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  1. how do i delete preferences? its only happening with certain textures. could it be something to do with incompatibility with R20?
  2. can someone please tell me where to install drop to floor. Theres two files .pype and .pypv Also a res folder.
  3. After putting a texture on my object and rendering the viewer is just grey. Any idea why? see image
  4. I tried but i dont get the diagonal arrows only horizontal or vertical
  5. i noticed that i cannot pull the viewer from the corner therefore expanding both directions at once. Im sure I could do this on my mac with R18. Is this a setting? Its only a minor thing but its easier.
  6. ok so when i put the plugins in that folder is when i encountered the problem though.
  7. thanks that worked. Its opening now but can you please tell me where I put my plugins and also where do i put my custom pallete?
  8. i need to know how to navigate to the prefs folder without opening c4d cause it wont open. In windows 10 please
  9. Hi, I just changed over from mac to pc and ive installed c4d r20. Was all good then I opened prefs and put all my plugins there. Now whn i try to open the start screen just hangs forever and wont open. Any idea why? Is there a way to navigate in windows 10 to this folder so I can remove them if they are causing this problem? thanks
  10. I understand that when moving to a new computer C4D i supposed to be deactivated on the old one or uninstalled. But my mac has died so what do I do in this instance?
  11. Hi, yes I need to install on a new computer. My mac died.
  12. Hi can someone please tell me where i find my serial key. Ive looked under help/personalize but all I see there is a registration number. From memory this is not the same thing.
  13. I have watched some videos on the axis centre but its still baffling me unfortunately. When I click on centre axis to nothing happens most of the time. How do I get my axis to the centre of my object? I extruded a spline then I connected objects and deleted but now my object has two axis is different places. One in model mode and one when im in edge poly and vertex mode. Confused.
  14. thanks for the replies. Maybe thats how its supposed to be then. Thanks for the tips about converting the selection Dan as I didn't know I could do that.
  15. Select only visible seems to only work for points and polygons for me. Is that how its supposed to be? Tried a new simple project with just a cube and cannot select only front facing edges.



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