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  1. In Vray it is recommended to use real life values. Don't know about the Advanced Renderer though. Nevertheless a realistic physical render engine should care about dimensions.
  2. Somehow the edge is a bit sharp IMHO.
  3. Not so sure about the upper lip, but otherwise excellent! Unique and very detailed.
  4. I also did a test regarding the normal map. I just wanted to know, if I have to flip red or green or even swap it, when i take the normal maps that are supplied with Victoria 7. The test shows that they are fine as they are. Here is a comparison of the Iray render in Daz tudio and the Vray render in Cinema 4D with the new Vray standard material. Seems to be ok. Thanks for your help. Now I can apply the maps in the correct way, refine and improve them.
  5. Hi Dan, It took a bit longer to make some tests, but it seems I understand now the differences between the render engines. This is the Wire in the editor of Daz Studio, the render with the Iray engine and the 3Delight engine (both in Daz Studio) at the lowest Subdivision value. 3Delight looks like the wire of the editor, but it seems that Iray is applying a smoothing anyway and thus the mouth is a bit more open. In Cinema 4D the wire looks the same and Vray does not apply any automatic smoothing, so it looks like the 3Delight output and different to Iray. This was confusing at first, but now I see that it is the right behavior. The Vray render is a bit dark here, because I selected the wrong settings for the camera. Anyway it's about geometry :) When I apply a Subdivision to the base wire in Cinema 4D and render it in Vray, then it almost looks like the Iray render in Daz Studio. The result is cleaner and much faster though. To sum up: The confusion was simply that Iray uses a smoothing for rendering, although the subdivision was set to zero. In Cinema 4D everything works correct and as intended.
  6. Hi Dan, Thanks for responding so fast. I'll post a screenshot this evening. I didn't use any displacement map here. Just a plain 80% white diffuse and nothing else. I've seen this effect already in the editor without activating the vrayBridge. Nevertheless I post more detailed information with the screenshots. Walter
  7. Hi there, I'm a bit confused and I'm sure the issue is with me, but maybe someone can give me a hint on that... If I render a lowres version of a Genesis 3 character in Daz Studio in default pose, the teeth can be seen between the lips. When I export the character to C4D via FBX, the mesh has the same resolution, but it seems that it is smoothed and slightly blown up. The lips are closed and it seems that C4D used botox here. The nose is a bit larger and rounder. Everything seems to be a bit smoother. Removing the phong tag didn't help. When I apply a Subdivision suface to the mesh, the lips open up and the nose gets smaller. It seems to me that C4D has a different interpretation of the mesh and I wonder, where this comes from. How can I tell C4D to do no smoothing at all? I'd like to see the polygons in the render, just to understand what influences the mesh and blows it up compared to Daz Studio. Any idea? Thanks
  8. Well, I'm optimistic for now that they did a great job so far. Hopefully We'll see...
  9. Reminds me of Game of Thrones. Everyone is waiting for the big thing. It comes, it comes,... So R20 will be it. Ok, let's hope.
  10. Thanks for the new video. Very educating!
  11. This looks really good and worth the price. I have the GSG rig, but I didn't use it anymore for quite a while. As I do almost all my renders with Vray, I'd love to see a rig for Vray 3.4.
  12. Hi, nice to see you here. Have followed you videos as well on Youtube. Grüße von einem anderen Wiener.... :)
  13. So I no longer need to grow the Ivys in R15 and I can do that directly in R18? Sounds amazing!
  14. Really good work with the skin. There is some room for improvement with the eyes. They look very young and clear. The rest is simply excellent!
  15. Just for your information. Vray for C4D works offline as well and is based on your Cinema 4D serial number. A nodal system would be great. Especially, if we can use it in Vray as well. Unfortunately I do not think that MAXON will provide that with R19.