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  1. Confirmed. Working with Firefox Developer (latest): the page keeps bugging out with the same error. It is unusable.
  2. Thinking outside the C4D box here: perhaps consider switching to Eevee in Blender for this job if you need a quick turn-around time? A 1920x1080 frame takes less than 2 seconds to render in this case. Frame render times varies a bit from 1.4 seconds to 1.8 seconds. I made a quick example which is similar to yours in concept to demonstrate how quickly Eevee renders. It includes depth of field. The nice thing about Eevee: everything looks pretty much the same in the viewport while working on the animation. What you see, is what you get. This 165 frame animation took a little under 5 minutes(!) to render at 1920x1080.
  3. Luxcore produces some beautiful results, and is quite fast for what it does. We may count ourselves lucky to have free access to all these renderers. Something for everyone.
  4. The latest ProRender 2.4.11 was released a few days ago. Installation in Blender is very simple now, and no longer requires a separate installation - just point Blender at the add-on package. This version finally works properly with my setup: previous versions refused to work. It actually works quite well so far, and renders nicely on my GTX1080. Notable changes: Installers are now simply zip packages. To install, load the add-on through the Blender add-on preferences menu and point to the zip file. You will need to manually uninstall the old plugin fist here. macOS now supports ML Denoising. Support for Blender 2.83 has been added. Support for reading OpenVDB files via Blender 2.83 “Volume” objects has been added. The RPR 2.0 “experimental” render mode has been added. Currently this is Windows only and only recommended for final rendering. This is a prototype of our next generation renderer. Performance and memory usage should now be improved, especially for complex scenes. Multi-GPU and CPU + GPU performance, particularly when rendering with an AMD CPU + AMD GPU, is dramatically improved. For complex scenes that are larger than video memory size, out-of-core textures and geometry are automatic. Baking nodes. We have added utilities for baking nodes. This is useful with nodes that RPR does not translate natively, such as noise texture nodes. It is also quite useful with complex node networks, as they run faster at render time. There are two options:Select an object and material. In the Shader Editor, select the nodes you wish to bake, and press the “Bake Selected Nodes” button. The nodes will be baked to textures, and texture read nodes will be created;In the render settings, press the “Bake All Unknown Nodes” button. All nodes that RPR does not translate will be baked to textures.Please note that after changing node setups, the nodes will need to be re-baked. There is a new GL_Interop setting under “Viewport Sampling” settings. Users who use external GPUs (eGPUs) for viewport rendering may need to disable this. The speed of export of images for rendering has been increased.
  5. Blender ships with an add-on called "Import Images as Planes", which makes it a doddle to import any number of images in one swoop, map them to planes, tell it to offset the planes at a preset distance and the axis, and have them track the camera. All part of the plugin. Camera (projection) mapping is also fully supported in Blender. And, unlike Cinema4D, Blender features a nodal compositor, so it is easy to composite things directly in Blender as well. Last, but not least, Cycles (Blender's renderer) has really nice GI and overall output quality. It's a modern render engine, and if you have a good GPU it will render your work fast. If you need faster output, e-Cycles is even faster (not free, though).
  6. Starting from Illustrator 9 the AI format changed: up to v8 it was similar to the EPS format (but not an actual compatible EPS format) which does not support live transparency, colour management, etc.), and from v9 onward a PDF shell which includes private data that only Illustrator can read and interpret is used. It is possible to save the AI file in Illustrator as a "PDF compatible file", which will include PDF data which is readable in any PDF viewer, and can be opened in software such as PhotoLine and Affinity. In short: C4d reads the EPS data in Illustrator 8 AI files, but cannot process PDF data or the private data in the newer V9 and later AI file format.
