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  1. I had a look at this and its not checked
  2. No Zoom is still working but I used to able to do with my scroll wheel on the mouse but now I have to do alt right mouse click
  3. I usually use my mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out and also to scroll the content browser but it seems to have stopped working. Is there a setting somewhere to enable ?
  4. Thanks figured it out in the end. It wasn’t mentioned to only scale on 1 axis so I was scaling the lot. I don’t really like the resulting polygons with this method. They are kind of squared. I’d like circular loops. I think Cerberas method works best. Thanks for the great help everyone.
  5. Why does mine look like this after scaling to 0?
  6. What is the best way to create a half sphere with a cap on? I tried attaching a flattened cylinder to the top with connect and delete but was a very fiddly and time consuming process. Is there a better way? I want a half sphere that looks solid.
  7. I have a sphere with a displacer and a noise shader. I notice that I can see the way the polys meet at the top of the sphere doesnt look nice. Is there a way to fix so that they arent concentrated into the dome like that? displacer.c4d
  8. Can I work on new project while rendering one?
  9. How do I open 2 material editors at once?
  10. Thanks for the detailed help. Im not sure how I combine this with a background to make infinite background as the projection needs to be frontal and the gradient 2v
  11. is there a tutorial where I can learn to make with material alpha?
  12. I have some objects with a reflective material and some lights. I can see the lights in the reflection. I tried using a compositing tag on the light and turn off see reflection but it doesnt work. How can i make so I cant see the lights?
  13. Its just that I want to make an infinite background and currently I am using plain with a hole and a background. It works okay with non reflective material but if i use reflection in the material you can see a faint edge on the plain. Is there a way to hide the edge?
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