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  1. In my experience c4d tutorials cannot earn one a living on youtube. It could be some extra beer money, but the natural cap of audience numbers is 100,000-200,000 c4d users. Realistically this will mean 50,000 views per video at best. These sorts of numbers just aren't high enough.
  2. Perhaps 65 forums for a single application is a bit overkill? All you'll end up with is a dozen forums with zero posts,~50 dead forums with "last post 5th august 2014" and the useful content split up 10 ways, giving the impression that nobody posts here often.
  3. Not sure I've removed anything recently. I do occasionally remove a product when it becomes too old for current versions of C4D, but that's usually a good 5 years or so in most cases. What was the general content of the video? my youtube videos tend to deal with more specific topics like that. Maybe it was this one?
  4. The code will only work with my own 3D fluff videos for now, im afraid I can't extend the offer to other creators' videos. Might be worth getting in contact with Luxx directly and asking if they have any offers on.
  5. 20 years ago I started out with Cinema 4D, a few years later I would found 3D Fluff with Janine Pauke so that we could start producing training videos, that makes it some 16 or so years of teaching Cinema 4D either in person or through our many free and paid tutorials. Well, the time has come for a bit of a change. 3D Fluff won't be going anywhere but new videos will be on hold for the foreseeable future as I concentrate on my new motion graphics artist role at BoxFX. I would like to say that I would be making some new content in my spare time but I suspect that will be taken up with planning a wedding for next year! So for a bit of a blow out sale, I have decided to make all of the 3D Fluff video content 80% off for the next few weeks. Just enter the code "congrats" when prompted for a voucher code. https://www.3dfluff.com/video/ I will probably be back at some point in the future and will still reply to emails when I have time, but for now, I hope you have all enjoyed our videos and I thank you all for your time and support over the years.
  6. Lord Lucan, the Mary Rose, Janine Pauke https://www.3dfluff.com/video/octane-lighting/
  7. You can get started with the basic idea here:
  8. Over the years I've been approached by quite a few companies to produce Cinema 4D training videos and so far I have generally resisted, preferring to make videos under my own 3D Fluff brand instead. Well, today you will find a first from me, I'm happy to announce a new video produced in conjunction with Greyscalegorilla. 11 hours of R20 content on how to use the hottest new features in R20. https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/guide-to-c4d-r20-training/
  9. If light has a falloff then yes it depends on the scene size. ie. a 100 watt light bulb might illuminate a room nicely, but if you put that bulb in a dolls house everything will bleach out. One bit of advice for anyone working on smaller scale scenes (products, bottles, phones etc). In your project settings, change the first scale setting from cm to mm. This will cause all default objects and scene elements to be 10x smaller.
  10. I'll just say 2 things. First the negative. 2 days for that model of a fork is incredibly slow overall. I would expect to have that mode you have there completed within an hour or two. It looks to be a fairly straightforward box/sds modelling task. But now the positive. Lots of companies have no idea how long this work takes or what to pay for it ;-) If you can find someone to pay you £200 per item, go for it. As for £500 a day. You're not generally going to find many jobs paying that high for this sort of work. Unfortunately its all too easy to ship off the task to another country and get the models knocked out for a fraction of the price. I could go online right now and get all main 3 cutler items modelled up for £50 and delivered before the end of the day. £500 a day modelling jobs are high end for difficult bespoke objects.
  11. Does anyone know a C4D trainer near London by any chance? Or someone decently competent with C4D that wants to get into freelance training work? Drop me a line, mash@3dfluff.com
  12. I think you're missing the product link
  13. Its just a quirk of how the display works im afraid. The camera is animated, so that shows first. then there is a cone animated next, but because its parent isn't keyframes, the timeline doesn't show it. However the cone is a child of an object, and so the appropriate lines are shown to indicate that it has a parent. This makes it look like the parent happens to be the camera. Select "view > show > show animated" to toggle all objects on and off. In effect the boole parent is being hidden and that's what makes it look strange.
  14. Regarding the node system and radeon pro render. I think MAXON made the right choice here. AR and physical account for >50% of the engines used by c4d users, pro render doesn't even hit half a percent, making it work with the least used render engine c4d has first would have been a huge mistake (and before you say it, no, a node editor for pro render is pretty low on the list of reasons why you might not use it, pro render is still heavily being developed, it will take some more time before it is good enough to be considered the defacto c4d render engine.) The people working on c4d's pro render integration were already working flat out to get the motion blur, sss and out of core memory system done for R20, there simply wasn't any scope for them to switch the entire material system in a single release on top of the other changes. Finally, the best route is to make one single unified SDK for all third party engines to use so they can make use of c4d's node interface. That part won't be ready for some time, but when it is, pro render will likely use it just as all the other third party render engines would. Nodes for pro render will come in time, but first they have bigger fish to fry.
  15. I've tried every app there is, mac and pc. With the other apps, keep in mind they all tend to record in 4:2:2 lossy formats such as .mp4. In short, all the strong colours such as the RGB axis will turn all pixelated, and everything will get slightly softer from the general compression. Camtasia record in full lossless 4:4:4 and will even export a decent sized 4:4:4 mp4 video, so generally it keeps the highest quality throughout. The bundled editor is very basic, but it gets the job done so long as youre happy with simple editing and basic effects. imho its the best windows option. For mac, I would point people towards Screenflow: https://www.telestream.net/screenflow/store.asp The recording is very smooth and the editor works great. The mp4 output isn't as good as Camtasia (larger files, slightly lower quality) but if youre just uploading to youtube or vimeo then theres not much difference. As for this $20 deal, go for it. The last 2-3 Camtasia updates have given virtually nothing of any value, just stick with the older version.
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