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  1. I think this is the key to what I want. Not quite CAD functioning but a major step forward. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. That's unfortunate. I've long believed that Autodesk does not introduce similar functioning in Max because it would result in significant lost sales of AutoCAD. I work in the retail display field and most of the companies I've worked with draw their geometry in AutoCAD and then export to Max. The geometry they're drawing is generally very simple so that would seem to be a waste of time but it's so much faster to draw with direct data entry that it makes it worthwhile to do it this way. Have a good day.
  3. Is there a way to configure C4D to work like a CAD program such that your selection is designated as 0 and any operation is plus or minus the selection 0 rather than the origin? In the attached jpg from Rhino I select the edge and then haul in the direction I want to move, type the dimension I want to move and then hit Enter. Done. I don't have to calculate the move relative to the origin of 0,0,0. But in C4D if I want to move in the direction of the green arrow I have to calculate the move dimension relative to -20.35. Which I find rather cumbersome. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. I want to live there
  5. The C4D Cafe Intro to R18 and modeling is excellent and so is the GSG intro course. With just those two you'll have enough on your hands for a long time. The material is solid and they're both really good teachers.
  6. Maybe try auto retopology in 3D Coat.
  7. I do find this to be a bit mystifying. The focus seems to have been to improve viewport performance but not to question the basic premise or workflow of painting. Someone on one of the other forums commented about getting out old tutorials to remember how BP actually works as it's the same program with better viewport performance. I'm curious if this is going to change over the course of the beta or if this is it. And I wonder if the same will be true of the UV tools. The UV tools are notoriously kludgy and cumbersome compared to other options out there. I hope MAXON intends a much more aggressive overhaul in that area.
  8. As I pointed out above, I got mine a second after I registered. I'm in the US.
  9. Damn, should have seen that coming. So once C4D has better UV tools modo becomes abandonware on my computer. If I can't sell the modo license for the cost of 3D Coat then there's no reason to sell it.
  10. Thanks. That gives me something to look forward to.
  11. Quite disappointed. Painting is something I rarely have to do whereas UV work is fundamental to me. And it makes me think that if MAXON is listening to their users more now, it's only up to a certain extent. I hear complaints about the cumbersome UV tools continually on these forums. Painting not so much. To put out the new updated BP with the same old out of date UV tools is really a mistake. Still can't sell off my modo license, need it for the superior UV tools. Maybe I need to look at some Blender UV tutorials, see what's shaking over there.
  12. At first glance, no. Disappointed.
  13. Weird. I registered and the moment I hit submit I received an email. Downloading now.
  14. Definitely Rhino - 1. To do precise geometrical modeling you need a CAD program and you will need to export layouts with all the relevant dimensions and technical data. Rhino excels in this work. 2. You want to be able to render directly out of your base program, not export to another program. Rhino V6 will have Cycles which is a capable renderer that can render with dimensions but there are also V-Ray and Thea plugins for Rhino. I do retail display work and my main program is Rhino. Rhino is becoming the tool of choice for the one man operation that needs to draft accurately, model in 3D, export line drawings in 2D, line images in 3D and generate renderings. At this point I almost never leave Rhino except when I need to do something more organic than a nurbs modeler is equipped to do.
  15. I could be wrong but I expect improved UV tools are pretty high on MAXON's 'must deliver soon' task list.