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  1. Animation tutorial

    Happy animation day! I originally made a short video about quaternion rotations, but then it got a little out of hand and the next thing you know, bam!, you've got an entire 5 hour animation course recorded. So, here we go with the free video, quaternion rotations, a simple harmless little checkbox, but one which when explained can save your sanity. You know how sometimes objects wobble around badly when you rotate them? well yeah, it fixes that, have a watch here. If you like this one, consider grabbing the whole lot. Good for anyone that has never animated a thing in their life, good for professionals who want to know about all the cool buttons they're probably missing. https://www.3dfluff.com/video/animation/ 20% off this week, use the code "cappucino"
  2. Viewport Secrets

    Cinema 4D R19 viewport secrets free video https://youtu.be/SlYdvYm5dFI
  3. 3 New tutorial videos

    I've been a busy bunny for you this week! First there's a new free video on youtube, part 2 of my Sketch and Toon introduction. Today's video covers how to use the various shading systems such as the art shader, spots and hatch. Part 1, Lines: Part 2, Shading: The second video is a short 12 minute piece from my new Modern Exteriors tutorial. In this video we go over how to set up your own sky gradient manually. Great for anyone that has been struggling with getting the physical sky object to play ball Sky Gradients: And finally is the larger video I have been working on for the past month. Cinema 4D R19 Modern Exterior Architecture. This is a 6 hour video collection which covers how to take a typical dull CAD file and transform it into a pretty snazzy looking render. It straddles the line between realism and still maintaining a certain illustrated look. You will need at least R16 due to the use of reflectance and light mapping. https://www.3dfluff.com/video/exterior/ 25% off this week with the code "cafeaddict" I'm keen as ever to hear any feedback, what you think of the videos, what you'd like to see next etc.
  4. Sketch and Toon Tutorial

    Free Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon lines tutorial is up! :) https://youtu.be/eLG3cqMgweE
  5. Modern Exteriors Tutorial Update

    The new Modern Exteriors video is 80% edited, looking like we'll have about 6.5 hours when everything is finished. Hopefully it will be available later this week.
  6. The new Modern Exteriors video is 80% edited, looking like we'll have about 6.5 hours when everything is finished. Hopefully it will be available later this week.


  7. Improving Imported Models

    Improving your projects, how to fix and enhance imported 3D models in Cinema 4D R19. In this video I pick apart a user's scene, going over materials, lights and modelling. https://youtu.be/pJVYtGc9rRs
  8. Displacement modelling tutorial

    Here's this weeks freebie :) How to model screwthreads using nothing but gradients and displacement.
  9. Product viz tutorial

    Currently working on a new tutorial. Other products will include a chocolate bar and foil pouch. Any other requests?
  10. Cloth tutorial video

    Hear ye! hear ye!, thar be a new cloth tutorial video on youtube!, hear ye! https://youtu.be/5oWMFGOWyZQ
  11. New blog started today, go have a look at the latest blog entries to check out my new free Cinema 4D tutorials :)

  12. A Whole heap of tutorials

    Well seeing as this is my first blog post here I figure I should say hi. My name is Matthew O'Neill, I have been running 3D Fluff as a business now for 15 years, I have been using Cinema 4D for 20 years and have been doing 3D for 25 years. Anyway, on to the reason you and I are both here, Cinema 4D tutorials! I have recently decided to dive head-first back into making C4D tutorial content. My 3D Fluff channel is up at https://www.youtube.com/c/3DFluff and will be uploading videos on a fairly regular basis, hopefully once per week or so. To get things kicked off I have uploaded 9 new videos this month. If you have any requests for video topics you would like to see covered, or you have a specific problem I can maybe help with, drop me a line at contact@3dfluff.com Actually to kick this off, how about a new video today :) Using mograph to breath new life into Cinema's original particle system If you would like to see my work, I keep my portfolio of stills and video here https://www.3dfluff.com/portfolio If you would like to take a look at my commercial training videos or hire me to create some product visuals, architectural work, motion graphics or anything else, drop by https://www.3dfluff.com and get in contact.
  13. New video for everyone, how to use Cinema's pretty decent hair system :)
  14. 3D Fluff freebie, halve your render time

    Here you go, give this a go. Using one area light for the illumination but splitting off the shadows.
  15. If there's one video I can make which will save you more time working than it takes to watch, it's a video about takes. So here's a video about takes.