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  1. how can Blender be free?

    Originally Blender was a commercial application. The company, however, went belly-up, and Ton (one of the original developers of Blender) with the help of the community, "crowd funded" the purchase of Blender's source code and license. They then open-sourced it, started the Blender Foundation, and the rest is history. I support the Blender Foundation, and I subscribe to the Blender Cloud - which is actually quite amazing: for 10 euros a month you are given access to online project management that integrates seamlessly with Blender. Not to mention all the other goodies... Version 2.8 is going to be very, very special. Check out the "future of Blender" page they just got up and running a few days ago: https://www.blender.org/2-8/ Download the alpha/beta version, and open one of the demo files that showcases Eevee. They have transparency and refraction working now. And more Eevee features are being worked on - basically, they want Eevee to replace the old internal raytracing engine. So Cycles and Eevee - and the nodal material editor will support simultaneous output between the two to avoid having to rebuild the materials from scratch. But honestly I am really excited about the workspaces. Users should be able to customize the entire GUI tools. Just display a focused set of tools related to the job at hand - something that is lacking in Blender right now. And the new version will support completely customizable viewport widgets - simplifying tool use a lot. Left mouse button will finally be completely supported in the new version too. ;-P
  2. what vfx software should i choose

    If you are planning a career in VFX: teach yourself Houdini with Nuke or Fusion. Houdini is not THAT hard as it is made out to be - the documentation is excellent (in particular compared to C4d's docs, which are terrible), and many good tutorials are available. VFX such as water, fire, and explosions are very easy to do in Blender, btw. Just look up a bunch of tutorials again. A couple of studios use Blender for this - a well-known one is http://www.barnstormvfx.com/ They use Blender and Nuke in production (Good Wife, Man in the High Castle, Good Fight, Silicon Valley, Outlander, etc.). Pretty high-profile VFX work production house. It can't hurt to learn both Houdini and Blender. You MUST also learn a nodal compositor such as Nuke and/or Fusion, if you plan to land a job in VFX. And this means more than just knowing which buttons to push: it means learning proper compositing, match moving, 3d mattes, and so on. Nuke is sort-of the industry standard, although Fusion is used as well. It doesn't matter that much though - both work quite similar. Learn one, and the other can be learned quite quickly. Fusion is free for up to 4K.
  3. Fusion 8 Beta

