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  1. As above, the only bit I would add is that if you use any particle, fluid or object sequences, keep them on the SSD, but otherwise there's really nothing to do. Just one general bit of SSD advice, don't leave the drive full. Leaving a good 10-20% of space allows for much faster performance and better wear levelling.
  2. My advice is do nothing for a month. In the next month we get the release of geforce 3000, announcement of radeon 6000 and announcement/release of AMD zen 3. Even if you don't buy any new systems, the price of older stuff can suddenly drop. Geforce 2080Ti card prices were cut in half overnight.
  3. Just a thought on prices for people to consider; I don't know what the future plans are, but currently you can upgrade from R20 to R23 for a single regular upgrade price. Back in the day many people would skip 1-2 versions of photoshop and just upgrade every 2-3 years for the same price. *IF* MAXON's current pricing sticks around then this could be a viable option for many people, just skip every other upgrade, effectively bringing the upgrade price to less than the MSA; so long as you don't mind skipping the odd version.
  4. A good picture from Jonmoore. I would call the current implementation V0.5, it really is just a "hey look how fast and powerful stuff is about to get" release. The object manager for 95% of users with a happy friendly rainbow interface is being worked on and I suspect it will be with us for the next release but perhaps still not 100% ready for prime time usage as a LOT of other parts of C4D need to be tied in and updated to make it a full replacement. The openGL display of nodes is currently barebones, just the absolute basics so you can see what you're doing; the proper feedback and interacti
  5. im going to go completely against the grain. Upscaling is incredibly common. Most of the effects you see in hollywood movies aren't rendered at the full resolution of the final film. For years the effects were done at 1080 and upscaled to 4k, even as recently as the avengers films the 3D effects werent created at the full resolution. Especially if you consider that the majority of content we're pushing out is ultimately going through 4-8mbit on youtube or similar. When I work on a 4k project, typically I'll limit myself to 1600p, but I have thrown in anything down to 720p for a 4k
  6. Try switching between the nvidia game / studio drivers. Ive personally had better luck with the game drivers over the studio drivers.
  7. It was outdated last year and its even more outdated this year, not sure how this is a dream PC The GPUs are equivalent to a geforce 1080, an ok card but consider it is sitting at 2500 cuda cores and the new cards about to release go up to 10,500 cores and almost twice the memory. Dual 8 core cpus, uggh, really? why? a single ryzen 3950x consumer cpu uses half the watts and is 25% faster, in a month or so the new zen is out which will probably be 50% faster, let alone edging into threadripper territory which will go multiple times faster.
  8. Tested, it is the denoiser crashing, You have it turned on in the render settings and the render passes tabs. Also stop using PMC, it is needlessly slow and virtually indistinguishable from PT
  9. If youre using a shader effector with a circular gradient, at that point why not just use a plain shader with cylindrical falloff? that way you get a nicer 3D viewport representation of what is happening
  10. The last part will be denoising or saving, it likely isn't the render that is failing but one of those other two. Denoising does seem a bit crash prone on less than perfect drivers/card. If you have no denoising then check your paths and file formats; could be a full drive, disconnected network drive.
  11. For a prebuilt system with a $4000 budget, the best youll find would be a 16 core ryzen, with 2080 gpu, 64 gigs ram and a 1tb nvme boot drive. To get a 24 core threadripper youll need to jump down to a 2060 and 32 gigs. IF you can push the budget to 5k then you can get a 32core threadripper machine.
  12. Octane's viewport representation of materials is pretty bad, to the point where I've had viewport textures turned off since moving to octane. all I can suggest is either disable viewport textures, or sometimes if I need a quick opengl output I will save off another copy of my project, kill the materials then quickly throw on some basic c4d materials to get the opengl looking better. But that is only for a quick client animation preview.
  13. The nodes are a great system, but they won't get you any better output than the regular material system, unfortunately they still control the same render engine. They are geared up for more power in the future and are a much better framework to build upon, but if you are only going to be using standard render or physical render then there isn't much to be gained.
  14. This. If c4d crashes for whatever reason and appears to be gone, check the task manager anyway, you'll usually find it is still there running, just the UI has vanished. C4D won't run again until you fully kill it.
  15. Truth is, Octane's fog and volumes are pretty slow and will need many thousands of samples to clean up. If you have a scene we can take a look but the realistic answer is that it will simply take a while.
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