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  1. duam

    hexagon arc

    Awesome guys! you inspired to upgrade :) The problem with bending is that i accually bends the whole geometry. I this is constructed in reality all of the hexagons are flat and with two of the outside faces on an angle to fit. I will model the finnal vertion in fusion 360. I will upgrade and have a look at the posted model.. again thanks!
  2. duam

    hexagon arc

    Hi, I´ve been trying to model this using cloner and effectors with no result. anyone knows how? Best D
  3. duam

    Xpresso cloning

    Howdy! I have a model with a rod with rotation values driving color in xpresso. I need to clone or copy the model to about 50. But the xpresso relates to the color of a material and when I I copy it does not create a new color so the colors are not unique. Rod.c4d
  4. Hi, I want to create a cylinder that bends back and forth like a spring in the wind. Im using noise to drive the bend effector but I would like the bend to react back and forth like a spring. How can I do this? spring.c4d