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  1. Ha, still kicking for now anyway! :) Yeeeaaaaaa...I've been skipping audio a bit on these lil' personal projects because they were made specifically for social media and it seems like a lot of motion people just leave out the audio these days. But...now I wish I would have added it. :/ lol maybe I'll go back and do it at some point.
  2. It's time for my once every two years post! I'm almost exclusively in Ae (also Moho recently) these days, but I do in fact do some work in C4D. It's usually something boring, but I did manage to crank out a project for Halloween this year. Mostly just primitives and simple techniques. No bones or anything.
  3. Total insanity. Sometimes when I hit render, the motion blur is present. Sometimes it is not. No rhyme or reason. Any ideas? Update: Sometimes some of the particles are blurred and others aren't. Is it the angle? Update: Even at other angles, some particles blur but others do not. Think I'll give up and use AE.
  4. Opened your project up and it worked just fine. Went back to my project and it was fixed. Completely baffled, but not gonna question it. Thanks Fastbee!
  5. Hey guys, long time no see! I think this is probably something crazy basic, but I can't for the life of me find anything online about it. I'm using an emitter with spheres for particles (non-instanced), with physical render, and am trying to get motion blur on the particles. Is this not possible? Motion blur of course is on. Have tried crazy long shutter speed, but still no dice. R17
  6. Yikes, I agree with Igor. Unless you need to model this for some reason, I'd find something else to scratch the 3D bug. :p That thing could kill Christmas.
  7. Now here's how a REAL man makes a sphere with a hole in it: 1) Create a small sphere 2) Create a bigger sphere 3) Clone the smaller sphere and have it fill the volume of the bigger sphere 4) Set the clone count to something outrageously high. When in doubt, just add a few more zeros. (Pro Tip: save time by multiplying your outrageous value by something like 100) 5) Create a cylinder and make them both dynamic 6) Press play and gently -BUT CONFIDENTLY- press the cylinder into the ball of spheres 7) Make it editable, delete the cylinder 8) Place into a metaball editor subdivision to around 5. Begin lowering in single value increments continuously smelling your computer's air vent. When you start to smell burning plastic back up one value. If you weren't too cowardly with your clone count, and are a REAL man (I can't stress this part enough) then, and only then, will you have the most perfect of spheres with a hole in it.
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