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  1. I understand that when moving to a new computer C4D i supposed to be deactivated on the old one or uninstalled. But my mac has died so what do I do in this instance?
  2. Hi, yes I need to install on a new computer. My mac died.
  3. Hi can someone please tell me where i find my serial key. Ive looked under help/personalize but all I see there is a registration number. From memory this is not the same thing.
  4. I have watched some videos on the axis centre but its still baffling me unfortunately. When I click on centre axis to nothing happens most of the time. How do I get my axis to the centre of my object? I extruded a spline then I connected objects and deleted but now my object has two axis is different places. One in model mode and one when im in edge poly and vertex mode. Confused.
  5. thanks for the replies. Maybe thats how its supposed to be then. Thanks for the tips about converting the selection Dan as I didn't know I could do that.
  6. Select only visible seems to only work for points and polygons for me. Is that how its supposed to be? Tried a new simple project with just a cube and cannot select only front facing edges.
  7. I have selected multiple edges to bevel but it doesnt work if I have more than about 4 edges selected. Is there a limit on how many I can bevel at once or something? Was trying to bevel about 20 edges at once. Tried a few times then my mac freezed up for about 15 minutes.
  8. I have a simple low poly object in a null and I want to rotate the axis to make it move where I I want it to go but when I enable the axis and try and rotate it nothing happens. Am I missing something? I tried with just an ordinary cube and it works fine but not with my object. It has no special tags or anything.
  9. Thank you. Thats excellent.
  10. Can anybody please tell me how the floating balls coming out of the chimney stacks are created in this video at 00:18. They look like soft body tag maybe? But Ive tried and failed to do something similar.
  11. Can someone please tell me why the 'select only visible elements' doesnt seem to work with the rectangle tool. I have it unchecked but it still only selects visible?? Works for the live selection but not rectangle. Am I missing something?
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the great advise and encouragement. I will be taking it all onboard.
  13. Im finding C4D is so complex and deep that I find it very difficult to focus on learning it. I never can decide how to go about it. Whether I should concentrate on one area such as modelling, hair, dynamics, particles etc and just try to get very good at one thing then move on to something else or learn bit here and there of everything which is what Im currently doing. TBH though i cant remember any of it. My brain just doesn't retain much of it at all. Ive been learning it for two years now and don't feel like Im really much good at anything. I can watch tutorials and learn techniques till Im blue in the face but end of the day I dont ever seem to have any ideas of my own about things or know what to do with the skills I have learnt. How do people learn this stuff and turn it into a career? Are people just faking it with their clients then figuring out how to do stuff as they go along and when needed? Because I dont feel like Ill ever be at place where I can just do whatever a client wants. Life is too short to learn it all. I guess when you work for an agency or something you are given something to do. I even went to uni and completed a degree but was still not enough to give me the confidence to feel like I know what Im doing and land a job. The degree was very broad though so only learnt little bit of this and that, many different programmes. I did really well at uni and threw my heart and soul into it but as soon as it was over I had no clue what to do next. Uni did now prepare us for the transition at all. Any advise from professionals about how to approach companies and what I need to show them? Do I need a showreel or is a showreel something you have after you have done enough work to put on one. Where I live entry level positions are rare as hens teeth and ask for 2 years experience!
  14. Thanks for your help. All good solutions
  15. Hi Jed, I didn't have a dynamic tag on the cube but the text was falling through it so I thought I had to put one.



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