    https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/fusion/ Download v9.
  4. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    I apologize for that thoughtless comment - I happened to be in a foul mood when I wrote it (for other reasons - life and stuff). Never post when negative emotions are coursing through one's mind... Be that as it may, I would have liked to see ProRender made available to Prime, but it is what it is. I've been playing with ProRender in Blender, and it is fun!
  5. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Yeah, I was a bit harsh on them - but mainly because I really see it as a missed opportunity for MAXON to attract a new user base. I would have been interested in Prime with ProRender, and get back into Cinema4D. Now Prime compares very badly to the competition at lower pricing tiers out there (Houdini Indie, Blender, Modo, Lightwave), in my opinion.
  6. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    What I REALLY DON'T understand is why ProRender is part of all editions EXCEPT Prime/BodyPaint. That makes no sense to me, and leaves out hobbyists again. And Prime is still quite expensive. I mean, ProRender was developed by AMD, so MAXON got a new render engine for 'free' - and wasn't ProRender for "Everyone"? Everyone, except Prime users, it seems. Well, at least Prime gets the improved viewport and the LOD object. But if MAXON thinks more users are going to be using Prime for game assets - well, think again. If ProRender had been part of Prime it would have attracted a new group of users, in my opinion.
  7. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    I tested Eevee with an older GTX590 two weeks ago (before I got the 1080), and it worked really well on that card as well. The difference in performance of each GPU for realtime viewports will be similar to high-end 3d video games: a 1080 will be able to cope with more mesh data and shaders than a mid-level gaming GPU. For rendering output I suppose it may take a low-end card 5-10 seconds to compute a frame, while the 1080 takes 1 second. However, I haven't tested this yet - I base this on my experience with the Machstudio Pro GPU render engine some years ago. A complex lighted scene with animated characters would take a couple of seconds on my old AMD GPU. Things should be much faster now with the newer PBR viewports in both Blender and R19. I'll be testing more in the upcoming month(s). Eevee should be receiving soft shadows (for off-line rendering - too computationally intensive for real-time viewport) soon. Looking forward to that.
  8. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    It looks good (but still behind Eevee!). The more I read up on ProRender and PBR in R19, the more I start to realize that both are 'works in progress'. The archaic material system is hurting both integrations, and quite messy: PBR and ProRender are not quite up to the MAXON level of GUI standards. It seems (based on CGtalk comments from MAXON employees) that MAXON is aware of these issues - if I warrant a guess here, I'd say that R20 will (MUST!) finally introduce a node-based material system. It is time.
  9. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    @Greatszalam Are you on Windows of Mac? Are you planning on getting a new computer, or a GPU box? Most (gaming) mainboards will not handle more than 3 or four GPUs.
  10. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Oh wow, I missed that. I was wondering why they'd be using such old cards... Even so, it's not great advertising for the M6000: you could get a GPU box with 6-8 GTX 1080s/AMD Vegas for the price of one M6000. The only advantage of the M6000 is its larger memory size. Btw, AMD new Vega Frontier car will have 12GB.
  11. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    This update, in my mind, first and foremost shows that MAXON is treading intrepidly into the future with C4D's development. It is a good update, and most users will find something to their liking here. I also suspect that V20 and V21 will be where things will truly begin to shine. The introduction of ProRender without a nodal material system is a bit of a disappointment and a missed opportunity - one that probably will be resolved by next year (they really ought to!). The character animation improvements look great. All in all, a very good update with promises and hints for the upcoming versions. It is interesting to see (for me at least) that both C4D r19/20 and Blender 2.8 seem to mirror their roadmaps in regards to OpenGL viewports improvements. Eevee is at a more advanced stage at the moment, but I sense that MAXON is keeping an eye out at Eevee. OpenGL rendering will become ever more a viable alternative to traditional off-line render engines, and it is a veritable relief that R19 includes this (or at least they are off to a good start!). As far as Cineversity ProRender demo: the presenter's hardware is set up with two Quadro 6000 cards: I think he might have installed a second Quadro 6000 just for the ProRender GPU demo (otherwise it makes little sense to have two, in my opinion) - and it is an OLD card which is not very well suited for GPU rendering at all. They really should have installed a modern game GPU and preferably one of the newer AMD cards to show ProRender off. My 1080 in Blender with ProRender delivers faster results than those two 6000s combined. Quadros are generally not where you'd be looking for when you are shopping for a good GPU for GPU rendering. Bad choice to demo ProRender.
  12. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Not entirely true: PhotoLine's been on the market for nearly as long as Photoshop, and its layer stack does things that neither Photoshop nor Affinity Photo is capable of. True layer instancing, 'smart objects', each layer can be any resolution, colour mode, and bit depth, mostly non-destructive editing, instancing of layer masks, and more. Arguably of the three, PhotoLine blows both Photoshop and Affinity Photo out of the water in regards to its layer stack. The layer stack actually reminded me a bit of how C4D does things - extremely modular. Also a German developer, btw. I switched to PhotoLine for most of my image editing. You omitted one: Lightwave. It may not have the industry support anymore it used to have, yet it is still a quite capable 3d generalist application. Newtek, however, suffers from the same ailment as MAXON: almost no communication. Lightwave Next ought to be out sometime this year, and will probably add some interesting new features, and a completely overhauled new render engine. Whether that will be enough...? Indeed, MAXON cannot rest on their laurels. They did that with BodyPaint (and other modules), and we all know how that panned out. And even Blender is making solid forays into offering better motion graphics tools with "Animation Nodes". Version 2 just added fall-offs to their Effectors - yes, you read that right: the developer took its cue directly from MoGraph's Effectors! Now, combine this with the upcoming Eevee?
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Talking about new versions, the new version of Clarisse looks quite impressive. I am looking forward to use it soon.
  14. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Yeah, upgrading to a new version of 3d software is getting more expensive nowadays. "Subscriptions", MSAs, ... And often the lack of useful new features make it a tough decision. I mean, I switched to Blender, and look at the upcoming new 2.79 version: built-in @render-time denoising, shadow catcher (finally!), principled shader, alembic and collada import improved, 22 new add-ons (camera rigs, magic UV, archipack, mesh edit tools, export paper models, etcetera), Rigify animal rigs (bird, cat, horse, shark, wolf), Cycles GPU AMD OpenCL rendering feature parity with CUDA, grease pencil improvements with 2d animation automatic inbetweening, new surface deform modifier, improved displace and mirror modifiers, 3d viewport improvements, and numerous other small improvements and bugfixes. No idea if I should update or not. The new feature list is disappointing to say the least, if you ask me. At least it has a shadow catcher now. The next version 2.8 will be better, though, with Eevee. I wish Blender had some of that sweet "tomorrow’s technology" MAXON mentions in their new blog entry, such as OpenGL. Not sure if v2.79 is going to be worth the upgrade price the Blender Foundation is asking. I'll have to discuss it with my wife first before I splash out the dough - she won't be happy, I'll tell you. But if I don't I'll have to pay a penalty when I decide to skip one version and wait for 2.8 and Eevee. Decisions, decisions.
  15. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    In Blender 2.79 (about to be released) a new denoiser is available that is applied during render time, which vastly reduces render times while resulting in quite acceptable renders - far better looking compared to denoisers that are applied after the render is finished. I hope that MAXON will include such a denoise method in their Prorender implementation. Btw, I did get GPU rendering to work, and with a reduced viewport size, it works quite well. Just not as fast as Cycles, though. I also expect an AMD GPU to render much faster.