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  1. Hey All, Is there any way to get a field like a spherical field to drive "Offset Fragments". So as the field passes through an object inside a Voronoi Fracture, the Ofset Fragment distance would increase and decrease as the field passes through? Thanks!
  2. Maybe I should bite the bullet and bake. Any good solution for baking a MoExtrude animation like the file I uploaded? Baked out, I take it I'd have access to all the polys? Thanks!
  3. Hi Cerbera and thanks for your help. The MoExtrude animation could perhaps be baked at the end of the process and shaders applied then. I'm actually not sure how to do this, but if there's a way I could change my work flow to achieve the poly selection / shader application results I'm looking for. Attached is an example of the type of animation I'm going for. Also, here's an older post from C4D cafe on this subject. but the downloaded file won't open in C4D for me: moextrude_polygon_shader_attempt_example.c4d
  4. Hi, I've read elsewhere that it should be possible to add a shader to a polygon selection that includes polygons generated by a MoExtrude object. The method I've read about if to use a Correction Deformer to select the MoExtrude polys, set a poly selection and then drag this selection tag onto the geometry and drag this tag into the selection port in the shader. I've tried this and although i can select the MoExtrude polys and create a selection tag using a Correction Deformer, when the shader is applied, the MoExtrude polys are not shaded. Test file attached. Any help most appreciated. Simon moextrude_polygon_shader_attempt.c4d
  5. Hi Is it possible to export C4D camera data (Primarily position + rotation) as csv/text files for every frame of a camera move? Thanks! Simon
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