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  1. Mantaflow hit the master yesterday and is part of the new features in Blender 2.82! Also some interesting new developments by Pablo:
  2. I think you are right: my demo of R21 no longer works either and asks me to renew the license. It seems the unlimited time C4d demos are a thing of the past, unfortunately. Which I feel is only hurting potential new users of Cinema4D more. It is also no longer possible to keep the demo running at home to train/update/test oneself, and work with C4D at work.
  3. I agree. I use X-Mouse Button Control to map the middle mouse button to the left side mouse button on my Razer DeathAdder. Much more ergonomic, and it makes use of the thumbs natural movement. Initially I did this because the middle mouse button (acting also as a scroll wheel) started to mis-fire, but now I prefer this setup. It puts much less stress on my hand. https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/xmousebuttoncontrol.htm Only for Windows, though, and requires a mouse with extra side buttons.
  4. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/professional-filmmaking-tools-software Humble Bundle is doing a deal: get HitFilm Pro, Ignite Pro, and various other goodies for a mere $30. Yes, it is the latest version. And you get to keep it forever after the one year of updates.
  5. It's not that difficult once you understand a number of basic rules. I would recommend this book: http://pushingpoints.com/v2/the-pushing-points-topology-workbook/ The second book dives into character head poly flow. But the first book should clear up any misunderstandings about poly flow.
  6. I would just use Smart UV Project in Blender to get a good UV map with this object. Create a separate image/uv map for the lid and the bottom parts. The lid can than have a higher resolution image assigned to it to paint in more detail. I tried it with this object, and it works quick - no more than a couple of minutes work.
  7. Blender already went through two complete overhauls so far: 2.49-->2.5 and 2.79-->2.8 The core got a major update and modernization in 2.8. 2.8 broke everything (plugins, things like accelerated openSubDiv), and now we are seeing the fruits of these updates. It will only get better with each release. Already are plugins available which allow for a nodal modeling workflow, similar (but not as advanced yet) to Houdini. For example, Sverchok : I played with it, and it is loads of fun. If you do, and it is as easy to use (or better) as MoGraph, you probably have a winner on your hands, and could sell it on the Blender Market. But you might also destroy that market for MAXON. Or become a Blender developer and integrate your work in the core! Anyway, I am pretty convinced that someone, sooner rather than later, will implement a similar feature in Blender. Seems a logical progression to me.
  8. Seems he was on the fence, but his final decision to get off the C4d train was at the very least partly to blame on MAXON's 3D rep. In MAXON's defense, MAXON did apologize in public on his Twitter feed. But too little, too late, perhaps? It's a real shame, because these type of expert users/gurus create a lot of positive vibe, and should be treated like vips - basically free advertising for C4d, renewing interest, and drawing in scores of new users as well as keeping existing users happy with their decision to continue to use the software. His move to Blender was entirely preventable, if only MAXON customer support had kept their eyes on the ball, and realized sooner this guy is one of those key software gurus. Instead, now he's driving more people towards Blender. MAXON support would do well to maintain a list of users who are key user drivers for C4d, treat them well, and prevent this from allowing to happen again.
  9. I agree. It is interesting to note here that the new sculpt mode workflow and tools were developed by a man who is not only an accomplished coder, but also a professional-grade artist with excellent sculpting skills. This makes a dramatic difference in the quality of the toolset, and I really have no need anymore to fall back to specialist sculpting tools for this type of work in most cases. Competition is good. Hopefully it will motivate commercial DCC developers to up the ante, instead of expecting the monthly/yearly rent to roll in while they keep on releasing new versions with a below-par list of new or improved feature sets. If a free open source app is outperforming them in key areas, why pay the rent, right?
