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  1. It also depends, if you plan to use plugins or external render engines. Some of the plugins are only available for PC. Vray for C4D has some minor short-commings on Mac due to different system behavior, but most of the software runs on Mac as well without any issues.
  2. Riptide Pro Issue

    Hi @Spanki, Great news. I really love Riptide Pro, but this bug was a bit annoying. I tried the C4D native import and the MDD importer of Riptide Pro and this worked quite well for basic figures. Nevertheless the OBJ import of Riptide Pro provides a lot more options.
  3. Bitcoin , GPU costs and future Rendering

    Just wait a bit. Bitcoins and Co. are under serious pressure and when the hype is gone, the price of the GPUs will drop again. I decided to delay the investment in a new rig to next year. AMD promised to provide a secure CPU with the Zen 2 architecture and GPUs will also be cheaper by then. This is an assumption of course.
  4. Mineral Reign texture Library

    This is a nice collection. I really consider getting it. My main render engine is Vray for C4D and the material channels seem to be sufficient.
  5. Studio MSA Price Increase

    My MSA was renewed in January at the current price, so I will have enough time to look at the improvements of R20. As I am doing a lot of characters lately, I'm curious about the things that MAXON will provide. The alternatives are not cheaper though (Modo, Maya,...) and I really like Cinema 4D. Let's see...
  6. The Asus monitor I talked about is available at approx. 1,400 EUR here in Europe. The Eizo is about 100 EUR cheaper.
  7. I got a replacement for my old 24", FullHD Eizo monitor and I'm super happy with it. Eizo FlexScan EV3237 (31.5", 3840x2160 and 80% AdobeRGB) an alternative would have been the ASUS ProArt PA329Q, which is a bit more expensive, but 32" and 99.5% AdobeRGB I decided myself for the Eizo, because the mechanics are very good and I never had a problem so far with Eizo.
  8. Happy New 2018 & 50000 members mark!!

    Happy new year to all as well. You really did a great job maintaining this forum and 2018 will even be better.
  9. Riptide Pro Issue

    This would be amazing. I'd really love to beta test this. Still I wonder, why Riptide Pro is crashing. I have this in R15 and R18. By the way: A standard OBJ import works and loading an MDD file to this OBJ with Riptide Pro works as well. Unfortunately it does not work with clothes, hair or gens attached. I'm still missing something here. By the way: I'd love to volunteer as beta tester. It's either this solution, or I have to work on my own.
  10. Riptide Pro Issue

    Unfortunately I'm very occupied with other stuff at the moment, so I tried the Riptide Pro route as well, combined with an MDD export. I got similar crashes with Genesis 3 out of Daz Studio as OBJ in C4D Studio R18. It seems that there is something that the plugin doesn't like. Really too bad. Hopefully I can sort that out.
  11. I just tried the V2.6 demo in Studio R18/Win7 Pro 64bit and got constant crashes when loading a Daz Genesis 3 character via Riptide Pro. Is there a way to find the reason for that (log file or so)? Can this be a conflict with another plugin (Vray, Laubwerk, Xfrog)? Any idea how to cope with this? Is anyone else using Riptide Pro in R18 here? It seem to work fine on my R15 installation in parallel. Thanks a lot upfront Walt
  12. Riptide Pro v2.6 update

    Tried the demo yesterday in Cinema 4D R18 Win7 64bit and get some strange effects, when exporting Daz character and importing them. The material editor just doesn't work properly and in the beginning I had some crashes. Does anyone else have similar problems?
  13. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    I got the Adobe CS6 production suite at a fair crossgrade price and I have some plugins for Photoshop, but I do agree with @Rectro that it falls short regarding 32bit. Sometimes I use Photomatix for going from 32 to 8 bit, but that's only in special cases. I kept an eye on Affinity for the last year, as features compared to pricing are amazing. If they improve the Affinity suite further, they will be a hard competitor for Photoshop. For some use cases they even seem to be better today.

    For me it's perfectly fine to get rid of some of these old and mostly obsolete features. Personally i don't need them anyway. Nevertheless I would love to get a bit information in which areas R20 will improve.
  15. Making 3d objects with 360º photos

    I also can recommend Agisoft. You have to take a lot of pictures of an object (e.g. with a DSLR) and load them into Agisoft. The software makes a 3d object (triangles) and maps the texture of the images onto the mesh. To improve this further, you can switch to a modeller (e.g. zBrush or 3D Coat), clean up the mesh and retopologize it to quads. You can also make a reasonable UV map. Then you import it back to Agisoft and project the images back to the new UV mapped mesh to get the texture files. You can create bump, normal and other maps with the Substance Suite to get a high quality asset in the end. At least that is the way the RDT (Real Displacement Textures) were made by C. Schindelar. You find info regarding Agisoft on Youtube. By the way: They are using Agisoft in their pipline as well (https://www.triplegangers.com/)