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  1. I almost never purchase AAA games at release time. I wait at least a year or 18 months, or so, when all the major bugs have been squashed and I can get it at 30% of the official price (or lower), all DLCs become available in special "ultimate edition" deals, and the community/developers have had time to improve the base game. And I play games on all platforms throughout game history through emulation. Yesterday I played through Cesar the Cat on the C64 in one short sitting - what accomplishment! Although I did get AC:Valhalla for free with my new 3900 CPU - but still
  2. Your geometry contains loose polygons. Use Mesh-->Remove-->Optimize, and the bevel will work properly.
  3. This? http://matniedoba.de/selection-to-object-split/
  4. Btw, an offshoot of OpenToonz: https://tahoma2d.org/ A friendlier interface, and while it is not aimed at storyboarding, it is still very useful for quick animatics, as well as full vector/bitmap drawing support.
  5. I agree - the very first version I did not like all too much. A year ago I tested it again, and it had much improved. It will work with PhotoLine or Krita now - not only Photoshop.
  6. You are in luck. I was in the same boat a year ago, and I discovered this little gem: https://wonderunit.com/storyboarder/ Best of all: it is free! *Edit* Get the latest version from Github: https://github.com/wonderunit/storyboarder/releases
  7. AMD ProRender 3 released today for Blender. The major change is support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing on AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 Series GPUs: something previously only available on Nvidia RTX GPUs in the native Cycles renderer. http://www.cgchannel.com/2020/11/amd-ships-radeon-prorender-3-0-for-blender/
  8. A new point release is installed alongside the older versions. So if you have 2.90 installed, 2.91 will be installed as a new version, and the older version is still available. To transfer existing preferences and add-ons, do this: https://twominutetuts.com/tutorial/transferring-settings/ And a free addon is available from the Blender Cloud to synchronize settings and preferences across multiple machines. https://cloud.blender.org/services
  9. Blender 2.91 released today! The new sculpting tools are pretty cool. https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-91/
  10. Exciting news! Redshift is the latest in a growing list of "industry-standard" renderers to join the roster of render engines with official blender support. Its latest 3.0.33 release brings with it the first public beta release of its long-awaited Blender plugin among a host of new features. While the current implementation is still not feature-complete, with it still lacking light-linking and motion blur among other things, development is still ongoing to bring the Blender addon to feature-parity. Source: https://www.bl
  11. If you want a recipe for cartoon heads, than I suggest this book. It is precisely on topic. https://pushingpoints.com/v2/the-pushing-points-topology-workbook-volume-2/ It takes the author 15-30 minutes per head with this method. I have been using the same method with cartoon characters, and it works well.
  12. Install Flexi Bezier and W_Mesh. Parametric live objects and improved curve drawing tools comparable to other design apps.
  13. There are various addons which do add non-destructive parametric objects to Blender. For example this free addon : https://github.com/WiresoulStudio/W_Mesh_28x Other addons such as Modular tree and Sorcar allow for nodal non-destructive modeling. But I do agree it would be nice if this would be standard in Blender. And I agree that C4D's interface feels arguably the most natural to the average user - in particular those designers with Adobe experience.
  14. See https://installer.MAXON.net/general/eula/202008/MAXON_EULA_EN.pdf So any money-making is prohibited.
  15. Wow, did not know about that upcoming improvement. I will download the 2.92 alpha today, and check that out.
  16. To be fair, it is already (almost) as simple to parent objects via the outliner in Blender. Hold down shift and drag object on other object, and voila: parented. The outliner is receiving a lot of love lately. R2.91 will be introducing dragging and dropping of modifiers and constraints. I have a feeling the developers are inspired by Cinema4d's outliner. Materials can be dragged and dropped as well at this point. What was once an almost pointless addition to Blender, has evolved into something that I use on a daily basis. I love Cinema4D's outliner, and Blender's outliner is much c
  17. Blender's usability has pretty much normalized since its 2.8 release, and is steadily improving. Not as good as C4D yet, of course, but then again each 3d app has its idiosyncrasies. The current version of B is light years ahead of the versions you tried. And no more right clicking to select stuff There is a reason why it's become so popular since 2.8. Anyway, if you can afford it C4D is pretty much the easiest to learn 3d app. But C4D is an expensive hobby indeed.
  18. Carrara! I remember Carrara. I think I recall 3D World Magazine featuring a free version on their cover ages ago... If I understand correctly, you are looking for 3d software that allows you to a) import DAZ characters and content b) Stage things, with lighting, objects, camera(s), etc. c) render quickly with almost no waiting times involved, with good hair and cloth simulation d) be very affordable, preferably a perpetual license(?) You either pay the monthly rent ($94 per month) or the full rent up-front per year ($720). It is impossibl
  19. I would name Lightwave here - which is far more destructive in workflow than any other current DCC.
  20. The center line was extruded, I think. This causes the transition. Start again, and preferably avoid the standard sphere, and instead use a quad sphere. Cinema 4D Quad Sphere 1. Create a sphere 2. Under Attributes > Object, change the type to “Tetrahedron” 3. You should now have a quad sphere:
  21. Did you turn off Weld Points in the symmetry object? Turn it on if you did.
  22. It's a classic extrude "problem". Extruding towards the inside geometry will create non-manifold geometry, and it needs to be cleaned up or worked around (as shown by Bezo). Sketchup solved this with its "manifold" extrude, and lately software like Max and Blender have begun to adopt this type of extrude tool, which makes an operation like this a doddle to execute. With a bit of luck the C4d developers will implement the same option in an update. It's not perfect, and may create n-gons, but nonetheless a very useful extrude tool. Works like this:
  23. They did booleans the hard way in Blender - much easier and faster when BoolTool is activated: Select one object, select the next, CTRL numpad minus. Done. And it hides the cutter object's geometry and replaces it with a wired box. Anyway, interesting video. It really shows how incredibly spoiled we are with the current crop of 3d apps compared to Tron times...
  24. PS PPI (not DPI: only used for print) has no real meaning. It doesn't say anything about the actual resolution. Only pixels count.


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