  10. Another nail in the 3D user coffin for Mac users? Aside from Apple dropping OpenGL and not supporting Vulcan or OpenCL directly, the Apple ecosystem seems to become a rather hostile environment for 3d and effects visualization professionals and hobbyists alike. A silver cloud lining for MAXON, since Cinema4D might be the last surviving major 3D DCC app on the Mac platform in a few years the way things are going. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-CUDA-10.2-Released
  11. After only three months following the last 2.8 release, 2.81 is released with a barrage of new and improved features. This release main highlight are the dramatic improvements to Sculpting! I won't be needing to switch to 3D Coat for many things anymore. The list of new features and improvements is too long to repeat here, but some highlights: complete overhaul of the sculpting workflow, new sculpt tools and masking tools greatly improved outliner usability (similar to C4D finally!) Cycles: preview passes in the viewport, and various new nodes (noise generators, math & vector math, etc.) Eevee (the realtime GPU renderer) received major optimizations and new features, such as soft shadows, and much better visual matching with Cycles Nvidia RTX support (up to 50%-100% faster GPU rendering in Cycles) Intel Open Image denoising new remeshing: OpenDVB and QuadriFlow Grease Pencil 2d drawing: new brushes, convert curves to GP, isometric guides range of new transform and snapping options, including mirror any axis anywhere for mesh editing and vertex/weight paint modes. Finally it is possible to move origins directly! overhauled Poly Build tool for retopology tasks thousands of bugs squashed There is much more. An exhaustive list and video demos here: https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-81/ And today marks another historic milestone for Blender (at least, it is for me!): custom bevel profiles were integrated in the master, ready for the 2.82 release in early 2020! FINALLY. I really missed these when working in Blender compared to C4D. I downloaded today's 2.82 build, and it works fine for both destructive bevels in mesh editing mode and non-destructive bevel modifiers.
  12. Rendering technology has moved forward, while C4D's standard renderer remained stuck in the past. Which is the reason of course why MAXON had to either develop their own new render engine, or choose an alternative existing solution. Hence ProRender, which is actually quite nice in its latest release, but unavailable to C4D users as of yet. And requires a good GPU to make the best use of. And (almost) real-time rendering is now available through the use of Unreal Engine or Eevee in Blender. What is scary and eye-opening is that Eevee produces the same quality (or better) as C4D's Standard or most traditional ray tracers at almost real-time rendering times. I teach in computer labs with iMacs, and Eevee looks quite beautiful, and renders ridiculous fast. Of course, the rendering tech behind Eevee excludes its use in a number of render scenarios. For animation it is 'da bomb', because it renders blazingly fast. And at this point one realizes that the older rendering tech like C4D's standard no longer is a valid proposition in many scenarios. (And switching between Cycles and Eevee is as good as seamless without the need for material changes, unlike Standard <--> ProRender in C4d!) And in those cases when Unreal or Eevee don't cut it, GPU accelerated rendering provides a proven solution. Cycles, ProRender, LuxCoreRender, etc. all have their respective use cases, however. Glass and caustics look absolutely stunning in a renderer such as LuxCoreRender (caustics is a problem for most modern render engines). And still render with very acceptable render times. Anyway, Eevee makes 3d (rendering) tremendous fun, in my opinion. Try it out on your iMac. (Yes, I realize Eevee is Blender based, but export your C4D scene as Collada, and import it in 2.8, and start playing with Eevee). And I would not be surprised if MAXON integrates Redshift in C4D at some point to keep its built-in rendering relevant, and remove Standard.
  13. Purchased, and installed Painter 2019. The last time I used Painter is about 12 years ago. My impressions: laggy, slow canvas panning and zooming (zooming slows down to the point of myself unable to bear it), bad anti-aliasing when zoomed out with thin inked lines, pretty terrible GUI and usability design - compared to Krita and ClipStudio Paint. But the worst is the drawing feel, which just feels very off to me. In Krita and ClipStudio the apps keep with me, and the overall feeling is just great and fluid. In Painter 2019 even simple brushes the entire drawing experience and feel is just not that nice. It seems Painter 2020 improves on the GUI and overall brush engine speed, but who would update and spend hundreds of dollars on an update based on Painter 2019 and compared to other digital painting apps which offer a much nicer GUI experience as well as smooth drawing/painting feel? And still no 16bit and 32bit image modes? Worse, inking with a thin pen on a zoomed out A4 canvas at 300 ppi and 1200 ppi results in wonky lines. An old issue that still plagues Painter 2019 on Windows (other apps like Krita, ClipStudio Paint, and the latest Photoshop versions fixed this). An interesting flashback to the past. A shame, because the brush engine features options still missing in most/many other ditigal painting apps, but the usability and drawing experience ruins it all for me.
  14. Ah sorry - in that case RAM is fine. Just get a good graphics card. Do research, though: depending on your work you may want to invest in a graphics card that allows you to do GPU rendering (like Cycles4D or Octane). Make sure your mainboard supports your choice of graphics card.
  15. PS No driver exists for the HD2000 that supports a higher version of OpenGL. I know, because I looked. I have a Windows tablet with the same chip, and desperately wanted to run some software which required OpenGL 4. It's a dead end. Luckily, you have a desktop that can be upgraded. And according to C4D's minimum system requirements your system lacks RAM memory as well: at least 4GB is required, and you only have 2GB. Check the system requirements here: https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/cinema-4d/system-requirements/

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