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  1. Taken from the textbook for the modern manager. Do not say anything concrete but show yourself in a good light. Many people here are upset. And they earn a living with this software. I think they want to hear concrete things. As nice as that sounds - meeting to beer - it ignores that people here are seriously worried. I do not want to accuse it to you, but the company you once worked for is also known for ignorance, when it comes to "listen to the users". And I think MAXON should not be too sure if drinking is the right thing to do at the moment.
  2. In my experience, the subscription model is rather liked by 5%. The rest endures it or keeps hands off. The merchants of big agencies love it, of course, and those who could not afford the software with the purchase model. So rather hobbyists or users in the small budget area.
  3. Oh man, I can well imagine what has happened to you, dear MAXON developers. Here comes a new boss with "really great" news. We do everything differently now ... better ... faster ... online ... "Let´s do it Adobe.style ... cloudy ...!" Stomach aches will have set in. "But that's already great ..." you'll have thought ... "That's not a bit better ..." and so on. I know how loyal and helpful you have been in all these last years. And now you have to happily introduce a subscription model (you know what most users think of). Had to waste so many resources on things you did no
  4. Not a question. The former Cinema Help was unbeatable. Industry leading. No need for optimization in any way. As some have already written: Who likes help systems ala Adobe? Ever looked there for a solution? And found it? My experience is that googling is the much, much faster way here. I've been so annoyed with this online cr*p so many times. (And wished me back the old - excellent - preCloud manuals, yes, paper-manuals) Hours spent without coming even close to a solution. It is practically the opposite of Cinemas help system. (Or: Nobody likes Adobes horrible online
  5. I would give you 10 likes for your posts, but the rules here tell me, that I can´t. I´m limited. The answer given by Mr Mc Graven was simply nothing than... "trust into Marketing blah-blah. I´m here. Love me. I will do nothing. Believe me or (better) not.
  6. It's really hard to stay calm and nice at this point. The ORIGINAL MAXON was (!) one of my favorite programs - not only because I felt it was being looked after by a fair crew. Now I have to watch how one feature after another is removed. In addition, the marketing department tells what all this brings great benefits. This all reminds me of Adobe. A real Dejavu. And? Did they, Adobe, listen to what their customers want, want, need? Ask yourself. No. They didn´t. Loosing trust wasn´t anything they were impressed by. Online Activation, Rental & Account Coercion, Broken Plug I
  7. Hell? With all this V21 is not an Upgrade - it´s an Downgrade. I've named the Cinema Help System in so many forums as an example of how to do that job - and now ??? The Offline Help-System was one of the most usefull tools in Cinema. And an USP for me. I have the feeling that the NEW MAXON tries to get rid of its users by force. I can hardly believe it. (I have - security reasons - to work offline much of my time & I even don´t like a need of being online. Offline also faster) The next step on the way to the Adobe world, um cloud? (AE Bridge
  8. Thats the way it is. Think, theres no chance for us, to stop the train. Art from these days. Yes. And therefore everything said here. (As long as evlish plans of Subscription Companies are honored by users, as long as getting your files locked is a trend, as long as people wanna rent instead of buy... These things will go on. No one will stop Maxons new stylish and modern talking CEO) Dot - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - Today, devils no longer have horns
  9. Speculation or not: what can I be sure about? Some of the statements I see myself or consider the developments likely. See it from my side. It is the job of MAXON to eliminate these doubts. As I said before, I know few (if not all) software manufacturers that have convinced me more in the past than MAXON. Every suggestion for improvement was taken seriously. Each question meticulously and (really) answered with much love. A big praise to the past - honestly. I have praised you, MAXON, in forums over and over again, as an example of how to do it. And would not I come
  10. OK. If I take the official explanations in the FAQ as a basis: There is no talk of a version 22 Perpetual. No promise. No guarantee. In other words, it remains nebulous. It's up to MAXON. At least MAXON does not want to guarantee that there is a version 22 Perpetual - it depends on how many users are going into a subscription's dependency, right? How many money MAXON will make till next year? And ... If I look at the parallels to Adobe: Of course there was never any talk of a sunset date. (Funny you named it the date of sunset - after sunset, darkness follows) OK: That's actually all
  11. @Rick Maybe I can understand the Sound of Silence as an tip. Clearly you can´t talk against Companies dictates. So I take it like that. @SiXwork Maybe it´s interessting for you: I just find a comment about Cinemas new Subscription mode on the site of an GER-Software-Reseller. It´s " Software3d dot de" (No doubt if links are allowed here - exact source see bottom ). I hope they forgive me, if one of the MAXON Officials will read this here and they get trouble anyway - because the description they are giving about the new MAXON isn´t that good, when it comes to subscription
  12. (@ Rick & the Maxons: BtW: Please do not apply the sometimes aggressive tone to yourself. That does not apply to any of the employees I have met so far. Honestly, in the past, I have always considered MAXON to be one of the fairest, most helpful and best software manufacturers. I know that all these statements are often a bit unfair - but it's not against you. It is against efforts to change software licenses/industry against the will of users. It's not against you but what MAXON should reveal. It´s also clear, that none of the employees can speak against the dictates of the company. But,
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