  7. That statement is incorrect: Blender has gone through two major rewrites so far: from 2.4x to 2.5, and from 2.79 to 2.8x. The viewport was completely rewritten as well in 2.8. The old internal renderer was removed and replaced with Eevee. The difference between how MAXON has approached this is that the Blender developers decided to work concurrently on the older branch and new branch, thereby providing users with a choice to keep working with a stable older version and on the other hand testing the waters in the new rewitten branch. It allowed the user base to keep grounded, while prepare for the new version. MAXON took another path altogether: keep things hidden from public view, release ever more lackluster new releases, while increasing the financial upkeep, while continuously repeat stating that great things are in the works. Keep paying more and more! We will get there by the end! One more difference is that, unlike MAXON, the Blender devs kept communicating about what they were doing while doing it. Really no false expectations there (for the most part, at least). And the most important difference is: MAXON management is abusing the S22 release to proverbially force their long-time loyal user base into rental plans, because at this point I feel it is made quite plainly obvious that they do not like the perpetual licensing or old MSAs, and want all C4d users to go rental. Rather than Maxons's users, it seems to me Nemetschek Group's shareholders are of primary concern. Look, I completely understand how difficult and complex a rewrite is (in particular for a commercial product): Newtek failed abysmally with Core and mismanaging Lightwave in the ground while they were at it; TrueSpace failed altogether when the devs tried to patch on a new shell on top of the old code base; it took the Blender Foundation 5 years to release 2.8, and the new version has still some catching up to do in some areas in terms of performance. (which, coincidentally, also seems to be true for S22 compared to R21 with performance regressions!) Core rewrites are HARD, and take a toll on new and existing features. It takes years and years and years. And MAXON's management made some basic mistakes in terms of presenting and communicating these changes under the hood. Yet. Yet! I congratulate the C4D developer team on persisting and the first fruits of their labour are finally born here. It is just that MAXON's management seems to be in complete denial of what is going on in the rest of the world right now. And MAXON/Nemetschek Group comes across as a bit of a bully (not you, the C4d dev team!). In particular now that the world is dealing with Covid-19 and while many software companies are assisting their user bases, MAXON seems bent on making live only more difficult for their existing loyal user base. Which is absolutely incomprehensible to me and my work peers here (where we work with C4d R20 still). Then I see the friendly faces of the C4D team doing their best to introduce S22 and tell enthusiastically about new features and the great future that lies ahead of all of C4d users. Which I understand and actually love seeing that openess, but which is at great odds with what your higher management is doing. For myself, I perceive an unbelievable friction between what is done on a management and pricing level on the one hand by MAXON/Nemetschek Group, and the C4d's team charming happiness and enthusiasm over this S22 release and the upcoming features. Anyway, MAXON's management will have to deal with all of this at some point. In a few years 3d software prices will have tanked. C4d, currently relying on its user friendliness and MoGraph, will have to compete with cheap rents and a feature-complete easy to use Blender. It has happened to graphic design software, and it is happening to 3d DCC software. MAXON better prepare for this.
  8. Any graph that includes Unity as the top leader in 3d modeling software should not be taken seriously.
  9. I discovered Max Richter via Accuradio a few years ago. Often I will just put up a preferred channel at Accuradio to 'discover' new artists and music. Otherwise I'd be listening to the same music for the rest of my life (we got rid of our telly many years ago)
  10. Been listening a lot to Max Richter. Relaxes me, and puts everything in perspective. Great way to concentrate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuvZWDsl1I0
  11. PS the Juggler animation is what REALLY got me interested in 3D animation. I was gobsmacked by the quality! The first time I watched it, I kept it on for an hour, or so. That glass ball sound effect still haunts me today!
  12. Ah, the old Amiga days. Still lamenting the demise of her. I created my first 'professionally printed' DTP work in Pagestream. The first 'proper' 3d app I used was Sculpt 3d (later Sculpt/Animate 4d - Cinema '4d' is not as original as you would think ). Later Imagine, Lightwave, and Cinema4d on the Amiga. I also recall dabbling in Turbo Silver Pro! But I first started working with 3d wire renders of objects on an Amstrad CPC664. How far we've come... I would love to use Affinity Publisher, but the Affinity range of products do not support 1bit images, which I require for my work.
  13. I noticed your comments: To parent stuff in the outliner, just hold down shift while dragging the object over another object. If you need more speed, E-Cycles is dramatically faster for many scenes. Worth investing in to half your render times, and even more so on the newer Nvidia cards. To improve overall workflows, do a little research in the add-on / plugins ecosystem. Nowadays there are add-ons to solve or improve anything in Blender - it's overwhelming.
  14. I agree. AutoDesk announced 2 days ago that Max Indie is now available world-wide for $250 (per year rent) for any indie with an income lower than $100.000. Allow me to quote the following opinion from https://blenderartists.org/t/3ds-max-gets-a-slap-in-the-face/1154106/177: For MAXON to survive in the long run, just like AutoDesk, they will have to adjust to the changes ahead. The way I see it, is that C4d is in desperate need of a better built-in render solution. Standard/Physical is terribly outdated, slow, and can't match the quality nor the speed of modern competitors. Redshift should be included by default in C4d. This WILL happen in a few years. As far as I can tell, the only reason MAXON hasn't included it yet is because they a) milking the cash cow, and 2) management might not completely realize what is happening in the 3D DCC market. I just checked: renting C4d with Redshift would cost me ~can$ 1300. PER YEAR. While major parts of C4d lag behind the competition, including the free Blender. And C4d development trundles at a glacial pace compared to Blender - not to mention the ever-increasing ecosystem of plugins and support. Heck, I noticed that *.blend files have become one of the standard offered file formats on many 3d model asset sites in the past two years. MAXON will not be able to maintain their current business model for very long. Not with AutoDesk, Houdini, and Blender offering indies a far more viable cost model. And it's going to get worse for 3D DCC companies. With the economy's down-turn, C4d's yearly rental model has become quite repulsive - insulting even, when compared to its competitors. Anyway, back on topic. To survive, C4d ought to: - include Redshift as a replacement for the decrepit Standard/Physical at no extra cost. It is quite telling that many (if not most) C4d users rely on third-party / Redshift renderers. - improve the overall performance. Viewport, dealing with large number of objects. - reduce the rental price to compete with AutoDesk (at the very least). - vastly improve and modernize components such as BodyPaint, Hair, physics, UV tool set, particle system, ... - Focus on improving tools and performance of MoGraph. Know you niche. - overall less reliance on expensive plugins to patch holes in base feature sets All open doors, of course. Some have been open for years and years.
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