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  1. Visionnext

    Introduction to R20 Nodes

    I always loved the quality of your tutorials and this is a feature that I wanted for a long time. As a former Vertex Pusher customer I have to get this, after I installed my R20 on my new rig.
  2. Visionnext


    Sorry to say so, but according to the hints an update of Bodypaint should have come with R19 update or at least R20 and a nodal material system with an SDK that can easily be integrated in 3rd party render engines. Just two examples. There have been many hints, but only some of them became true. Relying on hints for a roadmap isn't a good approach. You can always say afterwards that the hint was simply wrong. I do not trust in 'Fake News', but I would like to know from MAXON what their plan for the future is. Don't get me wrong, the people who run this forum are awesome and the employees and developers from MAXON do a great job, but the management has to change their communication policy. When I miss minor things in Cinema 4D, I write scripts and I also learn writing macros at the moment. This is a big investment from my side to get more efficient. I'd love to know, what features I can wait for and where I have to find a different solution in my workflow. I also want a stable and efficient SDK to integrate the plugins and use C4D features as much as I can. C4D is a modular and stable application and I appreciate that, but there is always room for improvement, especially when the core is partially rewritten. I don't want to offend anyone, but just give some constructive criticism. C4D simply matters to me.
  3. Visionnext


    You're reading my mind. If Cinema 4D is a Mograph application, then so be it. I love Cinema 4D, but I really think about sticking to my MSA. MAXON proided many features with R20, but not in the areas that I hoped for. At the moment I'm still on R18 and I may stay there, although I have the right to install R20 when it comes out. I have to chose between an improved R20 and updating all the plugins from R18, or stay on R18, as R20 doesn't bring a real benefit to my use case. When R20 is out, I will give it a test drive and decide then. I absolutely agree with Dan, that a road map wold be highly appreciated or a commitment about what Cinema 4D will be focused in future.
  4. Visionnext


    I really hoped to get a nodal system that I can use in Vray. We've waited so long for R20 and this was on top of my wishlist, like Bodypaint and character improvements. R20 is nevertheless a good version though, although it concentrates too much on motion graphics from my point of view.
  5. Visionnext


    You always need a good teacher to be able to work with new features. Vertex Pusher is da man!
  6. Visionnext


    It seems so and this is really a shame. Nodes cannot be used with Vray for C4D and I really hoped for that. Octane has their own node based material system. I'd love to finally see a proper integration with open APIs for plugin developers.
  7. Visionnext


    I hoped to get more features regarding characters, but I love to get a nodal material system finally and hope that Vray for C4D supports it. Still have to sort out what R20 means for me, but as I have an MSA, I definitely get R20 anyway. It seems that the FBX import was improved as well, so maybe some features, like initial offset of joints may be recognized and imported now correctly. I'm still exited and optimistic. Hopefully the MAXON communication about the future roadmap improves as well.
  8. Visionnext

    Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    I'm very sad to hear this. You are one of the most important members of this community and I learned a lot from your videos. I can only wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. We need you!
  9. Visionnext

    Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    UV, multithreaded Xpresso and a nodal material system would be on my wishlist too. I already payed my maintenance fee, so I can test what R20 will provide in fall.
  10. Visionnext

    MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    I agree with you, but C4D was my first choice because of the simplicity of usage and because it was a general workhorse. I'm not into mograph though and more into characters like @Rectro. C4D started to develop character features, but it seems that significant features are still missing. On the other hand, MAXON is not good in communicating about their future feature focus. Maybe the future is to have several programs to work together with capable file exchange formats (FBX import by MAXON still has various deficits, reordering of vertices in OBJs is a real mess), which makes it possible to work with different versions of these programs together. Plugins are nice, but you always have the troubles of updating them and sometimes their instability even crashes C4D. I get R20 via MSA as well and I wll see what they will provide. Although I have R19, I'm still using R18 in order to keep my workflow stable. IMHO MAXON should concentrate on specific features as best in class and provide open interfaces (stable and standardized file exchange). Thus it will be easier to fill specific gaps with other programs.
  11. Visionnext

    MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    I think Blender definitely becomes a competitor in some areas. It's free and it tries to fit in into the ecosystem of Autodesk somehow with reasonable interfaces. If something new is needed/wanted by the community, they can probably add it, as it is Open Source. New features can be added to Cinema 4D as well by plugins, but in order to provide complex plugins without too much workarounds a more open and flexible SDK is needed (e.g. for 3rd party render engines) and finally a node based material system as well. This can be based on classes, where methods can be implemented differently based on the render engine. I really hope that R20 provides the leap forward with a new flexible, future-proof and modular core. So R21 is only bringing in new features. This will further increase the number of licensees, income and money to spend for even more features.
  12. Visionnext

    MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    I'm an optimistic person, so I'm looking forward to R20 and what comes next. My only concern is the Adobe business model, which I don't like. I still have a perpetual license on my CS6 suite and I like that. When MAXON change to an only subscription model, I'm out. I also expect further advancement in the motion graphics area, as this is a topic, where Adobe is strong and where they already cooperated with MAXON. This is not my target though and I hope the new kernel brings also improvements in areas we waited so long, e.g UV editing. Clothilde and dynamic hair could also be improved. The improvement of administration of content is also something that should be addressed. LIBS are not the final solution for 3rd party content. I assume that we will see soon, what R20 brings and the new CEO will probably make a statement this year about the future of Cinema 4D. Very curious!
  13. Visionnext

    What kinda renderer is this ?

    I'm quite sure that Dan is right and it is a Daz figure rendered in Iray. I still see some room for improvement, but it is definitely well done.
  14. Visionnext

    C4D Hair System

    Rectro's tutorials are always easy understandable and very helpful!
  15. Visionnext

    C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Improvements on Bodypaint/UV mapping Improved SDK for 3rd party render engines. Nodal materials Improvement on Xpresso and Python but overall, keep the stability and iron out existing bugs