. Functionality can be added easily in Blender, as the source code is available. I see interesting times ahead.
  8. It seems that every software provider wants to go to subscription. This may be good for companies and probably some freelancers, but others that do not use the software often may not like the costs. They have a perpetual license and today they may skip a new version, if it does not provide the right features at a reasonable price. I have an MSA today, that will end after the delivery of R21. At the moment I work with R18, as I have some plugins for that version and there is no need for me to use a newer version at the moment. So let's see where Cinema is heading. I'm not into motio
  9. Thanks a lot. This looks quite helpful. I really would love to work with Subdivision 2 models and put the rest to displacement, normal and bump. The Bake texture tag seems to be able to produce displacement maps as well. It was addressed here already There seems to be a way to Bake Objects in the Object Manager/Objects/Bake Objects as well. I just have to play around a bit :) Seems I'm on the right track now.
  10. So you suggest to bake a normal map and convert it to a displacement map afterwards.
  11. Thanks for the information, but it's more to import a lowres OBJ and a hires OBJ and then bake the difference to a displacement map for the lowres OBJ. Nevertheless I have to have a look at ShaderMap 4, as it looks interesting as well.
  12. Some of the JCMs are quite useful as they correct deformations or can be used for bulging muscles. I'd love to bake the hires OBJ into a B&W displacement map. Just don't know, how to do that.
  13. Seems to be an interesting approach, but... - What about HD morphs? - What about joint controlled morphs? They are controlled by ERCLinks. Thanks for the information though. I already thought about just exporting the OBJ and re-rig it. As I use Vray I have to redo the maps anyway.
  14. I worked on a way to get Daz figures to C4D more than a year ago via FBX. You get a weighted mesh with bones, but some things are not imported by C4D (e.g. default orientation of the joints). You can get the joint controlled morphs, but the connection to the joints have to be done manually via Xpresso. Such a Daz to C4D plugin shall support all these things, so posing can be done directly in C4D. Similar things already exist for Maya and Blender.
  15. I heard that already several times. Thanks for the info, but I will believe it, when I see it


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