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  1. Thanks a lot! Sorry for the delay, had a chance to try it just now. Well, looks like something changed internally somewhere between your version (v18) and mine (v21). When I load the project I can see your Sweep exactly as intended, but new ones I make (the one on the left, almost identical to yours) still have distorted UVs. The dead giveaway for this internal change of sort is that Migrate button in the Caps tab of your Sweep object, the different styled Caps tab itself, and the Selections tab missing. As soon as I press Migrate, your Sweep loses its UVs and becomes distorted lik
  2. You're missing nothing I believe- this is exactly what I expect to get, but my UVs are deformed exactly like in my first post as soon as I create a Sweep object with a Subdivided or Adaptive spline. Mind sharing that project file? There must be something very subtle I'm missing.
  3. I believe I misread your message before- reading it again, UV map has indeed the same number of polygons there are on the actual model! It would be black magic otherwise haha. My desired behavior is to have each UV polygon to scale depending by the distance between each of the Sweep edge loops. This in fact happens when using the UV Peeler tool, but doesn't happen while the UV is generated with a Sweep object, which is very weird. That's what's causing me headache, I hope my explanation makes sense.
  4. Thanks for the insight. It's quite a pity honestly because both a Unity plugin I used and another 3D tool do output uniform UV by default, even with non-uniform polygons. I will stick to C4D regardless, other tools don't really reach the complexity of the rest of my workflow. Having a higher number of polygons is definitely a no for this project so I'll stick with what I have and either look into the possibility of writing a C4D plugin for this, or just manually map the roads once the model is finalized.
  5. I just tried Spline Wrap, but it has the same result as using Uniform Intermediate Points in the input Spline for the Sweep object. I only need uniform UV, not uniform polygons, as that would generate too many triangles (straight roads are affected by this a lot, for example).
  6. Hi everyone, I'm mostly new here but I've been using C4D for some time. I've recently found my workflow for making roads and highways for a game I'm making, but I'm missing a simple step: I'd need to have uniform UV regardless of the polygon output of the Sweep object. The attached image shows how it looks now and as you can see, UV stretches depending from the polygon density. The input spline for the Sweep object is currently set to Subdivided, which is needed to keep the number of polygons as low as possible and have them only where it's needed (the game is for mid-end mobi
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