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  1. Oh wow!!! Thank you so much both, and, wow deck, I am so impressed and grateful! And yes, all that’s going on with those parts now is just extending the cylinders and clones further out. Thanks again!
  2. I used a bend deformer to get this cloner/twist DNA into circle. but what if I wanted to put it onto other shapes? (the S is only one such example). I hope to shape it into various things I can’t get it to work with spline wrap. Any idea on how to do it? Thanks in advance for any thoughts :) file is attached LETTER_DNA_question.c4d
  3. Just relinked an dit came back - WOWW, I s appreciate that and the lessons learned from your write up - Huge, thank you
  4. I understand what you guys are saying. It doesn't make sense to me that that would be in the C4D content browser as stained glass versus something with the properties you mentioned. So I really appreciate you helping me diagnose
  5. Hi Big Al, that sounds great and really appreciate you looking at it - any way to please provide the material so I can take a better look? MANY THANKS AL
  6. Oops, thank you Cerbera for even looking. See attached. It's as if the material is totally flat and nothing nothing with any real luminance. StainedGlass.zip
  7. Does anyone know how to either make the default stained glass material work, where I can get the look of the left, into the right hand image? Thanks in advance for any advice! C4D file attached. I am on R21. The C4D file has the man itself as a pane of glass and a wall with hi knocked out. A C4D stained glass material I found is placed on the body, and there is no illumination with or without GI. I had to render for the reference jpeg without any material, to show the file make up. Thanks again StainedGlassManForCafe.c4d
  8. Hi, Can anyone please recommend a deformer/displacer that would give me the stepped effect of this tube? Thanks in advance foe any ideas Alveole.c4d
  9. Okay, thanks! and I am seeing now I had to use the drop down arrow to expand the view, thanks!
  10. it's so weird I can't find that view in the dope sheet anywhere I drill down, it won't show my keyframes. FYI, but I will keep looking, thank you
  11. I have a train animated in a loop - but can anyone please tell me how to remove the ease in/out of it, so it will be a continuous same speed loop? Scene file attached if helpful - Thanks in advance ToyTrainCircle.c4d
  12. WOW YOU GUYS - you have saved my important project - I can't thank you enough! Thanks again!
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