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  1. @teknow: any chance to upload the files again?
  2. Daz3D To Cinema4d

    Thanks for the link. Well, I know how to export morphs from Daz. These morphs are absolute morphs in Cinema 4D when imported, but can easily be transformed to less heavy relative morphs. The connection between the joints and the morphs are done with ERCLinks in Daz Studio, which can be replicated with Xpresso in Cinema 4D. There are still some details that have to be solved and of course the process has to be automated.
  3. C4D or 3DS Max? (modelling)

    If you are searching for a pure modeller, zBrush is very capable and flexible. Personally I started to use 3DCoat recently, which provides great voxel sculpting and retopology features at a low price. Like @CGIHercules said, these programs are good for organic modelling and UV painting. For box modelling Cinema 4D provides some great tools already, so it might be a bit pricey to go the Max route. As said before. It all depends, what you want to model in the end.
  4. Daz3D To Cinema4d

    Hi @AlOOX Transferring Daz figures to Cinema 4D is a bit cumbersome. I get the best results with Genesis 3/8 FBX export from Daz and import in Cinema 4D. You get a single mesh with selection tags and assigned materials. Nevertheless you have to adjust the materials, especially the eyes. FBX also provides the rig and the weighted figure. You should set the weighting to spherical in the skin deformer, as this is what Daz uses. You do not get the JCMs (corrective morphs) and you only get the Subdiv 0 mesh. Some other things are missing as well, so posing in Cinema 4d is possible, but far from perfect. Nevertheless, if Subdiv 0 is sufficient, I find it much better than the OBJ route. Texturing always depends on the render engine that you plan to use. As I use Vray, I have to adjust the materials anyway and for displacement I have to go the UDIM route so far. I've been investigating this for several months now and I'm trying to get G3/8 over to Cinema 4D with scripts or plugins. Unfortunately my progress is slow, otherwise I would have shared some insights already. My goal is to get G3/8 to Cinema 4D and pose it there including corrective morphs. I also want to read pose files directly in Cinema 4D and apply them. Prior figures use tri-ax weighting of the mesh and this is a real mess. Since G3/8 Daz uses quaternion weighting, which equals spherical weighting in Cinema 4D.
  5. Club - G3/G8 conversion to C4D?

    Unfortunately I don't have an answer for that. I will go for dynamic clothes, so I didn't investigate on this topic so far.
  6. Just an update: Real life just permanently interferes with my task to get G3 to C4D, but I won't give up. Unfortunately there are still many things to solve. In general I have a workflow, but the details are still to be automated and refined. As soon as I have something, I'll let you know. It seems that this takes longer than expected.
  7. Mountains at Dawn

    Really well done. I think the reflections are somehow missing though. Can't help you here unfortunately, because I'm a Vray user and never had an idea how to use Reflectance.
  8. How to split object to selections?

    Thanks a lot!
  9. How to split object to selections?

    Thanks a lot. This is really helpful. This also great as a sample, because I started to script myself.
  10. Hi, This may be a dumb question. I have a mesh with more than 10 polygon selection tags and I want to split that into separate objects for each tag. I know that I can use the split command to make a separate mesh out of a selection, but is there a command to do this for all selections with one click? Maybe this can be done with a script as well? Is there such a script available?
  11. How to open OBJ with MTL

    You could try the Riptide plugin.
  12. Unfold3D new pricing and version

    Thanks for the information. Just acquired 3DCoat and I wonder about the pros and cons of Unfold3D. It definitely looks like a nice program and @Rectro's recommendations are never bad at all.
  13. Terrain Painting

    I'm really interested in your results, as I work on a terrain generating workflow myself.and try to create some assets. You can never learn enough from the experience of others.
  14. Terrain Painting

    I'm not a native english speaker as well and your's isn't bad at all. Regarding RDT - I would take the maps from World Machine as distribution maps and build layered materials in Cinema 4D with the RDT. If you have cliffs or steep mountain slopes, you may get a problem with the mapping, as the UV mapping for the landscape will be from the top and you might experience some stretching. Such things will be avoided with procedural materials in Cinema 4D. You can mix them with other textures. Another option is to adjust the UV mapping for closeups. You may also paint with Bodypaint in these areas or use an external application, like Mari, ZBrush or 3DCoat. It all depends on your scene. You can also hide it behind plants and rocks, so it doesn't get obvious. I have Vue 2014, but didn't get any good spherical HDRI out of the program so far. This would be an option for background terrains and skies. I also tried to do that with Bryce, but this is tedious as well. I don't have Terragen, so i can't say anything about that.
  15. Terrain Painting

    Hi, I am a World Machine user and you may try the following workflow as well. - Create the terrain in World Machine - Export the heightmap/object and several other maps (e.g flow, deposit, height). You can also create normal/bump maps there for the details. - You can create materials in World Machine, or use the above mentioned maps as alpha maps to distribute your C4D materials (e.g. RDT). I use it to distribute rocks and plants as well with SurfaceSpread. If you have Vue, you can of course create the materials in Vue, but if not, this is an alternative This mountain range was created in World Machine, including textures and rendered in VrayForC4D .