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  1. Hey there Cafe! I keep running into a problem I'm not entirely sure how to solve. I sometimes build typography out of multiple instances of an extrusion or type. These will be be slightly off set to create different stroke characteristics. I'll select my instances and connect and delete into a single polygon object. I'll even try to optimize the mesh, but when I put the new single connected object into a fracture object and add a plane to animate the type individually with my mograph tools, the fracture object will break the type back apart into their 3 original pieces. Since their orientations are a little different I have rotations that are off centered on 3 levels of type. below is a link to a screen cap video of what i'm running into. How do I collapse these 3 type objects into one object that a Fracture object would not break back apart. I'd want the individual letters to still be animatable, but as a single letter object using a single orientation point, not the original 3 orientation points. Video link for Preview of Connected object orientation issues: https://www.dropbox.com/s/icj7rnefvxoyvx7/Fracture_Orientation.mov?dl=0
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