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  1. C4D content updates wont download. I get an error saying try again later. I have been trying for 2 weeks. I contacted MAXON and all they do is say sorry but theres nothing they can do and to try again! Anyone have similar issues and solution?
  2. Thank you for the advise. Appreciate it. So in after effects you render the timeline then it plays back smoothly until you change something. Not the same in c4d?
  3. Heres a link to the file https://we.tl/t-2ZQdgGxcny Heres a link to the tut
  4. Yes i tried that but a search of file explorer didnt find any texture with that name. I dont see how its possible to search the file anyway because Its a texture pack i purchased from grey scale gorilla in the form of a libd file. Are the textures stored somewhere? arent they inside the file so therefore searching for them returns no results.
  5. Ive been following this holographic earth tutorial and when i hit play the timeline is only playing about 3 frames per second. Can someone please advise me what im doing wrong and what settings I might change so i can see the animation playback more smoothly? I cant attache the file cause its too big.
  6. Some of my textures are rendering in quick render as black and I get an asset error. Any idea how i fix this please?
  7. thank you. this is exactly what I meant.
  8. Works on mac. Yeah I guess is trivial in comparison to other bigger issues but it's the little things that make things more user friendly. Annoying to have to do two click and drags to resize instead of one
  9. The screen cap you've posted is resizing the entire app. That works for me too but try resizing just the perspective view.
  10. The render view bars at top and bottom used to be left and right in my R18 version. Is this a setting somewhere or a change in R20?
  11. so CAn you please tell me is this actually possible on a pc because I still cant get it to happen. Ive hovered outside the window but the arrows dont go diagonal
  12. how do i delete preferences? its only happening with certain textures. could it be something to do with incompatibility with R20?
  13. can someone please tell me where to install drop to floor. Theres two files .pype and .pypv Also a res folder.



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