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  1. Connect polygon points to clones

    You can animate polygon objects with effectors already, just set deformation to point mode.
  2. This is possible with Douwe's Random Index Effector random_index_with_blend_cloner.c4d
  3. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I wonder about Python SDK updates. Maybe XPresso object node's object port is finally fixed?
  4. You can use it like any deformer, so put it below displament deformer. sound-effector-delay-smooth.zip
  5. You can also just simply use Delay Effector with deformation mode set to Point to smooth Sound Effector.
  6. I did two setup for fun. The first setup is basic average system. It's almost identical to jed's centered2.c4d file. Second one is more experimental bbox setup. Objects creates a hidden bounding box and the target is centered in the middle of the bounding box. getcenter.c4d
  7. This is one way. FALLING PARTICLES_001.c4d
  8. Multiplying colours

    Python rocks. multiplyingcolors.c4d
  9. python rengemap veterx map

    Here you go import c4d from c4d import utils as u arr = [0.0] def main(): global arr source = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1] target = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,3] spline = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,4] sourceData = source.GetAllHighlevelData() cnt = len(sourceData) if len(arr) != cnt: diff = cnt - len(arr) arr.extend([0.0]*diff) for i in xrange(0, cnt): value = u.RangeMap(sourceData[i],0,1,0,1,False,spline) arr[i] = u.Boxstep(0,1,value) target.SetAllHighlevelData(arr) remap_vertex_map.c4d
  10. Audio on / off switch

    Can't you just use "Play Sound" button? You can also customize your palettes and put that button close to the timeline that's how I like to keep it available.
  11. I made also quick tip video.
  12. 1. Make sure light's z-position is 0. 2. You dont need to bring camera from After Effects. Just simply make it in C4D x pos = 0, y pos = 0 and z pos = -(your comp width) If you want to see your video footage in editor make a plane and put width = (your comp width) and height = (your comp height) and orientation = -Z and put animated material to it. And After Effects parent null position should be x = -(your comp width)/2 and y = (your comp height)/2.
  13. I like to use light objects to send keyframe data from After Effects to CInema 4D. 1. Track your shot in After Effects, attach that track to null (since you cant export tracking data directly to lights) 2. Copy paste your position data from that null to light object. 3. Export c4d file using Cinema 4D exporter in After Effects. Remember that After Effects origon starts from 0, 0 (top left corner) but it is very easy to offset in Cinema 4D.
  14. New Features/Themes Discussion

    I hardly never use my web browser full screen. It is usually just half screen size. But with small resolution the category section is looking pretty weird with this theme. Maybe it could be little bit cleaner? Image