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  1. Rhino is Vectorworks + AutoCAD minus all the awkwardness
  2. Thanks for the reply. Kind of complicated but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  3. Previously, my MSA allowed me to install Cinema on two computers. I just downloaded and installed 21 on one computer and when I attempted to install it on my second computer I got a screen saying 1 used / 1 available Is this correct?
  4. I hope you're right. That's how I read the situation.
  5. Now I'm confused. My MSA renews in March. Do I have to renew now to get 21 or am I good to go as is? Thanks in advance for any clarification you can offer.
  6. I'm glad 3D-Pangel and RBarret got this cleared up. It was the one question that bothered me. But I think this forum and the CGTalk forum (and any others) should have a banner at the top that says: LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP - YOU LOSE YOUR PERPETUAL LICENSE IF YOU ACCEPT THE DISCOUNT TO CONVERT TO SUBSCRIPTION I can't imagine anyone would consider the cost savings from the discount balances out against no longer having a perpetual license.
  7. There's another significant difference. You get a discount by moving up the ladder if you start with Prime. So, for instance, if you own Prime and want to upgrade to Broadcast, your price is less than if you were buying Broadcast outright. BodyPaint isn't in the lineup, it's a stand alone application. If you own BodyPaint and want to upgrade to Broadcast the price is the same as buying Broadcast as a new user.
  8. Looks like a major release but it also makes me wonder if MAXON is looking at an EOL for Bodypaint. The program is now so far behind the times, it's UV tools are so cumbersome compared to other applications that it seems MAXON has no interest in its future. Or at least it seems that way based on today's release.
  9. Can someone give me some advice for how to get colored reflections thru a glass shelf in Cinema? I can get them in Thea / rhino but not C4D I'm using the Clear Glass from GSGfor the shelves, an Infinite light and an HDRI on Sky This is BodyPaint so it's the Standard renderer. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  10. That looks interesting. Any way to get an older copy of QT that supports VR?
  11. Had a similar experience to you - one company slid from dominance to irrelevance over the course of 2 years, another company with offices in NY, Miami, LA & Portland announced on a Friday that paychecks were going to be delayed a couple of days and then closed their doors on Monday (but they made good on the paychecks). I'm freelance now. There's ups and downs with this kind of life but at least I'm not at the mercy of somebody else's bad accounting practices. You have to be out in the field, banging on doors, following up leads, always looking for the next client. And you have to be available to work anytime, weekends and evenings, in order to compensate for the days that you don't have work. But I've done well the last couple of years so right now freelance seems the way to go for me. You might want to try it.
  12. Am I correct in reading the product page to mean that after paying for a permanent license there's a $250 yearly maintenance fee that, if not paid, the software will not function? Or does the product page mean that keeping the maintenance current means you'll be able to use any new version but if you don't paythe maintenance fee you'll still be able to use the version you bought.
  13. The investment bubble and the expanding use of cryptos are two different things. The investment bubble could burst without affecting the expansion of cryptos as financial vehicles. Sort of like the Internet stock bubble - because that burst doesn't mean the Internet went down with it. Cryptos are probably here to stay.
  14. The email says the MSA hasn't been increased since the year it began - 2008. And in the Americas this will only affect the Studio version.
  15. I'm a Bodypaint user and I was disappointed about how few improvements are available to Prime and Bodypaint. But I understand it - MAXON can't win one way or the other. If most of the new features are available to the lower cost versions, Studio users complain that they're being overcharged. If they're not available to Prime and Bodypaint customers, MAXON gets criticized from the other direction. I'll be happy with the new viewport and I expect that next time around many of the new features such as UV tools will be for Bodypaint. So, I'll wait. (not quite sure how that quote got attached to my post)
  16. I think it's kind of funny that both Maya and Modo can justify this year's releases being short on new features by explaining that they're 'stability' releases. Cinema can't use that as a cover because it's always been rock solid. So, in effect, MAXON gets hammered for being the good guys. Presumably it takes longer to develop a new feature that's rock solid rather than Modo's past logic which seemed to be to release new features that were filled with bugs, rarely worked as advertised and often crashed the program and hope no one would notice.
  17. Just got around to reading the blog post. They should have titled it - No UV Tools, Maybe Next Year. I think it's what they were trying to say.
  18. Unfortunately, I was at fault there. I was new to the Cafe and I coined a term: Srekadelic to refer to Srek and HSrdelic both of whom were posting contra the complainers (I was a complainer back then). I didn't mean it as an insult - it was just a cool name, sort of a mash up between psychedelic and Srek and HSrdelic. But Srek took offense - maybe it sounds like something else in his native language. For me it was just a play on words.
  19. I think a distinction between a 3rd party renderer and UV tools is that the rendering options generally integrate into Cinema (Corona, V-Ray, Thea, etc.). Yes, you have to pay for them but once purchased they become a part of the Cinema environment. You get to work inside the base application. Not so with the UV options. You have to export, UV, and re-import. Maybe that's a minor pain but it still makes me feel that area of Cinema is lacking in a way the render issue isn't.
  20. I'm aware that modo is more stable now and it presents a dilemma for me. Modo's UV tools are already best in class and there are some minor improvements to them in modo 11. But I'm not sure that I can really justify keeping two applications up to date and I'm happier overall with Cinema than I ever was with modo. Come on MAXON - give us a summer surprise!
  21. Yeah, I'm itching for new UV tools but I had a full year of modo sitting on the shelf during the 802 release - it would crash on me easily 3 or 4 times a day. Finally I abandoned it. That's the worst case scenario.
  22. I think a comparison w/ Rhino is appropriate here, even though it's been made before. Every licensed Rhino user is eligible and encouraged to download the beta and use it and comment about it in the forums. Most companies sweat it out until the release date, hoping they have built in enough new features that users will want to upgrade and not express a firestorm of disappointment. Mcneel goes in the opposite direction - we all know what's in the next release because we use it every day. The company is betting (correctly I think) that when the new version is released and the beta is locked most users will choose not to downgrade to the last version. No secrets, no surprises and no penalties. If you've used the V6 WIP and the new features aren't important to you, revert to V5. No problem. But I think most users will pony up the upgrade fee to keep using the new program they've gotten used to. Not sure why more companies don't do this.
  23. According to this comparison on cgarchitect Corona has a much bigger footprint in the business than I was aware of - http://www.cgarchitect.com/2016/11/2016-architectural-visualization-rendering-engine-survey---results
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