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  1. wow Janine, that alpha cone is a great idea, better rendering too and I will try the falloff too. Thanks deck - great idea - I will probably have to do some in post Thanks much!
  2. Is there a way to make a volumetric spotlight more crisp and less diffused looking? I have default spotlights set to volumetric in the attached, but not seeing where that control would be to make them less blurry and more crisp. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. OK, thanks for that too TDMSC - I want to learn that deformer soon
  4. Many thanks for all the advice so far!
  5. I am making a scientific shape and got the helix working like I wanted. But how can I make the helix spline/line a little soft wavy, so that it is less uniform and a more organic line - versus just displacing the surface material? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  6. I really appreciate everyone's advice - trying these tips out now!
  7. Is there anyway to make luminance channel-based materials such as a cell-shader-type material show up in the viewport? They always go flat to me, like in attachment . Thanks in advance for any advice!
  8. Has there been anything new on this front? I would also like to keep an object parametric while using different materials on different faces. Thanks, Bryan
  9. OK, many thanks - that will save me from any future time wasted!
  10. OK, well thanks so much ABMotion for keeping me from wasting any time futzing around over it!
  11. My favorite rendering setting is physical renter with progressive turned on. But I know when I use a glow, which is sort of a post effect after the render; I have to use a more finite render, either the standard or physical with adaptive on. Is there any way around that so I can get a glow on progressive or something like it? Thanks in advance for any advice
  12. Does the correction deformer not work on MoText? I want to ideally keep a block of text as motext and be able to go to polygon mode and select the letter faces to put a different material on them, and be able to edit the text later. When I try it, it's not working. Thanks in advance for any advice, Bryan



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