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  1. Hi, Can anyone please recommend a deformer/displacer that would give me the stepped effect of this tube? Thanks in advance foe any ideas Alveole.c4d
  2. Okay, thanks! and I am seeing now I had to use the drop down arrow to expand the view, thanks!
  3. it's so weird I can't find that view in the dope sheet anywhere I drill down, it won't show my keyframes. FYI, but I will keep looking, thank you
  4. I have a train animated in a loop - but can anyone please tell me how to remove the ease in/out of it, so it will be a continuous same speed loop? Scene file attached if helpful - Thanks in advance ToyTrainCircle.c4d
  5. WOW YOU GUYS - you have saved my important project - I can't thank you enough! Thanks again!
  6. My pleasure, thank you. Basically, no matter how it looks in the viewport, only renders one way and not was shown in viewport. Thanks in advance! CellWithHairScene.c4d
  7. Hi, Anyone know why I am getting a Different Hair curling in render? See attached images. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. OK, thank you so much Cerbera, I will do!
  9. Hi, I put a standard noise bump on an object that looks as intended in viewport, and doesn't render the same. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  10. OK, will do Cerbera, thanks so much!
  11. Hi, any tips on helping me get my volumetric light into the alpha channel? As you can see in the attached image, it's not coming through in photoshop. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  12. wow Janine, that alpha cone is a great idea, better rendering too and I will try the falloff too. Thanks deck - great idea - I will probably have to do some in post Thanks much!

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