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  1. imashination

    Janine Pauke back from the dead

    Lord Lucan, the Mary Rose, Janine Pauke https://www.3dfluff.com/video/octane-lighting/
  2. imashination

    Beer foam shader IDEAS

    You can get started with the basic idea here:
  3. imashination

    New R20 Greyscalegorilla videos

    Over the years I've been approached by quite a few companies to produce Cinema 4D training videos and so far I have generally resisted, preferring to make videos under my own 3D Fluff brand instead. Well, today you will find a first from me, I'm happy to announce a new video produced in conjunction with Greyscalegorilla. 11 hours of R20 content on how to use the hottest new features in R20. https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/guide-to-c4d-r20-training/
  4. imashination

    GPU with c4d

    So just for future reference, you're saying there is a bios setting which disables pcie power?
  5. imashination

    GPU with c4d

    Im no expert, but it looks like you're running it at pcie 1.1 instead of 3.0. Which would equate to lower bandwidth. Check if there is a new bios or motherboard drivers available. If you go into device manager, are there any ! entries for unknown drivers?
  6. I don't give a about mac or pc so my advice is purely from the view of what hardware is currently available. At this point in time, the mac desktop isnt in a great place. The mac pro is 5 years old at this point. Same old motherboard, same old gpu, same old cpu, same memory limits, same cpu choices. To call it neglected would be a gross understatement. There is a new model slated for 2019 but im not holding my breath. The only mac really worth considering at this point would be the imac pro, however with a decent spec (14 cores, 64 gigs, vega 64) it will run you £6000-7000. Which for a system that isn't user upgradable or serviceable... well enjoy your expensive paper weight a few years down the line. PC-wise, you can have a 16 core cpu, 64 gigs, 1TB SSD, geforce 1080 for £2700. Throw on whatever monitor you like and you have a machine with better performance for less than half the price. Add an extra £800 and you can double the performance with a 32core cpu.
  7. imashination

    GPU with c4d

    Good point actually, you do have the 8 pin power connector plugged into the card right ? (top left corner in the picture you sent us) This will be a black or black and yellow set of cables. Your old NVS 300 didn't need an extra power cable. ie. one of these puppies.
  8. If light has a falloff then yes it depends on the scene size. ie. a 100 watt light bulb might illuminate a room nicely, but if you put that bulb in a dolls house everything will bleach out. One bit of advice for anyone working on smaller scale scenes (products, bottles, phones etc). In your project settings, change the first scale setting from cm to mm. This will cause all default objects and scene elements to be 10x smaller.
  9. imashination

    GPU with c4d

    The card looks legit, I wouldn't worry about the turbo version or not, it likely uses the same board and just has fan/bios differences, plus the real difference is virtually nothing. At this point I would suggest running a driver cleaner on your system to make sure theyre starting from scratch. Possibly the 1060 doesn't like the old Quadro drivers lingering around. Run this: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/ Then run a full official driver release install. Make sure you pick the right windows version https://www.nvidia.co.uk/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-uk
  10. imashination

    Cinebench Single CPU Scores

    If youre gpu rendering, I would skip threadripper. It is a great cpu but its power will go untapped unless you cpu render, plus it isn't the fastest single thread chip. An intel 8700k or 8086k would be quite a bit faster, clocking in over 200 CB for single threaded tasks. These chips will hit 4.7 and 5ghz without overclocking.
  11. imashination

    GPU with c4d

    What cpu are you using with it? Either you're trying to use a new gpu with some ancient system or one possibility is that the card is a fake. Some people out there take old cards (780, 680 etc) flash them with a fake firmware and sell them on. If you post a clean photo of the back of the gpu card we might be able to identify it.
  12. imashination

    Looking for pricing advice

    I'll just say 2 things. First the negative. 2 days for that model of a fork is incredibly slow overall. I would expect to have that mode you have there completed within an hour or two. It looks to be a fairly straightforward box/sds modelling task. But now the positive. Lots of companies have no idea how long this work takes or what to pay for it ;-) If you can find someone to pay you £200 per item, go for it. As for £500 a day. You're not generally going to find many jobs paying that high for this sort of work. Unfortunately its all too easy to ship off the task to another country and get the models knocked out for a fraction of the price. I could go online right now and get all main 3 cutler items modelled up for £50 and delivered before the end of the day. £500 a day modelling jobs are high end for difficult bespoke objects.
  13. imashination

    London area C4D trainer

    Does anyone know a C4D trainer near London by any chance? Or someone decently competent with C4D that wants to get into freelance training work? Drop me a line, mash@3dfluff.com
  14. imashination

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    I think you're missing the product link
  15. imashination

    Am I being a dope?

    Its just a quirk of how the display works im afraid. The camera is animated, so that shows first. then there is a cone animated next, but because its parent isn't keyframes, the timeline doesn't show it. However the cone is a child of an object, and so the appropriate lines are shown to indicate that it has a parent. This makes it look like the parent happens to be the camera. Select "view > show > show animated" to toggle all objects on and off. In effect the boole parent is being hidden and that's what makes it look strange.