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  1. C4D Render engine poll

    Just a quick request for people to make their preferences known, im running a quick poll to see what render engine people are using the most: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=1491548 And then obviously come back over here to the cool forum ;-)
  2. Team render settings

    I know im far too late, but some advice in case anyone else ever comes across this thread whilst searching for help; Don't change the render thread settings in any of the c4d preferences, nothing you change here will speed up rendering. The only reason to change these settings is to lower the thread count to leave some cpu power reserved for other tasks. Otherwise you will only make things worse. Same for the memory settings. Those settings change how much memory the ram player can use, increasing this memory will *decrease* the memory available for rendering. So again, just dont change them, reset them back to defaults. As for how to speed up the scene; the best thing for that scene is to reduce the reflection depth. You have soft blurry metal and soft blurry paint, these each reflect off each other. In the render options, reduce reflection depth down from 5 to 1 or 2. the lower it goes, the faster it renders, though it will also get slightly darker.
  3. Viewport rotate problem

    Edit > Preferences > Input > graphics tablet
  4. Need help with grainy render

    Send it over. mash at 3d fluff.com
  5. Help, hardware for C4D Team Rendering

    That machine has a render speed of about 2400, your workstation does around 950. Seems a fine render node, how much ram and how much are they charging?
  6. GPU Rendering

    Even if C4D could use your graphics card to render, you wouldn't want to. The K2000 is a horribly outdated low end card, theres no point in using it for anything other than plugging your monitor into.